March 2020 Schedule


2/29: Puerto Rico :puerto_rico: … UPR–SSH
2/29–3/1: Collinsville :us: … BLW–SSH

Tu 3/3: @Roarchomp
W 3/4: @croxtonveryepic
Th 3/5: @Alex_Schemanske

3/7–8: Malmö :sweden: … UPR–SSH

M 3/9: @Tablemon
Tu 3/10: @Sem_Medo
W 3/11: @Jonner
Th 3/12: @croxtonveryepic

3/14: Chile :chile: … UPR–SSH
3/14: Guatamala :guatemala: … UPR–SSH
3/14–15: Perth :australia: … UPR–SSH
3/14–15: Mississauga :canada: … UPR–SSH

M 3/16: @Roarchomp
Tu 3/17: @thefleeee
W 3/18: @xpero
Th 3/19: @Alex_Schemanske

3/21: Thailand :thailand: … UPR–SSH
3/21–22: Charlotte :us: … BLW–SSH
3/21–22: Ecuador :ecuador: … UPR–SSH
3/22: El Salvador :el_salvador: … UPR–SSH

Tu 3/24: @Sem_Medo
W 3/25: @Jose
Th 3/26: @Tablemon

3/28–29: Joinville :brazil: … UPR–SSH


  • March is a jam-packed with events all over the world. We’re excited to provide extensive coverage for everyone before the slight breather in April.

  • I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks working on various tweaks to the website. I’ve been on a creative kick lately—I feel like I have a clearer picture of how 6P should function. Hopefully the site becomes more and more useable and useful as we move into the spring and summer.

As always, if you have any feedback/questions/suggestions, message me here on the forums or email Thanks for your support. It’s been a great past few months.

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