May 2019 6P Schedule

4/26–28: Europe Internationals … Standard … SUM–TEU

Tue 4/30: @Jonner
Wed 5/1: @xpero
Thu 5/2: @Alex_Schemanske

5/3: Unbroken Bonds Street Release
5/3–5/5: Hartford Regionals … Expanded … BLW–TEU

Sat 5/3: @Ruiner
Wed 5/8: @Tablemon
Thu 5/9: @kwisdumb

Tue 5/14: @Sem_Medo
Wed 5/15: @Alex_Schemanske
Thu 5/16: @PeterKica

5/18–5/19: Santa Clara Regionals … Standard … SUM–UNB
5/18–5/19: São Paulo Regionals … Standard … SUM–UNB

Tue 5/21: @kwisdumb
Wed 5/22: @thefleeee
Thu 5/23: @tnunski

Tue 5/28: @Tablemon
Wed 5/29: @Alex_Schemanske
Thu 5/30: @PeterKica

5/31–6/2: Madison Regionals … Standard … SUM–UNB

Of note for May: @Sem_Medo will be making his debut on 5/14 to help your prepare for the first weekend of SUM–UNB Regionals. Gabriel will be the first Brazilian correspondent we’ve had for Underground, which is exciting!

Hey all—because Chris had his article ready early, we have a special weekend article for you:


Hey all— I apologize we’re running late today. Alex’s article will be out in the late evening ET.

Hey again: Peter’s article is going to be out around mid afternoon (I’m working on it right now). Thanks for your patience this week!

Heads up…Travis’s article will be out either Fri or Sat (instead of today). There was a scheduling mixup, but we’ll get the article out as soon as we can.

Travis’s article is planned for either Sunday or Monday at this point. I apologize about the delay and I appreciate everyone’s patience.