May 2020 Schedule


Tu 4/28: @thefleeee
W 4/29: @Jonner
Th 4/30: @Roarchomp

4/30: Rebel Clash: PTCGO Release
5/1: Rebel Clash: Street Release
5/2–3: Limitless Online Series: Q2 (UPR–SSH)

Tu 5/5: @Sem_Medo
Th 5/7: @Jose

Tu 5/12: @Tablemon
W 5/13: @Alex_Schemanske
Th 5/14: @croxtonveryepic

5/15: Rebel Clash: Tournament Legal
5/16–17: Limitless Online Series: Q3 (UPR–Rebel Clash)

Tu 5/19: @xpero
Th 5/21: @Sem_Medo

Tu 5/26: @thefleeee
W 5/27: @Jonner
Th 5/28: @Alex_Schemanske

5/30–31: Limitless Online Series: Q4 (UPR–Rebel Clash)


  • We’re going to be alternating between two and three articles per week for the time being. This is going to be most sustainable for us until sanctioned events are on again. There’s less to talk about than usual, so we’ve had to scale back some.

  • I’ve been super proud of how everyone (i.e., the PTCG community, our writers) has responded to the circumstances. It hasn’t been easy to cope—let alone assemble structure or produce content—during the pandemic, and our writers have still put out timely, meaningful, and heartfelt articles. It’s been a privilege to work with these guys, and I sincerely hope we’ve provided you, our readers, something to feel good about as well.

  • I’ve been continually working on adding new features the site the past several weeks. Last evening I enabled new sorting + filtering options (see top right of below image):

    These should hopefully help you find (A) what you’re looking for or (B) new articles you haven’t read before more easily. Next, I’m going to be improving the card viewer to work on mobile. (Currently you get redirected to TCGplayer if you click a card link; I want it to show an overlay with the card image + pricing instead.)

As always, if you have any feedback/questions/suggestions, message me here on the forums or email Thanks for your support—we depend on our Underground readership to keep going, and while it’s been a challenge to adapt the past month, I’m hopeful we’ll see you all through to the other, brighter side of all this.