Mobile Issues Reporting


There’s a lot of people complaining about issues on mobile. So that we can better understand and attempt to procure a fix for your problems, we’d appreciate it if you post the following when encountering an issue:
Device OS Version:
Browser Used:
Explanation of your problem: (As detailed as possible)

Some issues will be out of our hands, but some may be fixable.


Device: Droid HTC 4G LTE
Device OS Version: Android 4.0.4
Browser Used: Chrome Browser
When switching tabs from the BBS to another tab, what usually tends to happen is Chrome likes to reload the page if I leave it for too long. This is not part of the BBS but part of the Chrome browser itself. The problem arises when I try to navigate back to the BBS tab and find myself staring at a white screen that will not return to the BBS no matter how long I leave it up. Refreshing the page does not work, and I have tested this multiple times. I have had to close my tab and go back to the BBS from the recent tabs menu in order to get back online.

Footnotes: More of a minor annoyance than a serious forums-breaking problem. May possibly be an isolated incident?