Mega Gardevoir-EX Variants // XY-on 2016


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M Gardevior Deck--Unstoppable or Easily Beaten?

That’s actually an amazing idea, thank you very much Skyla. It makes a lot of sense, and it could serve stall against those faster decks. However I can see Double Dragon Energy being a bit of a pain as you can’t transfer it away with Aromatisse or search for it with Xerneas XY. It’d need some testing.

Could you suggest a supporter/trainer line-up for this deck as well?

Edit: Would AZ be a good idea in this deck now that Max Potion is gone? When I last tested him he was a bit clunky but Max Potion really was an integral part of the deck that I can’t see it working without some sort of damage removal. Otherwise Aromatisse is kind of useless, all she’d be good for is transferring energy off Geomancy targets that aren’t Gardevoir and occasionally taking energy off injured Pokemon.


As long as it’s attached to Giratina, it can be transferred away.


Ah yes, I meant that unless you are running 2 Giratinas then transferring it off Giratina makes it a non-Fairy energy so it won’t count for Brilliant Arrow damage and can’t be transferred anymore.


With that in mind Giratina should be a two-of anyways. A Vespiquen player or a night March player could deal with one Gira. Two Gira, however, makes things tough.


I have been playing with giratina and mega gardy - I can testify the deck works. You can’t test it really though on ptcgo since mega hardy and dde are bugged. It doesn’t count dde as 2 energy atm

The deck allows you to deal with mega ray through Tina and any vespi and nm. It also gives you mega hardy as a heavy hitter vs random things. I just am not sure what energy count to run. I run 7 fairy and 3 dde I believe in my deck (not looking at the list atm) along with a bunny


Here is the list I have been using for the XY-AOR format:

Pokemon: 17
3 Spritzee FLF
2 Aromatisse XY
3 Xerneas XY
3 Gardevoir-EX
2 M Gardevoir-EX
2 Shaymin-EX
2 Giratina-EX

Trainer: 31 (12 + 15 + 4)
1 AZ
2 Lysandre
4 Professor Birch’s Observations
4 Professor Sycamore
1 Xerosic
1 Energy Recycler
1 Sacred Ash
4 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
2 Muscle Band
3 Gardevoir Spirit Link
4 Fairy Garden

Energy: 12
3 Double Dragon Energy
9 Fairy Energy

Please note that it does not necessarily work in the XY-BREAKthrough format where Bronzong PHF variants are being hyped.


Max Potion shouldn’t be rotated, wasn’t it reprinted in BREAKthrough?


No, it was in the decks, so we’ll get it next set.


Oh. Yeah, you’re right.


When you say that it works, could you define what you mean? Like is it barely playable or is it a legitimately solid deck? When I last played it wasn’t the best but it was fine. Basically I want to know if at this point it’s a gimmick deck for fairy enthusiasts or not. =P

Shame about that bug. Could you explain how the bunny works in this deck?

Thanks a lot for the decklist. I have some questions:

  • I used to run 12 Pokemon in my old list so 17 feels like a whole lot. Is 2 Shaymin-EX very important in this deck? Does it improve consistency significantly? I mean bench space is kinda crowded already with 1-2x Aromatisse, at least 1 Gardevoir-EX and an active Xerneas, would there be enough bench space for both Shaymin early and a Giratina later on?

  • The supporter line seems pretty weird to me, like what does Xerosic actually do in the deck? AZ seems like a decent inclusion but what about consistency supporters such as Pokemon Fan Club, Teammates and a replacement for Colress? Does Shaymin-EX cover that? Bear in mind that I stopped playing just as Roaring Skies was released so I don’t know how much consistency it adds.

  • I guess with Super Rod being reprinted in Breakthrough you’d be able to cut the Sacred Ash and Energy Recycler and gain 1 more deck space. It’s interesting to consider what you could add in that spot.

  • I don’t know why but 4 Ultra Ball and 3 Spirit Link feel like too much to me. Also is Muscle Band reserved for Giratina? Because I can’t think of many situations where you’d want to mega evolve without a spirit link.

It’s a shame if steel decks make too big of a resurgence with Breakthrough and this deck dies out because of that. It was already rough playing against steel decks when I last played, if they get even more synergy, sounds like fairy’s gonna have some trouble.

That’s amazing news. It should really help Aromatisse based decks make a comeback. I don’t understand why they didn’t reprint it sooner though!


I think its a legitimately solid deck - with the obvious glaring weakness of metal, which I agree will be popular in some guise at minimum with at least Tyrantrum-ex. I use bunny because there is some degree of special energy hate in some decks I have been playing against and having the ability to recover 2 ddes can be big.

The format has changed where I think having 2 Shaymin is just sort of standard for consistency. I personally use 4 trainer’s mail in my list, since it helps with getting an ultra ball [which is also why you run 4 ultra ball] (typically for shaymin)/spirit link/fairy garden/etc. I don’t think fan club is really needed in any deck these days, but thats just my personal opinion. Shaymin is the major definer of this current format, so much so a one of hex maniac is standard in most lists and decks that don’t really need supporters, like Mega Man, I have seen try and run 3 silent labs in standard


Thank you so much for the clarification, as well as the general pointers. I’ll try to get some Shaymin-EX if possible but darn are they expensive.

I also happened to pull a Hex Maniac the other day, do you reckon it’s a good idea running one of those in this deck? I mean, Aromatisse’s effect tends to not matter until turn 3-4 usually so if you draw into it early it might be an asset, though it would disable your Shaymin-EX as well. And if it’s a dead card, you can just Ultra Ball it away like no one’s business.

I’m not 100% aware of what decks are popular and what other abilities you’d want to shut down early, but if Shaymin-EX is as promiment as you say it is, it could be an idea right?


Has nobody realized that Max Potion got reprinted in BREAKThrough?


Maybe nobody realized it because it didn’t happen? Set list is out


Just about to say that myself. Very disappointing.


Oh my mistake I thought it was cuz they revealed a reprint of it sorry :confused:


So I’m going discuss mega gardavoir and how it is very good. Once primal clash was released it saw a good 2 months of heavy play. Then people stoped playing it for no good reason other than mega raqwaza outspeeded it. It gained mega turbo in roaring skies but lost max potion in the new format cut.
So ive deciding on making this deck. Running 4 mega turbo in the deck makes it super quick getting turb 3 kos it is also helped by the edition of girintina. With running 2 girintina and 2 double Dragon attaching 1 double dragon makes mega gardavoirs attack do 60 more damage. Then once mega gardavoir is knocked out you bring up girintina and try to power up another mega gardavoir.
What do you guys think? Do you want to see my list? I would like to see your take on this deck. thanks!


I’ve tried very hard to make M Gardy work. Mostly by playing it with Regirock and Exp Share. Get set up and it’s great. Miss a beat by not starting Xerneas or whiffing on early Aromatisse and you just get run over.

I could never get a reliable positive match up against enough of the meta, and that was when we had Max Potion.


I would only run it for grabbing energy back late game. But definitely not four copies

I’m sure there was a very god reason. It needed 3-4 turns of setup, 5 to OHKO megas, and once oe was gone you struggled to KO anything else.

I saw very few good results with this deck. It didn’t get heavily played at all.

@baby_mario is right. Regirock/ exp share /xerneas is proably the best way to set tis deck up. Not mega turbo/DDE