Mega Mewtwo Y Fairies

Hey readers, this is Waffles162 here and I made a Mega Mewtwo Y Fairies deck to show you. If you have anything you think should be different, let me know in the comments!
Pokemon: 15
3x Mewtwo EX (photon wave)
3x Mega Mewtwo EX (Y)
3x Xerneas XY Base
2x Spritzee XY Base
2x Aromatisse XY Base
1x Jirachi XY PRMO 62
1x Shaymin EX RS

Trainers: 32
3x Professor Sycamore
3x Shauna
1x Skyla
1x Bridgette
1x Lyssandre
3x Ultra Ball
2x Level Ball
2x Trainers’ Mail
3x Mega Turbo
1x Energy Retrieval
1x Super Rod
1x Professor’s Letter
1x Enhanced Hammer(kinda wanna change this)
2x Vs. Seeker
3x Mewtwo Spirit Link
4x Fairy Garden

Energy: 13
10x Fairy
3x DCE

I hope you like the profile and try it out! It does really well and sets up fast.

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