Metal gardevoir garbodor; MGG the secret bdif?

Hey SixPrizes!
Having been in testing with this sts Mgardevoir-ex variant since steam siege’s prerelease, I believe it to be the best deck in the current prc-on format due to its combination of power through the pairing of the strongest primary and secondary attacker aswell as the most powerful ability in the current format!
Yes! I’m talking about Mgardevoir/cobalion/garbodor of course! By nature, the despair ray attack of Mega gardevoir-EX is powerful as it deals 110-130 damage for just 2 energy. Cobalion also reaches high damage output for its non-ex attacker status, 180 lategame which can be important if the fighting fury belts run out.
Keeping it simple, I just want to add that there is a reason why karen is a bad card (unless you truly despise vespiquen) and why the common variants seen since gardevoir’s release have seen little success. I am of course talking about those decks that play 4 sky field: often sacrificing real consistancy for extra shaymin-ex. This leads to very poor draws off of lategame Ns especially when the variant offers no perks other than donking value (which I do respect). However, the sky variant has many weaknesses, bad matchups and generally the build doesn’t solve any of gardevoir’s difficulties.
Witness real teching!
pokemon (15)
3 gardevoir-ex sts
3 Mgardevoir-ex sts
2 cobalion sts
2 trubish bkp
2 garbodor bkp
2 shaymin-ex ros
1 hoopa-ex aor
supporters (8)
4 professor sycamore sts
2 N fco
2 lysandre aor
trainers (22)
4 vs seeker aor
4 ultra ball fco
4 gardevoir spirit link sts
4 max elixir bkp
3 trainers’ mail ros
1 super rod bkt
1 switch prc
1 fighting fury belt bkp
stadiums (4)
1 parallel city bkt
3 fairy garden gen
energy (11)
5 fairy energy gen
6 metal energy gen

changes options
1 mega turbo was in the deck, but removed due to uselessness when I did draw it. (having to N it back in!) Could come back if the evolutions raticate becomes a thing.
1 magearna-ex turned into a switch, both solve the similar problems: outside of this switch makes the deck have options in all matchups and magearna can be fodder for despair ray (only worth +10; remember plus power)
0 float stone was never in the deck: in the end space was important for a stadium and the only good stadium was fairy garden, where retreating garbodor is no longer a problem as lysandre stall is unlikely to occur when your opponent has seen a fairy garden.
1 fighting fury belt wasn’t originally in the deck, but after I decided I needed a 5th tool, it is in the deck to make the lategame N which this deck focuses on very well, as I have only 2 cobalion on board for 2 prizes at the end. certain high tier decks like scizor (bad example) focus on 2HKOs and cannot deal certain amounts of damage (in e.g. its 130, a reason why talonflame is so powerful). At this point, cobalion with 40 more hp might aswell have 240hp for what it is worth, still only giving one prize!
1 super rod This card is generally used for recycling energy aswell as anything we need back. (rod + ultra ball combo we don’t need a third shaymin) (had to discard the 2nd cobalion for despair ray)
2 shaymin-ex I initially believed I wanted 3, but found garb made the 3rd redundant in some matchups and the playstyle of the deck focuses on resource conservation (rare these days) so you never want to go ham with 3 anyhow. Also, whiffing on something won’t be changed because either I have no ultra balls left to search the imaginary 3rd shaymin-ex or no space on the bench. (Sky field still isn’t worth it though)
1 parallel city drop this after stadium bumping mega ray a few times (couldn’t do that if I ran sky field) with a garb on the field followed by an N for game. Without it you only beat ray if it can’t build a 3rd mega ray (just garb + N is still so so good)
5-6 energy split 3 fairy and 1 metal to attack with (FC) attack cost on 2 gardevior-EX. 1 fairy to have in deck to retreat garbodor. 4 metal for 2 (MM) cobalion. 1 fairy and 1 metal spare. Super rod saves any bad sycamores. A 6-6 split is the only other energy split I would play.
dragonite-ex I feel its a cool card if you want to chug out 170 damage hits, but often you won’t have room for actually helpful cards as it still 2HKOs megas and fury belts along with darkrai-ex in all forms.
point about the clunky feel to this deck
gardevoir is generally your starter, going second against decks that mega or stage 1 evolve you should focus on building attackers on the bench and don’t place resources on your active. Occasionally you can attach a fairy and free retreat into hoopa-ex to conserve you gardevoir. Going first you can generally safely setup your active.
why the heck am I playing this convoluted strategy?
I can’t stress enough how this deck is build to win every matchup across the board (scizor doesn’t count; if you want to beat it: Woopercast covered it). In normal matchups you can produce 4 heavy hitting attackers and outprize your opponent (esp with the fury belt) aswell as being able to play heavy Ns in our midgame (opponent has 2 prizes). We win against decks that have a natural prizing edge also (like rainbow road) through the utility of gardevoir combined with cobalion. The sts gardevor-ex is good against giratina and darkrai aswell as letting me do less work against attackers like vespiquen/zoroark/raichu. Garbodor helps in a few matchups (ray, volcanion, etc).
I want to hear other peoples take on this deck as it is so powerful on a fundermental level of the game and yet has never been noticed.

I have no clue what the heck you are trying to say.

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Could this deck have potential in the metagame?

I think m gardevoir with 4 Shaymin and three hoopa does have a chance, but without those, probably not. Also, your only form of recovery is one super rod.

The idea is that 130 damage is plenty, m gardevoir has no need to discard resources to recycle unless I want to ko 120-40 hp mons. Playing 4 shay 3 hoopa doesn’t let me beat MUs like rayquaza or rainbow road, and big hitters like primal groudon would surely run through me?

It’s hard to design a deck that beats “everything” without losing its identity. By trying to cover everything with this deck, you are gimping the identity of it. This could do decently in smaller events, but for a 15 round tournament like a regionals I can’t see it lasting


To me I feel like the variant is its own deck with its unique playstyle: cobalion as a card has good synergy in ex decks that use max elixir to acclerate energy if they can meet its energy requirements. The setup is generally slow yes, due to a lack of early presence, however any deck that takes more advantage off of that than 2 prizes (greninja) I setup garb.
I just don’t feel that what gardevoir players are doing right now with 4 shay 3 hoopa is working, that entirely different strategy isn’t getting great results. Florida regionals had 4 Mgardevoir in top 32, but this says more to me about the popularity of M mewtwo and darktina decks and (correct me if I am wrong) I don’t believe that it has breached top 8.

M mewtwo was everywhere, I doubt its an exaggeration to say 40ish% of all decks from the bottom tables to the top were mm2 - darktina was far less popular

Also wouldn’t audino just be better in this deck than garde except for typing? I feel that this is just it’s list but with garde… Also don’t like garb in this as you want to use things like dragonite and Shaymin later in the game

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I agree that the 3 Hoopa, 4 Shaymin, and 4 Sky Field aren’t worth it but neither is the Cobalion and Trubbish>Garbodor line. 3 Shaymin and 2 Hoopa are probably fine. I agree with 3 Fairy Garden.

If you really need to cancel abilities it should be to slow down the opponent early/late game and to kill Giratina EX. I feel that 1-2 Hex Maniacs with VS Seeker are sufficient and don’t take up 4 spots in your deck.

I’m still iffy on cutting out recycling cards. I feel like I need my Dragonite EX to bring back my tech Rattata, as well as Brock and Super Rods to bring back more card draw from Shaymin EX. But hey that’s a different deck entirely from this one.

Thanks for outlining that they are very different decks. About the audino comment, One can avoid 2 things with gardevior: firstly the reliance on dce for the more expensive attack cost [bad elixir synergy therefore bad cobalion synergy at the end of the day (WC list played cobalion as a tech so its diff)]. And secondly the reason I prefere gardevoir to something like scizor which would look more natural here, is because mega gardevior doesn’t have a set damage cap (so it can OHKO talonflame, yveltal/xerneas/volcanion and the odd stage 2 based deck) and although in fairy garden variants you won’t generally be OHKOing xern break; your opponent will have to worry about the possibility of a KO. Also the ability to prevent game gimmicking ko’s on ex’s just isn’t there so much for other megas. (I know pcity is pretty staple in mega decks by now)

Rattata is one of the new cards that makes sky field work a lot better I will admit (no more fury belts), aswell as dragonite for that comback damage. Brock and karen generally tend to be to clunky and bricky for sky field variants imo. Here’s a fairy garden build that lives off of just 2 super rods:!

@tiedoll I would never opt to play garbodor for giratina in any deck because it doesn’t solve the win condition due to tool locking; standard gardevoir (from sts ofc) can catch giratina with dde with lysandre early and still OHKO a fully setup one easily with the elixir engine.

(sidenotes: I don’t plan on playing dragonite in this list any time soon; my late game starts when my opponent is at 2 prizes and I don’t want to put down dragonite and shaymin then as that would mess up my prize game with the cobalion strategy which plays out every grind game sans when 1 is still prized (can always charge up a 3rd gardevoir!))

while the statement about catching the giratina early with STS Gard is true that is a lot of situational setup you’re suggesting there. Something that I’m having difficulty wrapping my head around with this decklist because of the clunkyness.

Don’t get me wrong, I want this to work. It sounds like a cool variant.

I mentioned the link blast early ko because it came up occassionally in testing. Generally elixirs let me skip from 1 to 3 energy onto a gardevoir free retreat off of garden and ohko with luminous blade; the setup isn’t worth it from darktina’s perspective due to the energy losses. Whatever measures tina decks try in the mu, I can usually deal with them with less setup.
Thanks for taking it seriously.

@TheDewottClan @jirachi123
Darkrai/giratina 3:1
Mmewtwo 6:0
vileplume toolbox 4:2
gyarados 5:5
volcanion 6:6
rainbow road 3:3
gardevoir-ex 3:0
yveltal/garb 3:3
darkrai hammers 2:3
greninja break 3:1
rayquaza 5:1
raichu/bats 2:1
These are my win ratios in matches (not games) from testing. Thank you for your lack of imagination in passing this off as junk without even testing. If I missed a deck do remind me.

Sorry. In all seriousness, if you have an idea, then test it. Not gonna criticize.Just… it’s a little bit of la stretch calling something the “secret BDIF” right off the bat.
Also, how did you lose to Greninja? You run garbodor right?

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miss-typed meant 3-1 although with more testing it would probably hav gone to 7-1

I love it when people say I lack imagination because I get to tell them to go look at the decks I win with. Who were you testing with your randoms at locals? Not to mention testing against random non meta decks and calling your deck the bdif? I have no problem with rogue decks, @jirachi123 can attest to my results with rogues, but random amalgamations of cards do not constitute good rogue decks.


I’m sorry, would you like to say something that means something other than: “I have tournament results so I disrespect you.” Although I’m not sure how you got them without actually trying things out…
Furthermore: Do you understand why cobalion is a good card in EX heavy decks and why if you are going to play cobalion in one, the deck will best synergy would either be mega scizor or mega gardevoir?
Its a shame players don’t understand energy spilts, other than dde and dce, anymore.
Btw I ammended the title with a question mark (not sure how I missed it before) on the 4th.

Players use energy splits in a few decks. Megaman tooldrop is one. Cobalion is a decent non ex attacker but you are committing 8 cards to a strategy that only works when you are close to loosing. If this deck is truly testing great I encourage you to take it to the true test, regionals. I have seen grass durant, mega steelix, and piloted decks like magnezone to win LCs, but not one has made even top 32 at an actual event. (I would say even top 128, but I would not have a source to back up this claim.)

:“I have tournament results so…” If you have your eyes on the prize of the Pokemon World Championships, results matter in this new tournament structure. Consistently placing well at events and going far in tournaments is key to reaching the 500 point threshold. If you are not worried about this, fine, but you cannot say something is the secret bdif without raising eyebrows of the players who are chasing their invite. Being creative and coming into an event with a surprise deck has worked for many players, but looking at this deck I do not see anything other than a worse MG deck post evolutions. Raticate makes for a fine non-ex attacker in the deck, and there are other options besides a pokemon which requires 2 non-primary energy. I do not want to rain on your parade but I cannot see this working, although if you go far in a tournament with it I would love to eat my words and congratulate you.

I would agree quite a bit with what Cello said, I am for creativity, but so many “creative decks” are just nonsense from people who like to call other people unimaginative as an argument for the merit of their deck. Cobalion is a good card, but basing a deck on a win condition that relies on handing your opponent the game isn’t particularly strong, Cobalion is always a a last resort or answer to cards like Regice. Like so many other trends, the loss of energy splits is based on real results. In formats where splits were prevalent, cards like Cyrus’s Conspiracy were 4 of supporters in top decks, and the decks without it typically didn’t run splits. The reason is that it just isn’t reliable.