Mega audiono/decidueye gx

What do you guys think:
Pokemon: 17
3-3-mega audino
Trainers: 27
4-trainers mail
4-vs seeker
1-pokemon center lady
1-enhanced hammer
2-mega turbo
1-super rod
3-audino spirit link
2-level ball
2-timer ball
Stadium: 4
Energy: 8
4-double colorless

In theory the concept sounds cool, having the ability to snipe 70-110 somewhere on the bench in a turn. I’d probably try and fit in a kukui somewhere since the concept seems like math.dek and having an extra way to manipulate damage seems big. I can understand why you dont want hoopa (extra bench space clogging), but still seems like a good card. The deck also doesn’t seem like its finetuned for a rushed decidueye - my initial glance at this list makes me think 4 forest is overkill as a result


Yeah, 4 forest may be to much and I will cut it down to a 3 count😊

idk about you, but 3 basic energy (4 if that’s a typo; judging by the total energy being 8), isn’t enough even in mega ray… should be at least 5-6.
Also, I know enhanced hammer is staple, but it feels like a redundant card here (run parallel if Ray/RRoad is the problem)

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Yeah 3 is maybe a bit low, but the list Is really tight. I will consider both adding paralell and more energy but I don’t know where to cut except for the hammer

It sounds a bit clunky. Have you tested the consistency of it yet?

the post was already dead.

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