Malamar-EX Variants // BCR-on

Here is my current deck line to get the ball rolling, I tweak a few cards every time I play as I try to generally match up with everything.

Purpose: Hard hitting attack for little resource investment. Flip for 2nd chance rolls is critical to success of this deck. Use sleep component as a bonus to help support weak flips.

Ideas: Looking for good basic and stage 1 to take place of Manetric EX/Electric to better deal with Klinklang, Pyroar and prize exchange of night march decks.

3	Malamar EX (PF 115)
2	Manectric EX (PF 113)
2	Mega Manectric EX (PF 120)
1	Mew EX (DR 120)
1	Dedenne (FI 34)
1	Victini (LT 23)
4	N (NV 101)
4	Professor Sycamore (PF 101)
2	Skyla (BC 134)
2	Lysandre (FF 104)
1	Lysandre's Trump Card (PF 118)

2	Mountain Ring (FI 97)
1	Shadow Circle (XY 126)

3	Roller Skates (PF 103)
3	Bicycle (PS 117)
3	Head Ringer (PF 97)
3	Trick Coin (PF 108)
2	Muscle Band (XY 121)
2	Ultra Ball (FF 99)
2	Super Scoop Up (FI 100)
1	Professor's Letter (XY 123)
1	Manectric Spirit Link (PF 100)
1	Dowsing Machine (PS 128)
6	Darkness Energy (XY 138)
4	Lightning Energy (XY 135)
3	Double Colorless Energy (LT 113)
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Something I just realized is that Trick Coin is an attachable tool! That means it’s a good F-Tool counter too (tho I don’t think you want to use Trick Coin unless you use flippy attacks.)

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Which it the entire point of having a heavy amount of Malamar EX, because MAXimar does a butload of damage and with that AND Fliptini, can hit for some serious damage.

That is right…You can’t rely on Victini alone and those F-tools are far more painful than some people have realized. :smile:

Another Variant I made today and is untested yet:

2 Reshiram (BWP 04)
2 Cubchoo (FI 21)
2 Beartic (FI 22)
1 Dark
1 Megaphone

2 Manetric EX
2 Manetric Mega
4 Electric
1 Manetric Link

You can’t use trick coin and fliptini at once, it’s specifically stated on the card


You don’t use them at same time. You use either of them once per turn. They are allowed to be on board at same time.

Yeah, but it seems silly to have both.

What if your opponent goes first and puts a F-tool on your pokemon or plays a megaphone, then your screwed. Victini is a critical component of the deck.

Wait, what if you play a Seismitoad deck? They will lock you out of abilities (Victory Star) and items (Trick Coin) Should there be some sort of Anti-Toad tech. In this deck?

Toad doesn’t do enough damage vs this hard hitting deck. I would KO them and so if they got a 100% lock on me, I am able still win the match.

I feel Malmar is useless unless you play it in fairies as far as the ability goes.

It seems like it wouldn't be a good fit for the ability since energy must come from your hand.

1 fliptini is not enough imo

The point is that you would attach to malamar then switch it onto something else. Also, it seems like toad would have a positive matchup, considering laser heads can really mess with this deck. IMO saying “this hard-hitting deck ko’s them” isn’t really a viable option, even with reflips. Also, I don’t quite get why you’re stressing over ringers, as you’re going to be attaching a bunch of energy anyway. I’ll test it a bit against my toad list and get back to you.

Ok. :)

Malamar is a primary attacker for me and a base to build around. Sleep is a bonus, attack power w extra chance is significant. Almost always at least pull 120 damage per turn.

Magnetric is not turning out to be a great partner...may try pyroar or some other fire evolution type.

RIngers may not be the best use of space for this deck.

So, it just clicked that my last quality deck I have been playing was a toad, yvetal ex, garb deck…so I am going to just try switching out Yvetal Ex for Malamar Ex and victini/trick coins giving the toad a possible OHKO backup.

Toad to slow most everything, especially night march.

Garb for pyroar and klinklang.

Shadow circle stadium to buy time vs virgen and fighting for my pokes weakness.

Ok, so I’ve played 2 games with your second list against toadhammer, and toad won both of them. I’ll probably play more if I have time, but in might not. The main things I noticed were:

  • item lock can really hurt you if it’s done early
  • ohkos are way easier than I expected
  • I totally understand the need for both victini and trick coin now, but I wouldn’t bother with victini in this matchup if you know they run Garb
  • head ringer is not that big of a deal for the energy cost, it’s more just that you can’t attach a coin to Malamar.
  • Garb is a true nightmare to deal with for this deck, and you need to be able to KO it ASAP or else the game is practically unwinnable
  • Lasers and quaking punches add up really fast, and a heads on a laser can really turn the tide of a game
  • it’s practically impossible to set up 2 Malamar vs toad, although I may be doing it wrong
  • you NEED to OHKO every turn, or else the game is pretty much over.
  • watch out for hammers (especially enhanced)
  • the hypnosis ability is awesome, and should be abused accordingly
  • I’d put the toadhammer/garb matchup at something like 35/65
  • I know it’s for other matchups, but I don’t think Beartic is worth it, as Manectric was a better pyroar counter, and Landorus can attach a float stone
  • the main important topic for why I may think twice about playing this deck is that it can run out of steam very, very fast. If you’re KO’d and have no energy on board, it’s almost impossible to come back. I would maybe play Baby Yveltal in this list, simply just to have a recovery option as a 1 prize attacker that can hit for a 2hko if you absolutely need to.

These are my main views on the deck as of now, but keep in mind that this is just from 2 games, so I’d take this with a grain of salt.

EDIT: seeing your latest post, I think you’re moving in the right direction, but running garb with malamar (which has a great ability) and victini (which has an ability that your main attacker sometimes relies on) might not be the best idea. Toad is a great idea, that would give you a wall to set up behind and disruption to stall your opponent while you set up. I’d also run 1-2 Darkrai for free retreat, and at least 1 yveltal ex for general utility.

Thank you for taking the time to play test the deck!

After playing a lot of match ups today as well:

You are absolutely correct in that energy draw is slow and hurts this deck.
Bingo again, Darkrai is needed!
Bingo again, Another player playing toad/drifblim/garb showed me how badly I need to run 2-3 megaphones to use Malamar EX effectively.
Lasers in one match up hurt so badly, I went and played Virgen for next hour.
The second lineup, I hadn’t actually played that yet, I will follow your advice and scratch that idea.


@baby_mario cursed me from the Seismitoad post yesterday - Playing a Toad/Lucario deck, I lost by at least 2 prizes each game and it was due to my flips being tails for an entire best of 3 match that about 6 times went for 60, 3 times for 120 and only once did it go for OHKO and yes, 2 times I did a Mulligan!! “What are the odds?” !@#$%

  • Tomorrow is our PF pre-release!! Odds of me getting Malamar EX? :slight_smile: I think this set is fantastic for the game, so many interchangeable cards, impossible now to handle all situations which hopefully means a lot more variants. The skill/experience/wisdom of the great players I think can really shine now. (I am not in that group)

I have reworked my deck, using my old consistent deck that others have championed similar models to top finishes along with your valuable feedback and a few quick games.

I really like this so far, lots of fun, flexibility to adapt to match ups. I have strong attackers, so garb is just used when the match up calls for it. The volume of playable cards with PF release makes it really hard to decide what to keep and not to keep in decks…I debate on enhanced hammers and pokemon center lady…

3 Seismitoad EX (FI 106)
2 Yveltal EX (XY 144)
2 Malamar EX (PF 115)
2 Yveltal (XY 78)
3 Trubbish (LT 67)
2 Garbodor (LT 68)
1 Darkrai EX (LT 88)

4 N (NV 101)
4 Professor Sycamore (PF 101)
2 Lysandre (FF 104)
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card (PF 118)
2 Skyla (BC 134)
3 Shadow Circle (XY 126)

4 Muscle Band (XY 121)
2 Float Stone (PF 99)
2 Ultra Ball (FF 99)
2 Trick Coin (PF 108)
2 VS Seeker (PF 109)
1 Tool Retriever (FI 101)
1 Professor’s Letter (XY 123)
1 Scramble Switch (PS 129)
1 Switch (BW 104)
1 Startling M phone (FF 97)

8 Darkness Energy (XY 138)
4 Double Colorless Energy (XY 130)

I’ve been trying this out for the past couple weeks. It isnt bad but flipping a lot of tails on MAXimar is a pain…

Pokemon: 11
4/4 Ninetales
3 Malamar EX

4 Professor Juniper
4 N
3 Skyla

3 Virbank City Gym

4 Hypnotoxic Laser
4 Ultra Ball
3 Silver Bangle
2 Target Whistle
2 Muscle Band
2 Startling Megaphone
2 Switch
2 Bicycle
1 Sacred Ash
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Professors Letter
1 Dowsing Machine

Energy: 10
6 Fire
4 Rainbow

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