Mew EX v.s. M Gengar EX

Hello everyone! I was disappointed by M Gengar’s attack, as it simply was a repeat of Mew EX’s ability Versitile. What’s more is the setup for a Mega like Gengar requires at minimum, 2 turns and 2 deck space. However, Mew needs to fulfill the energy requirements of the attack, but Gengar doesn’t. Regarding the HP difference, with Yveltal and Mewtwo still running around in the format, neither is very solid in terms of HP. Attack, on the other hand, still adds the weakness bonus of these psychic types.

Which one is more useful in extended, and which one is better in standard?
Which one is better overall?

Mew EX is 100% better, you can copy both players attacks and that is why it is good.

They have a similar effect, but aren’t really comparable. Mew is probably the more useful Pokemon, as it seems to find a place in some off-beat decks like Night March and Accelgor (in Extended). Regular Gengar EX is a better card than its Mega, and I doubt the Mega will get much use.

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Good point. However, Yveltal decks are only 1 match up, but Mewtwo is more common. M Gengar is weak to dark, so wouldn’t most matchups have to deal with the higher HP? I’m also thinking Mewtwo could halt any setup Mew has for the more costly attacks, as it requires the energy cost of the attacks it uses.

Gengar is just better. There is no competition with 2 energy black ballistas and the fact that I’d can x ball KO a mewtwo and not be return ko’d
Mew ex is probably more versatile and used, though.

If you are playing mirror match, and you attack with M Gengar, and copy your opponent’s M Gengar’s attack, can you use one of your own pokemon’s attack?

Based on what I’ve heard and my own personal experience, I think that M Gengar EX is better in situations when you want to copy one of your opponents OP attacks.

Mew EX is better in situations where you want to copy your own attacks in those tricky non-meta decks like Night March.

If your playing Gengar (Gengar, Trevenant, Outrage Pokemon, etc), which you would be if your thinking about M Gengar, play M Gengar, you won’t need to copy your attacks, and it can be a great offensive closer to take your last few prizes. In a deck like Night March, obviously play Mew, because you don’t have to Mega evolve.
Overall, I think M Gengar is better if you want to use it as a tech. You can have a 1-1 line with maybe a couple Spirit Links. In most Meta decks you don’t need to copy your attacks and copying your opponents attacks could be a great offensive strategy to catch your opponent off guard.

I think overall m gengar is a better Pokemon, but it’s not practical unless the deck is already playing gengar

Have you even read the mew EX text-
You can copy yours or opponents attacks

But you don’t need the necessary energy needed when using M Gengar. That is probably @sableyeman2002 's argument.

M Gengar EX’s “copy” move is in the form of an attack.
Mew EX’s “copy” move is in the form of an ability.

so it can be shut down by garbodor

Uh… yeah! I actually have read it! I think we all have!
Those OP attacks take so much energy, it’s better to use M Gengar because you don’t have to have all that energy. And really, when I post something on here, I actually do take the time to read the card I’m posting about.

Another circumstance that Gengar is better in.

Yup! Exactly what I’m saying; there are so many circumstances that Gengar is better in.

I don’t see megas other than manetrike getting play. Gengar may have a spirit link but I think it is a crumby pokemon

M Gengar is anything but crumby. In the right kind of deck deck, it can be a great offensive attacker. I think in every Gengar deck you should at least play one with two Spirt Links. M Gengar has sooo much potential that you can’t write him off the list just yet.

I think M Gengar is bad because it’s attack is only really good against Pokemon with high Energy costs like Dialga-EX and Charizard-EX, which your opponent will avoid putting in to play if they know you run M Gengar (and Dialga resists Psychic). In order take advantage of attacks like Full Metal Impact, you will need to run Muscle Band, which Spirit Link prevents you from doing (unless you want to run Tool Retriever and use up even more space).

M Gengar also has no synergy with the rest of your deck, because you can’t use Dark Corridor with M Gengar unless you use Celebi-EX (which is a low HP EX and another used deck slot). It’s weak to Darkness too. Yes, normal Gengar is weak it, but it at least forces your opponent to use Lysandre because it will always be on your Bench.

M Gengar is somewhat situational, doesn’t support your strategy, and it takes up too much room.

How will they know you’re playing it? Don’t play it until you’re opponent attacks you with Dialga or Charizard, etc. With spirit link you can respond immediately and shift the control of the game.

So your opponent attacks with Dialga/Zard and KOs something.

Let’s assume you then have the resources to respond right away with M Gengar/Spirit Link. Let’s also assume you only need 150 for the KO, because Spirit Link means no Muscle Band.

Their big-hitter is now off the field and you have exchanged the regular attacker you built your deck around (Gengar EX) for a situational and now likely useless Mega. That may well shift control of the game, but not in a way you would like.

Of course, that’s assuming a match up where your opponent is helping you out by running these convenient Pokemon. The vast majority of your matches are not going to involve Dialga, Zard, or BKEX. You will be looking at using a Mega to copy Megalo Cannon, Quaking Punch, Assault Laser, Spinning Turn . . . and why would you even bother?

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Black Kuyrem EX?

anyway, i agree with what you are saying. gengar is only good for about a turn