May 2017 Article Schedule

May 2017

Monday 5/1: @MichaelSlutsky (GUR Preview Pt. 1)
Tuesday 5/2: @MichaelSlutsky (GUR Preview Pt. 1 continued)
Wednesday 5/3: @tnunski (GUR Preview Pt. 2)
Thursday 5/4: @kazambolt (GUR Preview Pt. 3)
(Everyone this week will also discuss their top pick for Roanoke.)

5/6-5/7: Roanoke Regional Championships (Standard, PRC-SUM)

Monday 5/8: @KPiplup (GUR Preview Series Wrap, Roanoke Review)
Tuesday 5/9: @CeladonBrit (Toronto)
Wednesday 5/10: @Tablemon (Toronto)
Thursday 5/11: @Magnechu (Toronto)

5/13-5/14: Toronto Regional Championships (Expanded, BLW-SUM)

Tuesday 5/16: @MichaelSlutsky (Seattle)
Wednesday 5/17: @KPiplup (Seattle)
Friday 5/19: @kazambolt (Seattle)

Tuesday 5/23: @tnunski (Seattle)
Wednesday 5/24: @xpero (Seattle)
Thursday: 5/25: @kwisdumb (Perspective on Streaming/Game Media)

5/27-5/28: Seattle Regional Championships (Standard, PRC-GUR)

Tuesday: 5/30: @CeladonBrit (Seattle/Madison)
Wednesday 5/31: @Tablemon (Seattle/Madison)
Thursday: 6/1: @xpero (Madison)

6/3-6/4: Madison Regional Championships (Standard, PRC-GUR)

6/10-6/11: Mexico City Regional Championships (Standard, PRC-GUR)

6/17 (MAs)-6/18 (JR/SRs) Origins Special Event (Standard, PRC-GUR)

6/29-7/2: North American International Championships (Standard, PRC-GUR)

@kazambolt’s JR/SR articles will also be continued into this month, but we’re not completely sure when they’ll drop at this time.


Due to technical and practical difficulties (like my current lack of internet and travel debacle yesterday), Brit’s article is shifted to tomorrow. We’ll have his at 12pm EDT tomorrow.

Pablo’s should release later in the day (thinking 3pm), but he’s having travel difficulties of his own, so that might change.

Why don’t the decklists in the current articles have actual clickable references to the cards in GRI? They are up on and in fact, today’s article on Lurantis does have a real reference to the secret rare grass energy from GRI, but not the other cards like Lele.

The card autolinker hasn’t been updated with GRI yet, but that’s actually something we just talked about tonight getting done. It’ll be soon.