Multiplayer Pokemon Format


If your not interested, move along. Hating on something someone else enjoys just because you don’t is a waste of breath. There is another 100 card singleton format that I tried to play before doing this, It still suffered from many of the power creep issues keeping older cards from play so my playgroup didn’t like it. Yes, this is obviously based on the commander format from Magic The Gathering.

When designing the rules for this format, I have set out to do 2 things; 1. Allow as many cards from the history of Pokémon TCG to be played. 2. Allow for a fun multiplayer variation that makes your unused cards more than wasted cardboard.

This can be played 1v1 as well, but I believe U150 is currently more competitive.

I would love for as many people as possible to play test, and give feedback. My playgroup and the few people I have shown this love it, but I can’t look through every card or anticipate every interaction. The Pokemon game is designed for 1V1 and as such, without making this format extremely confusing I must carefully examine wording and attempt to blanket errata their choice of wording.

Our Facebook page (I just made before posting this)

And a direct link to the current rules

I’m the future, if this picked up even the slightest of steam I plan to make an official website with a better card database than what is currently offered anywhere, mainly because searching for multicolor pokemon by energy costs seems to currently be impossible.


So i take it Ancient Mew isn’t banned? Since it’s not on the banlist

Also, do Computer Search BS and Computer Search BCR count as different cards?

Also, can I use cards that were only printed in Japanese?

Also, can I have a jumbo Pokemon card as my companion Pokemon, as long as I never choose for it to go into my deck?

Also, in your testing how you found monotype companions to be able to compete with multi types pretty well? Or do they get destroyed?
For example, i feel like a mono fire deck would have really hard time staying up to pace with a deck whose companion was something like a Hydreigon SSI, which would allow psychic, darkness, and dragon types all in one deck. Or the dragon Kyurem which would allow psychic, water, and dragon in the same deck.

Also, since attacking with a companion gets you an extra prize card, would taking 3 KOs at once with one companion attack (Hydreigon Break for example) give me 3 extra prize cards? Or just one extra prize card?

Also, can I have a Pokemon LEGEND or Mega Evolution as my companion?