Mega Ampharos-EX Variants // XY-on 2016

I don’t currently have a list for this deck, but I feel Mega Ampharos has potential. I feel the best way to play it is with Volcarona and Crobat, that way you can power up an Ampharos quickly, and you can use Lysandre and the bats to hit the remainder of KO’s, while getting more damage on your opponent’s board.

I actually feel that you should play a very control based version and go for the paralyze at the cost of 30 damage to yourself but you have rough seas so thats good and that basicaly locks your opponent from doing any thing, your idea for bats actually seems pretty viable i will definietly make and test a list for this deck

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I think that Togekiss could be really good partner for M Ampharos-EX. But I have not tested it yet.

In expanded he’ll be partnered with Eelektrik and next set he will be partnered with magnezone (blastoise for electric).

Getting out a Mega AND a Stage 2 in a format that doesn’t have Tropical Beach (or many other things to do other than say “pass”).

Not that people won’t try it, I just don’t see it.

Just remeber shaymin and Hoopa exist

That still doesn’t solve the Stage 2 problem…if you aren’t really attacking until T2/3, you will just get run over by pretty much everything.

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Just remember that mega turbo and dce still exist

Just remember that t1 vileplume exists. And any kind of hammer. And lots of fighting attackers. And Strong energy. And… I don’t think it’s gonna work, but if you can make it work, good for you, and post the list here and we’ll all try it.
Btw, I didn’t mean for that to sound harsh, I just don’t think this card is very good right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Fighting pokemon can be countered w/ flash energy if your that scared of not do paralysis every other turn. Also get out rough seas so your not geting 2 shot by a 60 dmg attack.

fairies (w/ slurpuff) fairies is both scary and easy game if you get a fast amphorus and kill there gardevoir/xerneas lead the game is basically won. If the fairy user get 2 gardevoirs and slurpuff ,then you probably lost but who doesn’t in that situation.

Now vileplume giratina
Step 1 don’t mega evolve
Step 2 set up something before him (Ex. raikuo(next set)/amphorus) using hex maniac and/or shaymin.
Step 3 don’t die and bash his face in.
The game is seriously that easy everyone is just over hyping this deck because it’s annoying. First turn Wally trevenant/gengar wasnt consistant or good I don’t feel like this will be much better and back then we didn’t have hex maniac either.

Sorry I don’t have a decklist to explain but I’m really only focusing on eelphorus right now but when next set comes out its going to be the first deck I build.

Like I said, Hammer decks will love you

That might be hard sometimes.

Wouldn’t Rayeels be better?

Yeah, but if you have a good list, you can easily get Vileplume out t1. And no, the deck is not overhyped. Maybe the Giratina variant, but the others such as the accelgor variant can be very scary to play against.


If your worried about fighting put in flash if your worried about hammers don’t. Not putting in flash is better since you one or 2 shot fighting pokemon anyway.

What do you mean it could be hard to bash his face all you do is attack for at least 90 a turn without getting 2 shot back then you win he will lose all his momentum the first 2 prizes.

Rayeels? Is worse since you need to discard 4!!!energies to kill a mega and you don’t deal weakness to Ray while also being weak to giratina. If you kill 1 or 2 eels in amphorus It doesn’t matter as much. Amphorus eels is designed to have as little counter play as possible so even if you get hexed you can still kill them anyway.

Against accelgor vileplume firstly your not going to win agaianst every deck and this is probably going to be one of them if they get a good start. Secondly it’s not to consistant so you might be able to when just by sheer luck of the draw. Thirdly hex maniac :3 Keldeo float stone gggggggggggggg.

Also your not going to be playing magnezone amphorus against accelgor since in expanded you be play eels with Keldeo float.

Accelgor is extremely consistent if you’re a good Accelgor player. Also, if you’re a good Accelgor player, you will lysandre the keldeo and lock it in the active spot.

May I also make the all-important note that this is a standard thread?

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That what I was saying i was just mention that eels would be expanded and magnezone would be the best bet for standard either that or play him rush (mega turbo dce). But he brought up accelgor so I just wanted to add on.

Were also not allowed to talk about upcoming set cards in decks until the English versions have been official released…

I know we are going to end the expanded discussion, but I wanted to say a last couple things.

This was meant as a joke.

You are ohkoing each other anyway so weakness doesn’t matter. The first knockout in this matchup usually decides the game.

4 energy, WOW thats A LOT… A LOT you can get back with eels.

Which they almost always will.

If you want to continue this conversation , you can pm me or make an Ampharos expanded thread (if there isn’t already one).

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This is the first time ive posted here, im a fairly new player but competitive in other games.

ive been playing volcorona, lugia as a second beater.

My current monster line is:

3-3 Amp/Mega
3-3 Volcorona
3 Shaymin
2 Lugia EX

I like it a lot.

Hex Maniac turns off both you and your opponent’s abilities so no Keldeo Float Stone for you I’m afraid.


this is XY-on keldeo doesn’t even exist

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