"Mewtric" – Mew ex LM, Manectric ex // HL-on

Pokemon - 13

4 Mew ex LM
4 Electrike DX 60
4 Manectric ex
1 Girafarig LM

Trainers - 31

4 Professor Elm’s Training Method
4 Dual Ball
3 Battle Frontier
1 Cursed Stone
4 Pokemon Reversal
4 Energy Removal 2
4 Rocket’s Admin.
4 Mary’s Request
2 Scott
1 TV Reporter

Energy - 16

10 Lightning
4 Multi
2 Holon’s Magneton

Date: May 6, 2006

This was a very strong deck throughout the season and I strongly considered it for Gym Challenges and Worlds in 2006 (it was my second choice behind Blastoise in both cases). It was top tier the moment Legend Maker came out and Jason Klaczynski ended up winning Worlds with it. I predicted Raichu/Exeggutor to be popular at Worlds, since it swept US Nationals, and RaiEggs had a favorable Mewtric matchup from what I remember, so that dissuaded me from going with Mewtric.

Most games you would Disconnect from Turn 2 onwards until you could Mega Shot for your last Prize. Disconnect was such a strong attack and one turn of letup was enough to spell doom.