Mar 2019 Article Schedule


Tue 3/5: @Alex_Schemanske
Wed 3/6: @Ruiner
Thu 3/7: @Tablemon

3/8–10: Toronto Regionals … Expanded … BLW–TEU

Tue 3/12: @Alex_Schemanske
Wed 3/13: @xpero
Thu 3/14: @kwisdumb

3/15–17: Greensboro Regionals … Expanded … BLW–TEU

Tue 3/19: @Tablemon
Wed 3/20: @thefleeee
Thu 3/21: @tnunski

Tue 3/26: @Alex_Schemanske
Wed 3/27: @xpero
Thu 3/28: @Tablemon

4/5–7: Denver Regionals … Standard … SUM–TEU

Of note this month: Rahul Reddy (@thefleee) will be making his Underground debut! Rahul wrote a bunch of free articles in the early days of SixPrizes (see them here, if you’re brave), and I’m stoked to have him back. Look for his return article on March 20.


Hey all, Xander’s article will be ready in the next hour (I’m running a little late editing it). Kenny’s article may be published this evening, since he’s submitted and I plan to edit it after Xander’s.


Has Isaiah Williams stopped writing for 6p?


Isaiah is no longer writing for the site. He was scheduled for two articles in January that he never submitted, and he didn’t proactively contact me or respond to my emails regarding those articles, so I’ve moved on.