"Mosquito Fever" – A Look at the Madison Regional Winning Buzzwole List

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Thanks Jimmy, great article. Just wondering…what is the strategy of the deck, i.e what are you trying to achieve in a perfect set up and how do you get around that if the cards don’t fall perfectly?

Also super curious about this.

Hey guys sorry for the slow response, I just now saw this. Your perfect setup changes throughout the game of course, but on turn 2/3 your ideal setup is just to have baby Buzzwole active with Octillery, Rockruff/Lycanroc, Diancie and another baby Buzzwole on the bench. However, you can certainly win without this being the case. You are essentially just trying to take six prizes as fast as possible, in whatever way you can. This is a bit different from a deck such as Zoropod, which is a much slower deck that needs to manage its resources carefully and outlast the opponent. Goodluck in your testing!