"Mew Lock" – Mew ex LM, Wobbuffett LM, Pow! Hand Machine // HL-on


Pokemon - 19

4 Mew ex LM
3 Wynaut LM
3 Wobbuffet LM
2 Unown UF I
1 Unown UF E
2 Jynx UF
2 Minun DX
1 Roselia LM
1 Lapras LM

Trainers - 29

4 Battle Frontier
4 Pow! Hand Extension
4 Pokemon Retriever
4 Swoop! Teleporter
4 Rocket’s Admin.
4 Holon Transceiver
4 Holon Mentor
1 Holon Adventurer

Energy - 12

4 Holon’s Castform
4 Holon’s Magnemite
3 Holon’s Voltorb
1 Cyclone Energy

Date: May 29, 2006
Options: -1 Mew ex LM, +1 Mew ex HP. Smoochum UF.

This deck was insane. I don’t think anyone really knew how good it was because it was so difficult to play. Every game was an exercise in mental olympics.

Mew ex was used to copy the various attacks at your disposal. The basic strategy was to let your opponent get ahead in Prizes and Pow them to death. Minun let you get Pows back, so if you could trap Pokemon Active that had an attack that cost at least 2 Energy, your opponent would not be able to attack (because of your unlimited Pows) or retreat (if you had multiple Wobbuffet in play) and eventually run out of Energy. You could then use Jynx’s Pure Power to decimate their Bench and win.

There is only 1 “actual” Energy in here because Holon’s Mentor could search out the Holon’s Castform, Magnemite, and Voltorb which served as Energy.

I think this is a decent list, though I never seriously considered it for Nationals because of the time limits and length of the tournament. Nine rounds + top cut with this would have been overly exhausting. I faced Chris Fulop, who used this, in the finals of a Gym Challenge (when the deck first emerged) and our Game 1 lasted 45 minutes. The concept originated in March 2006 in the form of a more straightforward Jynx deck (with no Mew).

Here are a couple grainy videos of the deck in action:


Pokemon - 20

4 Smoochum UF
4 Jynx UF
3 Wynaut LM
3 Wobbuffet LM
2 Lunatone LM
2 Solrock LM
2 Roselia LM

Trainers - 26

4 Pow! Hand Extension
4 Energy Removal 2
3 Mary’s Request
3 Rocket’s Admin.
4 Holon Transceiver
3 Holon Mentor
1 Holon Lass
1 Holon Scientist
2 Fluffy Berry
1 Ancient Technical Machine [Rock]

Energy - 14

4 Double Rainbow
3 Rainbow
3 Cyclone
2 Heal
2 Scramble

Date: April 1, 2006

This is an early version of what became Mew Lock.


So… when played correctly, did this deck pretty much beat everything?


Yes! It was really an incredible deck.


So… when choosing energies to put in decks back then, why would anyone choose castform over magneton/electrode or magnetite over voltorb etc. Also, why would you choose magnemite/voltorb over basic energy? This isn’t really a question about this deck in particular just a question about the 2006 format in general

EDIT: nvm, mentor is OP