Monthly 6Prizes Tournament


DISCLAIMER to the Mods: Didn’t know where else to ask this question, so I created a topic about it. If you want, just direct it elsewhere and we can continue from there.

So, what’s it take to get a tournament started around here? How difficult is it to put one of these together for about 24 people on PTCGO? I know these have been done in the past, but nothing really sticks around for a while. I’m sure it requires time and effort to keep it going, but I may be willing to work through that.

As a short side story, I’ve been in retail management for a while now and as some of you may know, weekends are very important in regards to the success of the business. I love playing competitively but only get to play maybe 4 or 5 times a year if I’m lucky. I did well at Lancaster Regionals and thought that may be enough motivation for a Worlds invite. Nope! I’ve attended 2 Cities and 1 LC since then.

I’d like to get something like a monthly PTCGO tournament started. Obviously it’s not the most motivational concept without prizes to give out, but it’ll give the newbies, vets and people like me something to work towards.

I know this has been done before, so give me what advice you have. If it’s a long shot and it becomes too difficult to handle time zones and external factors, then we’ll scrap the idea. I’m also getting tired of playing either Tier 0 decks or Night March on PTCGO.

Feedback is absolutely advised. Thanks!


you’re lucky if there are 24 active users on the forums haha.


Pretty difficult. During the summer, not sure I you were in it or not, but we had a tournament on TCGone for 16 people. There were decklist issues, people not wanting to start the tournament until AOR came out, and people.disappearing. 8-12 players is a pretty good number. As for starting one, just look at older tournaments held here for examples on leading one.


I’m shooting for the stars here.

Sounds good. I’m sure we can keep with that number, considering I usually see that exact amount always replying in threads. I’m not too worried about decklist issues and new set releases. Considering it’s on PTCGO, I don’t really see how there could be decklist issues.


Would this be standard or expanded?


I think that would depend on the tournaments we’re headed into. If we had had a tourney in the month of April, it would’ve been Expanded because Regionals the following month. May’s tournament would also be Expanded, while June would and July would be Standard. If the demand is high enough, we could switch things around of course.


Well if it works out, and is on tcgone, sign me up. My Tcgone username is Y-Guy3.


Don’t have TCGOne. Any way not to have it on there or is that the general program that everyone here uses to test and play? Is this also the same program that was used last time that ultimately resulted in deck issues?


The difference between TCGONE and PTCGO is that you can use any legal card for a specific format on TCGONE.


So… you can’t use any legal card for a specific format on PTCGO? If the tournament were Standard, you couldn’t use any legal Standard card?

EDIT: Ah, are you trying to say you don’t have to have the card unlocked on TCGOne to use it, whereas PTCGO it’s required to be in your collection?


Sorry, what I meant was that you don’t need to have a specific card in your collection on TCGONE. You can use any legal card without having to redeem codes and hope.


Well, I just started using TCG ONE so let me work through this a little bit and in no time we should be able to have some little tourney going on. It’d be awesome if one day prizes could actually be given out to winners to make more incentivized.


Coming back to this, I’m starting to get why people play TCGONE. It’s definitely better in the respect that you don’t need to have cards in your collection in order to play them, so that’s pretty cool.

I’m thinking that June would be a good starting point for the next tourney. It’ll be right after Fates Collide is officially legal and Regionals will be done, therefore allowing Standard to become the prominent format of play before Nats.

If we can get 8-12 players to show interest, then I say we do it. If anybody else is willing to help organize such a thing, I’ll take any tips and hints I can get. As we get closer to June, I’ll create a separate thread outlining everything. Hopefully in that time I can get some more details hashed away.


I’m interested. Looking to get back into the game so this might help!:wink:


I’d do it. What format would it be


XY on probably



Because of regionals, I think it will be expanded.

EDIT: Nevermind it’s standard because it’s after regionals.


Yes, it will be in Standard. Gives people a chance to try new things out after Fates Collide releases officially and to test before Nationals.


You may want to start tournament signups now before its too late.