My new deck list up for critisism

deck list

3 swampert

2 blastoise

1 manphy ex

1 shaymin ex

2 keldeo ex

1 articuno

1 mewtwo ex

4 archie

4 ultra ball

4 superior energy retreival

1 fisherman

2 n

4 battle compressor

4 vs seeker

1 cmoputer search

4proffesors letter

2 rough seas

1 giovannis scheme

15 water energy

my thought process was that swampert would be my main attack and blastoise might aid it? i would archie like crazy with my first 2 to 3 turns and try to get both, with swampert on my mind first. please tell me how to make this better. i was thinking it might be good to cut blastoise entirly?

thanks so much! you have a great community on 6 prizes!

How do you plan on getting the Archie’s off with only 1 Shaymin and no Jirachi or Exeggcute?