Manectric-EX Variants // BCR-on

4 Manectric Ex
3 Manectric Ex
2 Mewtwo Ex
1 Jirachi Ex

4 Juniper
4 N
4 Skyla
2 Colress
3 Lysandre

4 Manectric Spirit Link
3 Head Noiser
3 Battle Compressors
3 Max Potion
4 Ultra Ball
2 Startling Megaphone
1 Professors Letter
1 Scramble Switch

12 Lightning Energy

Might want to run switch incase i start with mewtwo. Using manectric as an attacker.

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Loved that deck idea but maybe an overdose of lysandre lol

Maybe, but i can kill in the mirror, being able to pick things off on the bench. It would also hurt Gengar lock, and Yveltal if they try to attach with darkrai.

While this deck does look competitive I see the fighting decks being quite a challenge, because even though you do have Yveltal many fighting decks run Dedenne or Raichu which each easily can ruin Yveltal very fast.
All in all I’d say this deck probably won’t be teir 2, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a pain in the butt for some of your opponents.

if i were you i would play this kind of manectric ex deck

4 mew ex
3 Manectric ex
2 mega Manectric ex
1 mr mime
4 dimesional valley
4 n
4 proffesor juniper
3 pokemon fan club
2 lysandre
1 lysandre’s last resort
4 head noiser
4 mucle band
4 crushing hammer
3 startling megaphone
2 switch
2 manectric spirit link
2 startling megaphone
1 computer search
1 proffesors letter
1 escape rope
8 lightning energy

you put down 5 startling megaphones thats illegal. im guessing thats a mistake.

In all honestly, straight Manectric EX with the new Team Flare Hyper Gear looks stronger to me than a mega build. You don’t have the awkwardness that mega evolutions will still be even with spirit link. Rush Off is basically a weaker Hammerhead with good typing against the Yveltal decks that were very popular at Regionals (at least as far as I can tell, they were all over the place in Arizona). Muscle Banded Rush Off 2HKOs baby Yveltal and Assault Laser OHKO Yveltal EX if it has a Tool attached. Throw in some other partners like Raichu, Mewtwo EX, and Seismitoad EX to deal with Fighting variants, include the Team Flare tools so you’re always hitting 120 at least with Assault Laser and for disruption, and you’ve got a strong deck on your hands. Maybe some Garbodor as well.

this might not be the best idea but what about rayquaza ex?

Rotated, would have to be Expanded.

Now that I’m thinking about it, Manectric/Seismitoad/Mewtwo with some tech attackers seems really strong next format. Maybe tech in a one-of Mega Manectric for if you need the energy accel out of the discard, but the mega seems mostly unnecessary in the deck right now.

Im currently running 1-2 M Manectric. The extra HP is nice, even if its just a little, and it one shots Pyroar. And with metal Pokemon coming out strong, Pyroar may still be good.

I don’t even run Mega Manectric. But I am trying to pair it with Pyroar and it is working well(Other than the mirror match).

I’ve been testing Seismitoad/Manectric/Mewtwo/Beartic/Reshiram/Flare Tools and it works very well. The Mega would be a waste of space in this deck.

You can run Trick coin…just a suggestion.

I can’t be alone by thinking M Manentric EX will not be able to work on its own (Or with Mew). Here’s why
1: Its weak to fighting. Not a big reason, but it certainly doesn’t help with Donphan and Landorus/Lucario still being playable when PHF is released.
1b: Mew EX is weak to Psychic, not good when a lot of Gengar EXs and Mewtwos will be running around.
2: You really rely on that Spirit Link card to get set up. If you whiff it for even one turn, you will be forced to evolve abiding to the Mega Evolution rule, which limits how much you can do in that turn.
2b: This isn’t helped by the fact that if a Seismetoad EX gets an item lock on before you can get your Spirit Link onto Manentic EX, you will again have to still abide by the mega evolution rule, slowing you down.
3: 110 damage does 2HKO the entire of the playable metagame, but top decks have the option to get 1HKOs using something like G Booster or Yveltal EX.
4: Its 2 roles can be easily fufilled by other things, If your using it to power up Colourless attackers, then why aren’t you using DCE? Yes, Aegislash EX will cause problems but that is one matchup out of many. If you need an electric attacker, then why aren’t you running Raichu or Dedenne? These options take up less space in your deck, and have proved to be effective in the past.

So yes, it will be good, but i don’t think it will be good enough to be tier 1

M Manectric/Heliolisk?

Just to point out, without a backup attacker Manetric EX is much better on it’s own with 4 or 5 Flare Tools.

I’ve been testing out a deck built around using M Manectric EX for Energy acceleration after getting wrecked by it at league and it’s very strong. He was playing Darkrai EX, Yveltal EX, and Keldeo EX to supplement it and then threw in some Gengars for Mewtwo and Lucario. It worked really well and wrecked my Manectric/Flare Tools deck with ease.

Are you using a 2 2 pyroar line? What’s your energy line up?

The pokemon line-up goes as follows:

3 ManectricEX

1 MewtwoEX

1 charizardEX

3 Litleo

3 Pyroar


4 Lightning

4 double colorless

4 Fire

Can’t give the full list because that’s a secret :wink: Blacksmith is my MVP for late game charizard though…