March 2017 Article Schedule

Wednesday 3/1: @MDiaz1 (St. Louis)

3/4–3/5: St. Louis Regionals … Expanded … BLW–SM

Wednesday 3/8: @flygon (St. Louis recap, projections for Portland)

3/10–3/12: Melbourne Internationals … Standard … PRC–SM

Wednesday 3/15: @kazambolt (Melbourne recap, projections for Salt Lake City)
Thursday 3/16: @CeladonBrit (Portland)

Tuesday 3/21: @MichaelSlutsky (Portland)
Wednesday 3/22: @tnunski (Portland)

3/25–3/26: Portland Regionals … Expanded … BLW–SM

Wednesday 3/29: @xpero (Portland recap, projections for … Toronto?)
Thursday 3/30: @KPiplup (Salt Lake City)

4/8–4/9: Salt Lake City Regionals … Standard … PRC–SM
5/6–5/7: Roanoke Regionals … Standard … PRC–SM
5/13–5/14: Toronto Regionals … Expanded … BLW–SM

I’m unsure if we’re going to have a pre-Melbourne article; I don’t know that there’s much demand for coverage since many of us will be following the event from home and not playing in it. We may try sprinkle in a thought piece or two instead of tackling that topic. Any thoughts, readers? What do you guys want to see?

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Hey guys, @tnunski’s article will be out tomorrow instead of today. I apologize about the delay; I just don’t see it being ready tonight at this point. Sorry!