Mega Mewtwo-EX BKT 64 Variants // PRC-ON

3X Shaymin EX
3X Mewtwo EX (Photon Wave)
3X M Mewtwo EX (psychic infinity)
2X Zorua
2X Zoroark
1X Zoroark BREAK
4X Trainer’s Mail
4X Ultra Ball
3X Spirit Link
4X VS Seeker
4X Puzzle Of Time
2X Mega Turbo
3X Acro Bike
2X Float Stone
4X Professor Sycamore
2X N
1X Lysandre
1X Hex Maniac
1X Giovanni Scheme
7X Darkness Energy

This is a list for mega mewtwo/zoroark, my preferred version of mega mewtwo. The basic strategy is to power up mega mewtwo by attaching lots of energy, and using mega turbos, and using zoroark to switch between attackers, and attack when there are full benches.

The Mega Mewtwo Variant that has Garbodor and Damage Change Mewtwo in it is universally way better than your list every time.


Run Garbodor and Zebstrika instead of Zoroark. It’s way better.