Mega Gardevoir-EX Variants // XY-on 2016


If anything, it seems like it might be useful as an extra dimension to FairyTina, is 2-2-2 consistent enough (2 Gardy, 2 mgardy, 2 spirit link?)


I’m glad to see people having interest in this deck again, and I really do feel for you JaiaV. This deck is really fun and it’s a shame that the meta is so unfavourable for it - it struggles against both heavy disruption decks and all of the nonsense OHKO decks out there. But I digress.

To answer some of your questions:

I think a 3/2/2 (Gardy, M-Gardy, Spirit Link) line is ideal.

3 Gardevoir EX are mandatory. If one of them is prized, you want to be able to have 2 on your bench so you’re ready to evole a 2nd one whenever needed, I’d never run 2 of these.
2 M-Gardevoir EX I feel is the optimal count. The reason for that is, since you’re relying so heavily on energy and Aromatisse, Super Rod is a must-include in the deck and it can bring back a M-Gardy from the discard if it’s absolutely necessary, so you can cut 1 to avoid dead draws early on.
2 Spirit Link is the minimum amount I would run and it’s a safe count, especially if you’re running 1 Teammates - when your Xerneas goes down, you Teammates for a Spirit Link and a M-Gardy and you’re set. However, running a 3rd one might not be a bad idea, as having your 2nd Spirit Link prized could be disastrous and also it gives you a better chance of drawing into it, which is always great. Also, if you’re running AZ you’re probably going to discard one of your Spirit Links every so often, so it could help there too.

I disagree with baby_mario’s suggestions of running 4 Xerneas-XY and 2 Switch for the simple reason that while it effectively increases your chances of getting your set-up early, it has two problems: A) It only matters if you’re going second, because most of the time if you’re going first you can switch into a Xerneas with Fairy Garden and get a T3 Geomancy so it really is only useful for ensuring the T2 Geomancy, and I don’t think I’d ever want to intentionally start second with this deck. and B) It hurts consistency in the long run as you have 3 cards that are essentially useless after you’ve set up.

I think the Regirock/Exp Share idea is a solid one, though I haven’t really tried it, I’m only running Regirock in my decks as there’s no guaranteee that you’ll be able to get both Regirock and Exp. Share up in time for the Exp. Share to make a difference, whereas Regirock is always useful for storing energies.

Overall these are the changes I would make to your deck:

-1 Energy Recycler
-1 Sacred Ash
+1 Super Rod (does pretty much the same thing as these 2 cards, you’ll never need to bring more than 3 energies or 2 Pokemon back at a time)

-3 Judge (just not necessary, it’s better used as a 1-of disruption card. relying on Judge for draw can leave you with dead hands pretty often)
+2 Lysandre (I feel that 2x of this is mandatory in any list, Gardevoir is no exception.)
+1 Teammates (Really good in this deck - you’re expecting your Xerneas to get KOed before you get to attack with M-Gardy so it really helps solidify the deck as you can get the M-Gardy out immediately if you have a benched Gardevoir)

-1 Ultra Ball
+1 Evosoda (You can’t afford to discard very many things in this deck, unless you’re running a Mega Turbo, so a card that can bring out the 2 most valuable cards in your deck for free is really good, I feel)

This leaves you with 1 free slot where you can add anything you feel you might need, such as a Xerosic (good for discarding DCE off a Vespiquen/Joltik/whatever which could save you), Trainer’s Mail (improves consistency) or a 2nd AZ, which is going to be really important until they decide to reprint Max Potion in the west.

EDIT: Also, I haven’t tried the Giratina / DDE idea too much but in my limited tests I didn’t have that success with it, you want to have Xerneas active and get as many energies into the game as possible, so Giratina doesn’t have many chances to do her thing. Feel free to try it though and tell us how it works for you.


I’m sorry for double posting but this is thematically different to my first post so I felt a second post was warranted.

Frankly I feel that Gardy is just too slow - too many decks can start swining for 170 or even 210 starting T2 sometimes and as such the deck suffers. You have to pray that you’re going to start with a Xerneas AND that they don’t OHKO it before you get to Geomancy at least once for the energy attachment on it to be valuable. Xerneas ends up being a liability too often in this OHKO meta, to be honest.

For that reason I thought - why not make a turbo Gardevoir list?! :smiley:

It’s not really a serious/top tier deck but in my tests with it I found that it works okay against Manectric and Lucario/bats so there might be something there. The deck is very unrefined so I’d appreciate it if people had any suggestions… though once again it’s not really the most serious deck idea on the planet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the list:

Pokemon - 13

3x Gardevoir EX
2x M-Gardevoir EX
3x Spritzee PHF
2x Aromatisse XY
2x Shaymin EX
1x Hoopa EX

Trainers - 24

4x Elixir (This is going to be Max Elixir when Breakpoint is released, just had it in this spot for testing, and surprisingly when it did give me an energy it was really good, so Max Elixir could be great in Gardevoir based decks in general)
4x Mega Turbo (probably going to cut this down to 3, rarely get a use out of the 4th one)
1x Professor’s Letter
1x Super Rod
3x Ultra Ball
1x Evosoda
4x VS Seeker
4x Fairy Garden
2x Gardevoir Spirit Link

Supporters - 11

4x Sycamore
3x Professor Birch’s Observations
1x Lysandre
1x AZ
1x Judge
1x Skyla

Energy - 12

12x Fairy Energy

The idea of this deck is simple, get Gardevoir active and start swining as soon as possible. It has as much speed as I could fit into the deck without hurting consistency too much, and surprisingly, you can attack for the magic 180 number (6 energy attachments) starting T3/T4 a good percentage of the time.

As mentioned it’s hugely unrefined but I do think there might be something there, so any suggestions are welcome.


If you are running Elixir/Max Elixir, it might be a good idea to run Reserved Ticket to guarantee the energy.


I feel that with Max Elixir and 12 energies in your deck you’ll be getting an energy consistently enough to not need another card to support it, to be honest.


You can get energy out more consistently out with Xerneas XY. I understand why you would play a Max Elixir Dec but if you want consistently, just play Xerneas.


You give up your turn in order to get energy out with Xerneas though, and that’s the point of the deck. If Xerneas gets to Geomancy once before being knocked out, that’s a net gain of 1 energy and then the energy attached to Xerneas is discarded. You get the same effect if you manage to get an energy with the Max Elixir, PLUS you get to potentially attack with Gardevoir for 100 or M-Gardy for a minimum of 90 starting turn 3/4.


With Xerneas, by turn 3/4 you can set up a gardy with enough energies to OHKO stuff
Xerneas will survive. Standard I not an OHKO format.


If what you’re saying was really that easy (or probable) though, then Gardevoir would be a viable competitive deck right now, which I really don’t think it is based on the fact that it’s nowhere to be seen.

It’s obvious to me, having played this deck for a while now, that the combination of having to set up with a minimum of 2 Geomancy turns (no attacks) plus having to hope to god that you start with Xerneas and that he survives, is the reason why this deck isn’t competitive.

In a deck like this, all you really need is to have a Gardevoir active and then draw your energy acceleration cards (Mega Turbo/Max Elixir) and you’re set, plus potentially an Aromatisse to transfer energies around for an AZ (and Max Potion in the future).

I really think this has the potential to be the better version of Gardevoir.


how about using 2-2-2 togekiss ( roaring skies ) line in the ether and mega turbo variant does it helps ?


No. It makes an already clunky and slow deck even slower and clunkier.


Isn’t Elixir an Expanded card? Printed in Plasma Storm?


No they are talking bout the new max elixir card coming out in the next set


First here is the deck list:

4 M Gardevior EX
4 Gardevior EX
4 Xerneas FLF

4 Gardevior Spirit Links
4 Evosoda
3 Pkmn Fan Club
3 Steven
2 VS Seeker
2 Fairy Drop
2 Elesa
2 Shauna
2 Pokemon Center Lady
2 Trainers’ Mail
2 Fairy Garden

20 Fairy

1st or 2nd turn get out a Xerneas and start using Geomancy to set up the Gardevior. By about your turn three or four you are ready to start kicking butt with the brilliant arrow attack on M Gardevior. The only goal to set up as fast as possible and spread the energy out to deal TONS of damage. My little brother built this deck and it seems nigh on unbeatable every time I play. Even safeguard Pokemon can be easily taken down with the 2nd attack from the Xerneas. What do you guys think? Any brilliant strats for taking it down?

~ Neptem


Darkrai/Giratina should give you significant problems (since Chaos Wheel will prevent Mega Gardevoir from getting off Brilliant Arrow, and you’re not playing Hex Maniac to disable abilities). Gardevoir is weak to metal and Bronzong/Genesect is kind of scary difficult, unless you’re not prepared for it (it was popular in our neck of the woods, which is why we saw three Darkrai/Giratinas at a 12-person LC last night). Night March trades well with it. Trevenant will cause severe problems with item lock (you’re not going to be evolving without wasting a turn).

Where’s the Spritzee/Aromatisse line? No Max Potions? No Ultra Balls? And no Shaymin EX to help set up? No Sycamores? There are more standard lines of Fairies …


Pokémon - 17

2 Shaymin-EX ROS 77
3 Gardevoir-EX PRC 155
3 M Gardevoir-EX PRC 156
2 Spritzee XY 92
2 Aromatisse XY 93
1 Sylveon-EX GEN 132
3 Xerneas XY 96
1 Xerneas-EX XY 146

Trainer Cards - 32

3 Ultra Ball DEX 102
4 VS Seeker PHF 109
3 Trainers’ Mail ROS 92
1 Dowsing Machine PLS 128
3 N NVI 92
3 Professor Juniper DEX 98
1 Lysandre FLF 104
1 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear PHF 92
3 Max Potion BKP 103
2 Colress PLS 118
1 Super Rod BKT 149
1 Startling Megaphone FLF 97
3 Fairy Garden XY 117
3 Gardevoir Spirit Link PRC 130

Energy - 11

11 Fairy Energy

This is probably your best list to try. Sylveon EX and Xerneas EX are for healing off minor amounts of damage and dealing some damage to the bench to, say, set up for some knockouts or steal a Joltik or a heavily damaged Pokemon on the bench. Battle compressor is to get rid of dead cards or discard something for vs seeker. since your playing in expanded, its a no-brainer to add in Colress and dowsing machine for consistency. you cannot possibly think of attacking unless you get out M Garde and you cant start tanking damage until you get Aromatisse out.Fairy Drop is honestly just too vanilla, and with Aromatisse you can transfer all your energy off your attacker, Max Potion, and put that energy all back on. Steven, Steven, Steven. Dont even know where to start on that one. Worst supporter besides Imakuni?. Using a supporter to get a supporter is never good. Yes you also get an energy, but that is not all that good, as a regular draw supporter will most likely land an energy anyways. Elesa is just plain bad because you only need 1 spirit link at a time. Pokemon Lady, same problem as fairy drop but worse because its a supporter. Evosodas and Fan Clubs are inferior to ultra balls because ultra balls can get you any Pokemon and can discard dead cards out of your hand. Megaphone is just good to scrap garbs tools and fighting fury belts. Super Rod shuffles resources back into your deck. 20 fairy energy is WAAAAAAAY too much, when 11-12 would suffice. Shauna is good but N is better for the beginning of the game, which is crucial to this deck. Think i covered everything and sorry for talking so much, but i want you to know the reasoning behind why i made the changes i did to help you in the future. Good luck, I’d love to see you make this deck work but be wary of metal and trev


This is a standard thread. Dowsing Machine, Colress, and Professor Juniper aren’t legal.


then why is he running elesa?


IDK. He either didn’t realize it or most of the deck was standard and there isn’t an expanded thread on this so it was easier to just move it here.


I kinda want to bring back one of the decks from earlier in this thread but change it. Mega gardy, but With Wobb as a starter and 2 gira. Max elixir and turbo is another option for the speed route