Medicham PRC 81 Variants // BCR-on

It is, but the probability of that is lower than just evolving it from scratch.

but you would only need a VS seeker and a battle compressor. Battle compressor the Maxie’s hidden ball trick and Machamp, then VS seeker the Maxie’s Hidden ball trick and place the machamp on your bench. it sounds complicated, but it takes up less space.

If Maxie didn’t require itself to be the last card in hand, that’d be very valid. Unfortunately, the last card thing is very prohibitive.

It sounds easier just to run a 1-0-1 Machamp. Get a machop on the field one turn, then Korrina for a Rare Candy and a Machamp the next turn.

Oh, sorry didn’t see that it needed to be last card in hand. OOps

Been testing this out and have found that:

  1. Works great against EX based decks.
  2. There are too many cards you need by turn 2 to make this go smoothly. Not impossible, but not very consistent.
  3. Non EX’s with that 130 HP can be very tough to deal with.
  4. 90 HP sucks.
  5. Seismitoad hurts this deck quite a bit. And if you happen to face the Garbodor version, it’s more or less an autoloss.

Super fun deck, but not enough consistency.


thanks for the advice. :smiley:

Why is garbador an auto loss? Cause of Celebi? By that logic isn’t silent lab autoloss? And u can just use hawluchas against toad

Consider adding 1 iris for 2x the effect to make 1shotting so much easier.

From testing, I’ve realized that it’s best to run only 1 or 0 Hawluchas. Only because Medicham is already not favorable against non-EX pokemon, and since Hawlucha can’t even attack non-EX pokemon, he kind of worsens the problem. Replace them with the Landorus FFI 58 and/or a professor’s letter and/or an Iris. The trade-off is better for me.

So from everything I’ve heard, this is my list:

Pokemon: 15
4 Medicham
4 Meditite
2 Landorus EX
2 Celebi EX
1 Landorus FFI
1 Hawlucha
1 Jirachi EX

Trainers: 35
4 Professor Juniper
4 N
3 Korrina
1 Colress
2 Lysandre
1 Teammates
1 Iris
3 VS Seeker
3 Silver Bangle
2 Muscle Band
2 Ultra Ball
2 Repeat Ball
2 Switch
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Computer Search
3 Fighting Stadium

Energy: 10
6 Fighting
4 Strong Energy

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks! :smile:


I like it. Ever thought about 1-1 masquerain (tool reversal) + exp share + terrakion. Helps u against non-ex and can power up 2 energy medicham easier while also allowing you to use your bands/bangles.

I think that Landorus FFI is better in the deck. It brings back energies if you run out.

With respect to Machamp via Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick it is important to understand:

  1. This is not meant to be a “reliable” boost. That would require at least a 2-1-2 line (probably more) just to “reliably” get a single Machamp onto the Bench in a timely manner. Running Machamp this way is a mild gamble; with what goes into the combo there will be plenty of games where it won’t turn out… but it’ll keep your opponent guessing as soon as they see Machamp and/or Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick hit your discard.

  2. Getting your hand down to a single card isn’t as hard as many are making it sound. While this sounds like a joke… play worse. =P I’m someone that normally struggles not to accidentally “play away” my hand because I’ve got so many things I would prefer to play immediately instead of “sitting” upon. I mean if you burn your Supporter on Korrina and get a Pokémon you want to play right away plus a VS Seeker, while its technically a +/- 0 card change, this is happening instead of the usual move; playing a Professor Sycamore or Professor Juniper or N.

MaxieChamp is the best Medicham variant. Once you have Machamp and Fighting Stadium in play, you only need a single Strong Energy or Muscle Band to make each Medicham reach 180 damage to EXs AND 140 damage to non-EXs, increasing late game consistency in streaming OHKO-able Medichams by tons, and helping you conserve those Strong Energies and tools.

One of the biggest weaknesses of Machamp-less builds is having to equip each duplicate Medicham with 2 damage buffers as well as keeping Fighting Stadium in play to reach OHKO potential. And the builds that use things like Golbat PHF, Lasers, Landorus EX, etc to remedy this have a greater reliance on Silver Bangle, making it even more difficult to OHKO those non-EXs like Yveltal and Xerneas XY, whom left in play for multiple turns spells trouble for any deck.

I play 2 Machamp, 2 Maxie, 3 Damage Compressor, 4 Ultra Ball, 4 VS Seeker, 1 Computer Search, 1 Jirachi EX, and 3 Korrina. I resolve a turn 1-2 MaxieChamp nearly every game I don’t get repeatedly N’d after a Korrina.

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Anyone else had success with a build like GThang’s? I wanted to try it myself but one of the reasons I came to this thread is because I was debating if I should try to get the Medicham necessary for the deck or not. It’s a card that I found underwhelming since first reading it, but I am more than okay with being proven wrong. I have a “filler fighting” deck that I threw together just to test the various Fighting-Type “goodies” way back when XY: Furious Fists came out, and for kicks I tried some of the newer support in it, including Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick, Machamp and a lone Medicham because like I said, its more a deck for testing mechanics than earning wins and I’ve only got one.

Note: I am also talking the PTCGO as real cards are currently well out of my price range.

I’ve tried Medicham with both a traditional 3-1-3 Machamp line and one that cut the pre-evolutions in favour of Maxie and Battle Compressor. I find that the traditional Rare Candy route is more reliable. I find getting an early Machamp using Maxie to be an all consuming strategy and for just an extra 20 damage it’s not worth it. You’re better focusing your efforts on getting Medicham set up than trying to engineer a situation to use Maxie. Medicham can do plenty damage early on without Machamp so you have time to set him up the normal way. I actually think even the Toad matchup is better with Rare Candy than Maxie since you at least have the option to Korinna for Machoke/Machamp under item lock and playing your hand down to 1, while also getting Machamp in the discard in the first place, is incredibly hard under item lock. I run 1 Maxie alongside my 3-1-3 Machamp line just in case a situation arises where I can pull it off but I don’t actively seek it out.

I don’t think Machamp and Maxie are as good partners as Blastoise and Archie. You only really need to get 1 Blastoise in play for the strategy to get working and pulling that off a few turns early can be game changing. One Machamp is only really as good as a Strong Energy or a Muscle Band. You really need several to be really effective and playing more than one Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick in a game is incredibly hard.

This I have to disagree with. The entire point is that Machamp isn’t vital all the time. Archie’s Ace in the Hole should never be used as your only Blastoise option unless Blastoise is also just a “good bonus”. Have I lost to such decks? Certainly… but most of that boils down to

  1. Luck - it is a TCG, and good draws, bad draws, good flips, bad flips, good Prizes, bad Prizes all happen. Plus Weakness. XD

  2. I made some stupid plays (that happens more often than I like).

  3. I was testing something new and/or “fun”; most of the times I encounter people trying to use an Archie’s Ace in the Hole / Blastoise deck, it is with the decks that don’t have a lot of wins to them.

Now as for your point about needing a proper Evolution line to reliably get Machamp out… totally true. The same also goes for Blastoise though. The difference is that Machamp isn’t supposed to be that vital. Useful? Absolutely, but there’s a big difference between (as examples) needing to supply an extra Strong Energy on Medicham versus needing to manually attach five or six (sometimes even just three) basic Water Energy to a Keldeo-EX.

Fair enough. I don’t think it’s a good idea to run either of them without their pre-evolutions. I was just referring to the fact that you only need to pull off Archie once in a Blastoise deck as opposed to several times in a Machamp deck which is much easier.

Yes, and I am making the case that your stance oversimplifies the situation with Blastoise. There is a reason that Blastoise decks often prefer to have a back-up copy (or something just waiting to turn into a back-up copy) in play; decks built around Deluge tend to be totally reliant upon it and come crashing to a halt if they can’t get it back online quickly. In short, Blastoise decks will still need to “pull off” multiple Blastoise.

I might be using Machamp wrong. As stated, I’m not only just using it on the PTCGO, I’m not even using it in a deck that is “serious” by my own standards. From what I’ve seen and experienced though, a Machamp based deck needs to function without Machamp; you’re happy to get multiples into play but if you can’t get (or at least keep) one, the deck still works reasonably well.

Now with either Stage 2, if they are central to the deck, then I’d actually recommend both approaches in the same deck. That is, a single Archie’s Ace in the Hole for a Blastoise deck unless the list is truly so tight you don’t think you can manage, and a single Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick in a Machamp deck again if you have room. This is on top of either a 4-2-4 line plus 2-3 Rare Candy or 3-2-3 line if you think you can get away with it. This also assumes that you’re running at least 2 VS Seeker.