May 2016 Article Schedule

[4/30: Fates Collide Prerelease Weekend #2]

Tuesday 5/3: @BrandonCantu
Thursday 5/5: @Magnechu

Tuesday 5/10: @CeladonBrit
Thursday 5/12: @kazambolt

[5/14: Spring Regionals Week #1 (BLW-Generations) (Washington, Ontario)]

Tuesday 5/17: @KPiplup
Thursday 5/19: @ChaosJim

[5/21: Spring Regionals Week #2 (BLW-Generations) (Wisconsin, Georgia)]

Tuesday 5/24: @rlaparre
Thursday 5/26: @thevilegarkid

[5/28: Spring Regionals Week #3 (BLW-Fates Collide) (Utah, Massachusetts, Alberta, Missouri)]

Wednesday 6/1: @DylanLefavour

[7/1-7/3: US Nationals (XY-Fates Collide)]

[8/19-8/21: Worlds (XY-Fates Collide)]

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I’ve not heard from @BrandonCantu today … so I’m not sure what the deal is with his article. If he gets it submitted within the next few hours, I can probably have it published late tonight. Otherwise it’ll be out tomorrow, provided he doesn’t go MIA like Smiley did last month.

I was able to get Fates Collide added to PkmnCards today though, so that’s something:

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Brandon emailed and said he’s about halfway done right now, so I do not expect it to be in my hands until late tonight. I’ll be planning to edit early tomorrow morning.

I’ve got Brandon’s article partially edited but I’ve got a commitment in the middle of the day, so I’m going to be out for a couple of hours. ETA for the article will be late afternoon Eastern time.

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There was a little bit of a mix-up today, so @CeladonBrit’s probably will be published sometime tomorrow instead of today. Sorry for the delay!

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Status update: Images are mostly done. Still have captions and the title to go. ETA is about 2 hours from now!

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I’ve been working on @KPiplup’s article for today the past few hours. I’m not really sure how much longer it’s going to take me, but progress has been made and it’ll be published at some point this evening!

Is @ChaosJim’s article going to be out soon?

Maybe 2 hours from now. I’m working on it! Trying to do mostly captions and section headings right now.

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Heads up on @rlaparre’s article: we may be looking at a Wednesday release. At the earliest, a late-evening release might be possible. (Russ is still in the middle of writing. I will begin editing whenever he’s done.)

Announcement: @DylanLefavour’s article will be out sometime on Wednesday (tomorrow) rather than today. He traveled to the Massachusetts Regional and we agreed it’s best if he has extra time to work on his piece. Topics will include:

  • Regionals recap
  • A rundown of the impact FCO had on Expanded
  • Where we now stand with Standard and a look ahead to US Nats
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I’m just about to start editing Dylan’s article. ETA is this evening!

Update: It’s looking like the article will be ready around 7pm ET.