Manectric-EX PHF Variants // XY-on 2016

Looking to make this deck a little more consistent.
I like the idea, but it lacks consistency.
I think the bats substitute for Virbank/Laser.

Maybe ditch 1 PBO and 1 level ball in favor of a battle compressors in order to get supporters into the discard pile for VS Seeker. Other than that, your list looks pretty good, aside from the fact that the bats themselves really effect the decks consistency by themselves since they take up way more spots in the deck compared to Virbank and Laser.

My suggestions:
+1 Toad
-1 Manectric (Make it Toad-based)
+1 Ultra Ball
-1 Level Ball (4 Ultra Ball is a big priority in many decks.
I like enhanced hammers. So you can keep them in the deck. But if you ever change your mind for more consistency, here is a change:
-2 Enhanced Hammers
-1 Level Ball
+3 Trainer’s mail

Keep in mind, Evan Smith won Junior Nats with a Toad/Man/Bats that ran 2 Enhanced Hammer, a Dimension Valley, and 2 Enhanced Hammers.

So… 4 e-hammer?

Also, keep in mind:
He won juniors
That was one of the weirdest lists I’ve ever seen. D-valley is weird and e-hammer is not needed. I can’t see why you would ever need them.

@jamie177, what’s with the funny FA birch

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PTCGO’s version of proxies in lists, you can’t use them for actual gameplay.

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I didn’t have a second full art Birch at the time of screenshot, I do now :wink:

I know that probably is the problem, they take up far more room than the Virbank/Lasers
But I think its the closest thing? Unless I missed something

You could do something wonky w/ Ariados/Dragalge/Rough Seas.

Sorry, no. Evan ran 2 Enhanced Hammer and a Dimension Valley, not 4 Enhanced Hammers, although that would have been spicy!

Pokemon : 19
2 Shaymin EX ROS
4 Zubat PHF
4 Golbat PHF
3 Crobat PHF
3 Seismitoad EX FFI
3 Manectric EX PHF

Items : 23
3 Super Scoop Up
1 Escape Rope
1 Super Rod
4 VS Seeker
3 Ultra Ball
3 Battle Compressor
3 Muscle Band
3 Float Stone
2 Head Ringer

Supporters : 7
1 Hex Maniac
4 Professor Sycamore
1 AZ
1 Lysandre

Stadiums : 3
3 Rough Seas

Energy : 8
3 Double Colourless Energy (Special)
5 Electric Energy

The basic premise of this deck is to use Seismitoad to block your opponents items, Manectric for cheap and powerful attacks, Golbat/Crobat for Free Retreat, cheap, easy, damage, and they are also a decent back up attacker.

Also, use Rough Seas to heal 30 damage off of your Seismitoads and Manectrics each turn, and use Head Ringers to disrupt your opponent and set up a Pokemon for Manectrics’ Assault Laser.

Escape Rope VS Switch

-1 Float Stone, +1 Hoopa

If[-1 Float Stone, +1 Hoopa], then -1 Golbat, +1 Skyfield

This is for my Juniors cousin, any suggestions?

I played this deck against a mirror today in PTCGO. I think I played 4 ultra ball and 4-3-3 line of bats. head ringer came in handy on both of our ends that’s why I would play at least 1 Xerosic just to either discard his head ringer from your pokemon ex or discard a tool on their pokemon ex and attach a head ringer to theirs.

How is this deck after Breakpoint and Generations? It has good MUs against Night March and Yveltal but I found that it loses to Greninja and possibly Trev. I think Fighting Fury Belt really hurts this deck, but Startling Megaphone and Xerosic are things. I’ve seen people hyping it, but I don’t know if it’s a good play for states.

If you’re talking about Manectric/Bats, then I think it has ok match ups across the field (but Trevenant and possibly Greninja are hard/sketchy). It hits like a truck, and it isn’t too uncommon to have anywhere between 2-4 Zubats on the field on turn 1, but I just don’t think it is as good as it used to be. For one thing, it has no answer to Entei or Jolteon, and Trevenant can just Lysandre a Shaymin and Silent Fear twice to kill all your Zubats, then finish the Manectrics off with Tree Slam. Yveltal can explode right off the bat with a Gallade drop, but if you’re smart, you load up a Crobat and swing at the Gallade with that, since Gallade can’t one shot a Crobat. Overall, if you can dodge some sketchy match ups, I could see a Manectric EX variant of some sort doing pretty well at states.

Or play Flash energy :wink:

I’ve been testing a line of Zebstrika for Jolteon. Also, I put two Assault Vest in my deck as an answer to Entei because if you don’t attach Flash Energy, then they can’t OHKO you but you can OHKO them. Thanks for the response.

They wont always attatch DCE. There are ways to get around it. Play Fighting Fury Belt.

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What match ups might Manectric/Bats struggle with in this meta? If you run like 2-3 or maybe 4 Rough Seas that could help the Trevenant matchup, and Fighting Fury Belt basically makes it a Mega Manectric that can hit harder.

Struggles against any deck with multiple fighting Pokemon and e-hammers/xersics. Oh, and mega sceptile.

This is my main deck atm, and it struggles with Trevenant if they get a great setup, and struggles very badly against Greninja. Sceptile is a pretty bad matchup, but I’ve found my ways around it from playing this sooooo much. 2-3 Flash energy is a MUST, especially considering the hype around Garchomp. I haven’t faced Jolteon in real life, but it doesn’t do enough damage to scare me. Enough bats and scoops and you can heal through Jolteon. Or Lysandre. Any tips for the Greninja matchup? It’s so bad I’m almost benching this deck, but it’s my favorite.