Mega Gardevoir-EX Variants // XY-on 2016


There was a pretty good reason that people stopped playing it, and as a very avid Gardevoir player I can tell you why - you just had too many poor match-ups. Your only great match-ups were against Yveltal decks that didn’t run Garbodor, if they did run Garbodor it was just a good match-up for you, and then you had poor match-ups vs the toad, Landorus-bats (if they didn’t whiff then you’d never ever have an Aromatisse), Donphan (while it was still popular) and Night March, which is still an awful match-up for this deck. Basically anything speedy and/or disruptive would just give you hell.

The deck itself worked wonders but the meta just wasn’t right for it, it was good at taking out other mega Pokemon and the only one that saw any play at the time was Manectric.I stopped playing just after ROS released so I’m not sure of how the situation was after that but during the PRC era I’d say that Gardevoir-EX was more of a fun deck for fairy enthusiasts and nothing more.

It’s interesting to consider which version of the deck would work better - the one with Giratina and DDE or one with Regirock and Exp. Share. In the current meta-game I think both have their merits but quite frankly my experience on ladder so far is that Vespiquen and Night March just makes it so difficult to set-up by 1HKOing your Xerneas starting on turn 2 that it’s annoying. :frowning:


I tried to make it a turbo list bu tunning xernias and 4 turbo. Its super super good if you can hit a turn 1 gemancy then hit a mega turbo and attach and you hit 150 t2. Also if you get a aromatise fairy garden then drop a ddr you hot 180. I know this is the perfect senario but hotting t3 ko is very possible and can happen often with a good list.
Also should I make this or Mewtwo y


I think this version is the better of the two. M-Gardevoir and M-Mewtwo do roughly the same time in most scenarios and Gardevoir has the benefit of being fairy type (dark resistance, only weak to steel which is fairly uncommon),


No it wasn’t, everyone says it’s coming out in break point but it’s not garenteed


Well considering that they were reprinted in those Japanese theme decks then I’d say it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll be reprinted in the west sooner or later - as it would be too big a discrepancy. Both Aromatisse based decks as well as Wailord-EX decks rely heavily on Max Potion, it’d be silly for two archetypes to essentially only be playable in one region.


The Japanese never got to use Tropical Beach in their formats and we did. They probably never used decks like Blastoise because of that.


Wow, I never knew that, that sounds pretty silly. Still though, if they made that mistake once, that should be an even higher chance that they don’t repeat it!


The situations aren’t comparable at all. Beach was legal in Japan for a long time. For various reasons the supply was much more limited than it was in the West, but there were players who had Beaches and used them.


Testing this list:

Pokemon: 17
3 Spritzee FLF
2 Aromatisse XY
3 Xerneas XY
3 Gardevoir-EX
2 M Gardevoir-EX
2 Shaymin-EX
2 Giratina-EX

Trainer: 31 (15 + 12 + 4)
1 AZ
2 Lysandre
4 Professor Birch’s Observations
4 Professor Sycamore
4 Judge
1 Energy Recycler
1 Sacred Ash
3 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
3 Gardevoir Spirit Link
4 Fairy Garden

Energy: 12
2 Double Dragon Energy
10 Fairy Energy


You need 4 ultra ball for sure, and your Raichu, Night March, and Bees matchups are all laughable. Also with only 1 AZ, 0 SSU and 0 Hex, Lucario/Bats slaps you


Do you have a list recommendation for how to fit those changes in? As far as I can tell, Night March match up is extremely unfavorable no matter what. The meta in general seems to remain unfavorable for M-Gardy, I just felt like trying to get the deck modernized.


If the meta is unfavorable for gardy, why would you play it?


Because I want to?

Might have also been hoping someone could find a way to make it work.


I feel like expecting someone else to make it work for you and then giving you the list isn’t an incredibly progressive gameplan.


You’re so very helpful. Thank you for all the positive input. Deck lists are not exactly what I expected, but just saying I have 0 of a few cards and then not suggesting anything past that is excellent. Suggesting what fat I could trim off, or explaining why something would or would not work, or anything other than “you have none of this, this or this, prepare to lose” would be nice. I haven’t actually encountered any Lucario/Bats, Raichu or Bees so I haven’t had to plan for them. The only thing I’ve really run into since I picked the game back up was Night March…more and more Night March. Everything else I’ve run into has been some variant of Regice.


-2 Giratina
-2 DDE
-4 Judge

+1 Xerneas
+1 Regirock Promo
+1 Exp Share
+1 Ultra Ball
+1 AZ
+1 Hex Maniac
+2 Switch

Gardy has a lot of poor match ups in the wider metagame (many things OHKO it), is slow, and desperately needs the Xerneas start or it just collapses.

Best way to try and deal with this is Regirock promo and Exp Share, so you can stack Energy on a safe-ish bench sitter and at least recover something when Gardy gets KO’d. The 2 Switches are there to try and force a first attacking turn Geomancy when you miss the Xerneas start.


Well it’s either going to count as fairy energy when it’s on a dragon, or it’ll get discarded as if these new type-specific energy aren’t on their corresponding type they get discarded


Thanks. I haven’t had any luck getting my hands on a Regirock Promo, but I’ll keep trying. Any reason for removing all of the Judges? I’ve had some drawing issues without them.

DDE on Giratina DOES count as 2 Y energy. Plopping down another 60 damage in one turn is actually pretty nice so far (on top of Geomancy). Giratina has actually been helpful on Night March, although not as much as I’d like.

I agree that Gardevoir is just a little too slow still. I’m mostly playing in PTCGO or the local leagues (which I don’t get to go to often right now). I do have decent luck for the most part, outside of Night March. I mostly just play the deck because I like Gardevoir, and don’t really like most of the other meta decks out there right now.


Much as I love it, I don’t see Judge as a draw card, really. More of a disruption tactic that is best used by decks that have other sources of draw (such as Lucario EX), or which can operate well with minimal resources.

Gardy is really neither of those things. It’s a high maintenance deck that needs a lot of good draw. I’d rather run Shauna than Judge in this, or Compressor/Trainers Mail to dump and re-use Sycamore with VS Seeker.


Makes sense. I’ll take them back out and give it another try.