Miltank FLF, Butterfree FLF // NXD-on


Sup guys? I’m just beginning to get into this game and I am way too intrigued by Miltank and Butterfree. I’ve seen quite a few people talk about coupling them together to swing big and early. Here’s the list:

4 Caterpie 4 Metapod 4 Butterfree
4 Miltank
2 Seedot 2 Nuzleaf 2 Shiftry
4 Lysandre
4 Professor Sycamore
4 Shauna
1 Pokemon Fan Club
4 Great Ball
4 Ultra Ball
3 Muscle Band
1 Evosoda
1 Startling Megaphone
8 Grass Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

I don’t expect this to make waves at all. It’s more for fun than anything else, really. However, I really like having such a quick start. Shiftry is there for the later game. I’m not sure if I need 4 Butterfree, or just 3 of the line. I’d also like to squeeze in Druggidon or something extra, but I’m honestly not sure.

Note: I know I’m using some inferior versions of cards, but I have little access to older cards at the moment and I’m sort of looking out for the upcoming rotation. (Early, I know.)


Id drop Shiftry all together tbh go for a speed streamlined list. with muscle band and laser bank. i do like the great ball idea kindof. i would drop pokemon fan club in favor of more ball cards.i would drop evosoda for a level ball and drop grass down to like 6.


While I am trying to future-proof my deck a little bit, I see where you’re coming from. Laser does help me get over that 120-130 damage hump.

4 Caterpie
4 Metapod
4 Butterfree
4 Miltank

4 Lysandre
4 Professor Sycamore
4 Shauna

4 Great Ball
4 Ultra Ball
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
4 Muscle Band
2 Level Ball

6 Grass Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

If I went to a tournament I cared about, I’d probably run this version of the deck. Depending on what I see at an event, the 4th Muscle Band could be a Startling Megaphone. I do wonder if I should run some sort of backup like Druggidon FF or something.


I’m actually building this deck right now! And I thought about dropping the shiftry but I figured its quite useful. I run a 2-2 line for shiftry and skip the nuzleaf all together though. Help with also drawing cards when in need


Sweet! Rare Candy does make sense in this deck. Let me know how you feel about Shiftry. I really like him for this deck.


I like the shiftry as well. With the new supporter to search for 2 basic Polemon it be easy to fill up your bench for the easy 100+ your opponents benched Pokemon. Plus with his ability to be able to draw 3 more cards its a good support card and attacker. And since its a stage 2, perfect for miltank. Honestly I think this deck could become better than just a fun game


Agreed. Think I can see your current list?


yeah sure lol. sorry it took a while to reply! been really busy lol but heres a list I use at my local card shops tourney this weekend and also on the the tournys on ptcgo yesterday! I won at my card shop and won twice on ptcgo!

18 pokemon-

3-3-3 butterfree
2 shitry
3 miltank
1 mewtwo ex
I virizion ex


3 prof sycamore
3 n
1 pokemon fan club
I lysandre

3 bicycle
3 rollerskates
3 rare candy
2 levelball
2 ultra ball
2 super rods
1 prof letter
2 virbank
3 lasers

4 double colorless
7 grass


sorry lol I just remember I dropped a bicycle, a double colorless, and a level ball for 3 muscle bands and a grass energy for bangle


Here’s my list for this deck.

3x Butterfree FF
3x Metapod FF
3x Caterpie FF
3x Miltank FF
3x Tropius PLB
2x Raichu XY
2x Pikachu LTR
1x Keldeo EX

4x Skyla
2x Colress
1x N

4x Hypnotoxic Laser
3x Evosoda
3x Float Stone
3x Level Ball
2x Muscle Band/Silver Bangle
2x Professor’s Letter
2x Startling Megaphone/Tool Scrapper
2x Virbank City Gym
1x Master Ball/Computer Search

3x Double Colorless Energy
3x Prism Energy
5x Grass Energy

Prism. For Keldeo to OHKO Landorus EX and Charizard EX

Kedleo EX. To switch out of special conditions, etc.

Raichu. For Yveltal and Lugia to score OHKOs.

Tropius. That’s for early set-up until I can start attacking. Once that happens, I usually win because of uneven prize trade and streaming attackers.

Small number of supporters: Tropius has early game covered, and everything I need is in the form of Items, so Skyla is the perfect fit.

Master ball slightly over Com Search. I have not searched for anything other than a pokemon with Computer search, usually off of a skyla at the beginning to get a tropius, and Master Ball doesn’t need to discard.

Laserbank. I tried to maximize my damage output, and it seemed to be working.

Tell me what you think.


Here’s my list:


4-4-3 Butterfree

1 Voltorb

1 Electrode

4 miltank


5 Grass

4 Double Colorless Energy


4 Professor Sycamore

4 N

2 Colress

1 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball

4 Evosda

4 Roller Skates

4 hypnotoxic Laser

3 Muscle band

2 sacred Ash

1 Dowsing machine

1 Virbank City Gym

Hope you like my list! :slight_smile:


Here is the list that has done well for me on PlayTCG and PTCGO: