My introduction


I’ve been into the Pokemon TCG since the Dragon Frontiers set & left around the Diamond and Pearl era. Recently got all my cards back out of storage, and remembered how much fun this game is. Now I’m just having fun building unlimited decks out of my older collection. Figured I’d join a forum so I could ask questions and get feed back on my unlimited decks, and maybe learn about new cards.

After doing some research I have little to no interest in the getting back into the meta, and the way the game plays now really isn’t my style.

example of one of my decks
2008 Rainbow Garchomp Deck-with some new & old sets added in.

x1 Garchomp LV.X -2008
x3 Rainbow scale Garchomp - 2007
x3 Gabite - 2007
x3 Gible - 2009
x1 Porygon-Z - 2017
x2 Porygon2 - 2008
x2 Polygon - 2008
x2 Cosmic Power Claydol - 2008
x2 Baltoy - 2006

Trainers & Supporters
x1 Expert Belt
x1 Fluffy Berry
x1 Training Center
x1 Speed Stadium
x1 Premier Ball
x1 Luxury Ball
x1 PokeNav
x1 Mr. Briney’s Compassion
x1 Gambler
x2 Warp Point
x2 Energy Removal
x2 Pokemon Breeder
x2 Prof. Oak’s Research
x2 Team Galactic’s Mars - 2007
x2 Bebe’s Search
x2 Cynthia’s Feelings
x2 Judge

x2 Rainbow
x2 Grass
x2 Psychic
x1 Dark
x1 Steel
x1 Fighting
x2 Lighting
x2 Fire
x2 Water