May 2018 UG Schedule

Odds are there will be supplementary coverage throughout the month, but due to the unpredictable nature of our writers’ schedules this month with so many events, this is where we’re at for the moment.

(Monday 4/30: Christopher)
Tuesday 5/1: @kazambolt (free, Expanded)
Wednesday 5/2: @kwisdumb
Friday 5/4: @kazambolt (UG, Standard)


Tuesday 5/8: @Tablemon
Wednesday 5/9: @CeladonBrit
Thursday 5/10: @JimmyPendarvis


Tuesday 5/15: @KPiplup
Wednesday 5/16: @xpero
Thursday 5/17: @tnunski

[Mexico City SPE]
[Tours SPE]

Tuesday 5/22: @TheIsaiahW
Wednesday 5/23: @JimmyPendarvis
Thursday 5/24: @KPiplup

[Cancun SPE]
[Melbourne Regionals]

Tuesday 5/29: @CeladonBrit
Wednesday 5/30: @xpero
Thursday 5/31: @Tablemon

[Santiago Regionals]

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