Manectric-EX Variants // BLW-on 2016

I’ve been working on a Manectric-EX (no mega) deck that focuses on discarding energies and applying Head Ringers to slow down the opponent while achieving 2HKO’s with Manectric’s 2nd attack. Muscle Band + 2 energy attachments = 140 damage. This OHKO’s Shaymin, Yveltal, and any other flying types. I have a solid list for Standard (I’ve played in a few unofficial tournaments and did very well, and usually do very well at league), but the upcoming cities is going to be in Expanded format. I’ve tried laserbank, bats, a Pikachu stalling variation, etc., but I haven’t had enough success. I’ll post my standard list here - I’m looking for some replacements/pointers to transition to Expanded:

2 Shaymin-EX ROS 77
4 Manectric-EX PHF 23

2 Trainers’ Mail ROS 92
2 Xerosic PHF 119
1 Professor’s Letter XY 123
4 Crushing Hammer LTR 111
2 Lysandre FLF 90
4 Super Scoop Up FFI 100
2 Roller Skates XY 125
1 Team Flare Grunt XY 129
1 Pokémon Center Lady FLF 105
4 Head Ringer Team Flare Hyper Gear PHF 97
2 AZ PHF 91
3 Rough Seas PRC 137
4 Professor Birch’s Observations PRC 134
1 Enhanced Hammer PHF 94
3 Ultra Ball ROS 93
4 Muscle Band XY 121
2 Professor Sycamore PHF 101
4 VS Seeker PHF 109

8 Lightning Energy

Not any free spaces, but feel free to redesign or completely remove any counts of anything. I also haven’t found a backup attacker that fits well.

You really should try a mega Manectric deck, straight Manectric with no support just doesn’t do a whole lot at all

I’m standard it does a lot. Basically Manectric’s second attack with a muscle band does 140 whereas the mega with the spirit link only does 110. I understand it has added benefits and no retreat cost, but this takes multiple spots away from the deck and it turns multiple 2HKO’s into 3HKO’s. Also I’ve tried this with megas and even garbodor to no avail. This list is just so ungodly fast and keeps opposing energy off the field. I’ve had success with just abusing the tool game for 140+ damage.
An idea that might work is Mewtwo-EX (the BLW one, sorry for not linking it - I’m at work) with mega manectric to counter lucario/mienshao. Kinda like the older M manny / yveltal ex decks.

Also to note: most of the meta is Giratina-EX, right? Mega Pokemon can’t effect Giratina-EX.

No it doesnt, because normally, it is KO’ing things like 180HP EXs, and Megas with like 210-220. 110+110=220, also, there are decks in expanded that can OHKO manectric with small 30-90 HP pokemon. If you play against Vespiquen with just straight Manectric, the Vespiquen player can avoid being OHKO’ed by Not playing tools, forcing you to hit 80 with Assault Laser, given you have a muscle band. Actually, If you wanna play a Manectric deck in expanded, play Manectric/Bats/Laserbank (no toad). It made top 4 at Ft. Wayne, or Lancaster. It was pretty good. In standard, M Manectric/Raikou is good, as well as M Manectric/Regirock, and M Manectric/Regice. There are many partners in standard for M Man to power up who end up doing more damage than M Manectric and have the power to OHKO just like you wanted. It is also way more consistent. Night March repeatedly KO’s MManectric so then you can use your back-up attackers against them.

Regular Basic Manectric-EX:
Overrun: 20 to active. 20 to bench.
Assault Laser: 60+60 if they have tool attached to their active.

Overrun doesnt OHKO any night marchers unless you have a muscle band and KO a joltik. Assault Laser only OHKOs Vespiquen if they have a tool attached. If you have your heart set on Regular Manectric for standard and expanded, just play bats with the head ringers, and play enhanced hammer instead of crushing. Hope this helps and sorry for the long post @Adam.

Yeah you basically described my auto loss. It’s not perfect. It’s great against almost any EX deck. Night March and vengeance decks crush me.
I really like bats/laserbank based decks. Might you have an example decklist for that? And did you mean M manectric with bats? Or regular for overrun bench damage?
I seem to have trouble getting bats on the field even with 6+ draw supporters and ultra balls. Testing a list could help. Thanks again!

Josh “Squeaky” Marking of Team Fish Knuckles has made a video on the deck:

I do not advise playing the Tech Wobb and Psychic energy. I like consistency over one-of tech and different basic energy. I do tho like these changes:

-1 Wobbuffett
-2 Psychic Energy
-1 Xerosic
-1 Dimension Valley

+2 Rough Seas
+3 Flash Energy

This way Lucario-EX doesnt run over you.

Alrighty I’m gonna test the deck online a bit. Are we sure there isn’t a better counter attacker? Or do you think the bats will be more than enough coverage

I’m testing Team Magma’s Secret Base and it seems very well. Is there a downside I’m missing?

manectric with flash energy is a worse attacker than crobat in that matchup anyways so you’re wasting space with 3 flash. maybe 2 is OK if you really don’t want to play wobb. rough seas isn’t very good in this deck because you’re not running the mega or regice.

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Yeah every flash energy is just gone the next turn - that was a bad idea. The lineup is perfect for bats, but manectric synergy with bats isn’t cutting it. I can’t decide between going mega, or just using another main attacker in general…

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Yeah, from what I’ve been playing the thing this deck struggles most with just not having much behind Manectric for attackers. My idea was Miltank, but that seems like it probably wouldn’t work. We’ll see I guess.

Ok, well, @Dweinhardt was the one who mentioned to me that you want to have 2-3 flash energy and that you need to max out on rough seas. I personally liked having a few rough seas and at least 2 flash. I agree you dont need 4 rough seas. But, without Rough Seas I would play Sky field. @schnellmusic, you could do this,

-2 Rough Seas
-1 Flash

+1 Miltank FLF
+2 Sky field

Miltank is actually a great late-game attacker guys, I have tested it for a while and it has worked wonders where Manectric couldn’t have. Give him a go.

Skyfield is unnecessary. I can’t stress enough that the most powerful element of Manectric is its ability to heal and stay alive with rough seas, which is why you NEED to max out.

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name two matchups where rough seas is useful
Edit: okay I’m not going to drag this conversation out. Rough Seas isn’t good in this deck, and here’s why: the format doesn’t do 90 anymore. I understand this thread is Expanded and I’ve been playing Standard, but my point still stands. In Expanded, Yveltal and Toad are the only decks that don’t rely on doing 100 or more damage every turn. In Standard, there are really none. The only time Rough Seas is useful is turning 2HKOs into 3HKOs. Yes you can retreat your Manectric, but then you just discarded an energy and that also relies on you having a second Manectric or other attacker ready to go, which is one of the things this deck struggles with most.

But if NM runs through a Manectric, and you dont have another, you cry. Rough Seas doesn’t help there. Vespiquen runs through you, no rough seas healing there. Listen, @schnellmusic, in standard, play Manectric-EX/Crobat, and in expanded, play M Manectric-EX/Wobbuffett/Garbodor/Tool Drop. It lets you start Wobb and ruin your opponents setup while you yourself use Hoopa-EX to have your own Ideal set-up. And then you let Wobb die, promote M Man, and start charging trubbishes. Then you retreat M Man, rough seas, and then Tool Drop for like 300 damage. You also play head ringers and float stones and manectric spirit links to get as many tools onto the board as you can.

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Actually in standard, you beat Vespiquen bad. They have trouble hitting your numbers, and you can retreat to a new one and begin the train of healing. You’ve listed 2 of the 3 Ohko decks in the format, the other being Rayquaza which Manectric bodies. In every other matchup, rough seas is useful. Go ahead, play Manectric without rough seas, but as someone who can confidently say they know this game very well on a competitive level, and as someone who’s played both with and against Manectric variants in a multitude of tournaments, I promise it won’t work out for you, and it will put you at a severe disadvantage from where you could be.

Skyfield is not necessary because you will never get over 5 bench or need more than 5 bench at a time.


Alright so my cities is December 12th, Expanded. I’ve tried mega with bats and it feels slow. Straight manectric with bats felt good, but still too slow to be aggressive. Haven’t tried garbodor, but I’m interested mega man/toad/laserbank. Thinking of using some max potions since mega man can easily recover the energies. I should be able to withstand night March and vespiquen just seismitoad, yeah? I’ll be working on a list tonight.

you still haven’t explained why rough seas is good or better than any other card besides saying “it’s good, trust me”

With it, Toad is a near autowin. You can get back the energy that Toad knocks off of you with Manectric, but it still whittles away over time, and rough seas stops that from happening.
Against Yveltal, they can’t just go the Darkrai/Toad route because you can just bounce between Manectrics as you heal them on the bench.
If Vespiquen or Night March (more likely Vespiquen) fails to Ohko you, you can retreat out of the Manectric, go into a new one, and start the healing train again.
Against Raichu, if they ever fail to Ohko a Manectric, you can start the healing process again and after even one turn of rough seas, they’ll have to devote multiple bat drops to killing you.
Against fighting bats, because of the 2-3 flash energy you should be playing, they’ll never be able to Ohko you, and thus, you’ll be able to heal off the damage on the bench while attacking with a fresh Manectric, which they can’t keep up with.

The only relevant matchups it’s not useful in are Rayquaza, because they take OHKO’s but you kill that anyway, Archiestoise, where Garbodor and Wobbuffet win you the game easy, and Sableye, which doesn’t do damage. Skyfield is just as useless in Sableye however, because if you’re playing down enough bench Pokémon that you need the Skyfield, then you don’t know how to play the matchup and will lose anyways.

If you really think you need Skyfield in Manectric, then space management is something you need to work on a lot more.

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