Muk LM, Weezing DX // HL-on

Pokemon - 13

4 Grimer LM
4 Muk LM
2 Koffing RR
2 Weezing DX
1 Dunsparce LM

Trainers - 32

4 Great Ball
4 Celio’s Network
4 Mary’s Request
3 Rocket’s Admin.
2 Steven’s Advice
1 Scott
4 Energy Removal 2
3 Pokemon Reversal
2 Fluffy Berry
2 Desert Ruins
2 Cursed Stone
1 Pokemon Retriever

Energy - 15

15 Grass

Date: April 19, 2006

This deck was right outside of the top tier, in my opinion. It was extremely consistent, thanks to Grimer, and it didn’t rely on Pokemon-ex or Poke-Powers, which is often an asset. Weezing could take out almost any threat in one hit and Poison Ring was an annoying attack.

The problem with the deck was that it would sometimes fizzle out. Steelix ex was also tough to deal with since it sliced through Muk out so easily, and then if you brought Weezing out the Power lock would be broken and the Blastoise player could often set up.