Magmortar FFI, Electivire FFI Variants // BCR-on

Pokemon - 15
2-2 Magmortar
2-2 Electivire
2-2 Zekrom/Resh. (outrage)
1 Baby Rayquaza
2 Emolga

Trainers - Items - 13
3 muscle band
3 lasers
3 switch
2 evosoda
2 ultra ball

Trainers - Supporters - 15
3 Juniper
3 N
3 Shauna

3 Blacksmith
3 Iris

Energy - 16
7 Fire
5 Lighting

Dowsing Machine

This deck is for fun and for people new to the game, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t competitive. :smile:


Also this deck counters two fairly popular Meta-decks, VirGen and Yveltal-EX decks.

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I think you need to run a heavier Magmortar and Electivire line.

Agreed. Atleast 3-3 of each. Also, it’s good to counter Pyroar being stage 2 (and baby ray). Also, I’m thinking that kangaskan will be better than emolga. More HP and a better attack if it comes to that

They are Stage ones…

Yeah. My bad. Whoops :yum:

I would get rid of the emolgas,1 of each zekrom/reshiram, 1 switch, shunas, iriss, and put in put in a 3-3 electavire/magmorter line, 3 skyla, 1 ultra ball, 1 evosoda, and a pokemon fan club.

I would drop the Zekrom/Reshi, and Little Quaza.

Dedenne is a better CFF choice than Emolga, as it has a usable attack.

Thicken the Stage 1 lines. Consider Victini EX.


I’d run more Ultra Ball, even if you have to cut 2 Evosoda. Also consider replacing a couple Shauna with Colress.

Dedenne also has a 1 retreat cost, and fighting weakness. Emolga’s free retreat and fighting resistance may come in handy. Not sure which is better honestly. If Lugia and Yveltal see a lot of play Dedenne is the better call.

Every little set up attacker gets KO’d in one hit, the free retreat is nice, but Dedenne’s 2nd attack is what makes it the better option.


Yeah they usually do get OHKO’d mid to late game, early game not necessarily. However Dedenne’s attack is situational, which is why I would only choose to include it in a Lugia or Yveltal heavy meta.

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If you are going to use Emolga, I strongly advise you to run the DRX printing, as the LTR version’s horrible artwork will almost certainly cost you games.


yah but it’s also weak to fighting(Lucario/Landy) and water(Seismitoad, Blastoise, etc.)

True, true. That’s why you have two types in this deck. Use Magmortar against Lucario/Landy and Electivire against Seismitoad/Blastoise. Sure you wouldn’t be able to out dmg them but the prize trade ends much better in your favor (you lose a stage 1, they lose an EX).

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It truly is such an interesting combo and I was excited when the scans were released, but yah it does have those counter problems nonetheless I can’t wait to play with the deck!

We have been play testing this a bunch. Couple of ideas:

  • Theoretically, plan is power up magmortar fast, attach muscle band and stream 180 OHKO.

  • Strategy to accelerate: Need to attach a DCE and blacksmith on 2 energies

  • If you don’t get multiple magmortar and electivire both set up, you are going to lose anyway.

  • More ultra balls, more evosoda, thicker electivire, magmortar lines. You need T2 or T3 Electivire and Magmortar

  • Computer Search instead of Dowsing to give you more outs to the DCE early

  • 2 Training Centers - 150hps is huge for these guys and probably doesn’t help your opponent if you are hitting for 160-180.

  • A pal pad, professors letter and a sacred ash are helpful

  • Mewtwo is probably the right tech for a guy who loads up something on the bench that can OHKO your magmortars. Also, while you have an obvious response to Yveltal with Electivire hitting big numbers for one energy, Mewtwos can wreck a Magmortar. Kanghaskhan might be OK.

  • Bicycles seem like a good engine given that you want to blacksmith every other turn or so as you try to stream Magmortars.

So I just added a ton of cards. Lose the lasers, lose the Iris, lose some lightning (Use prof letter to help you get it).

Our deck list doesn’t work right quite yet, but there you go.


I was also intrigued by the Magmortar/Electivire combo when the set was released. I went a little different route than you with it though. I made my deck for speed since I really want to be hitting hard quickly and overwhelm my opponent. While Electivire can be good against Yveltal/Lugia, with just a muscle band Magmortar can one-shot them as well. My version of the deck focuses strictly on Magmortar, and I’m calling it “FIRE & BRIMSTONE”:

Pokemon (16):
4-4 Magmar/Magmortar (FUF)
2-2 Electabuzz/Electivire (FUF)
1 Mewtwo-EX
1 Jirachi EX
1-1 Feebas/Milotic (FLF)

Trainers (32):
4 Professor Juniper/Sycamore
4 N
3 Blacksmith
1 Computer Search
4 Roller Skates
3 Fiery Torch
4 Ultra Ball
2 Switch
1 Pal Pad
3 Muscle Band
2 Training Center

Energy (12):
8 Fire Energy

Like I said, the name of the game is speed. The Roller Skates and Fiery Torches let you burn through your deck (pun intended). Since I am never attacking with Electivire, I’ve found that a 2-2 line works just fine, but you can consider a 3-2 line to improve the chance of getting Turn 1 Electabuzz on the bench. The Mewtwo-EX is just there when you need a hard hitter or a wall since we run DCE. Jirachi-EX can be amazing when you need a Blacksmith late game (or a supporter early game). The 1-1 Milotic line is just another way to get energy acceleration if needed late game, but won’t be good against Landorus/Kyurem/Darkrai since Feebas has a measly 30HP (ie: pick your spots to lay down Feebas).

The supporter count is thin I know, but you have lots of item-based draw that helps you out. (Note: Colress could be a good addition as your bench should be well-stocked swarming Magmortar, but I didn’t want to draw Colress in the early game.)

Everything important has a high retreat cost, so 2 switches really help out if you start with Electabuzz or just need to switch to a fresh Magmortar. The Pal Pad helps when you need more Blacksmith late game (you probably have discarded a few with Juniper early game). And finally, this deck needs a counter stadium and I think Training Center works well to help Magmortar survive longer (and you are doing 160-180 damage which should one-shot other evolved pokemon even with the boost in HP).

I’ve had mixed success with this deck online but am waiting until the rotation happens on PTCGO to really give it a thorough testing (It’s not fair to go up against Enhanced Hammers, Accelgor, etc). I usually have no problem setting up by turn 3 at latest with a fully powered Magmortar/Electivire combo.

Possible additions:
Bicycle - I’m torn between Roller Skates/Bicycle but have been having better success with Roller Skates
Seismitoad-EX - This helps stall early game sometimes and lets you set up. You can drop some of the speed elements and add 2-3 of these guys.
Garbodor - Sounds good in practice but I can’t find the space really.

Let me know what you think.


New to this, but here’s the list I’ve been working on. Admittedly I’ve not yet played in any sort of competitive tournament and generally only play against my SO’s Yveltal/Darkrai deck. I think it’s solid, though, at least considering my lack of experience.

4 Double Colorless
8 Fire
2 Lightning

3-3 Electivire
3-3 Magmortar
2-2 Pyroar

3 N
4 Prof. Sycamore
2 Shauna
3 Blacksmith
1 Lysandre
2 Random Receiver
1 Pal Pad

3 Fiery Torch
4 Ultra Ball
2 Prof.'s Letter

2 Float Stone
3 Muscle Band

I’ve thought of building one of these decks because it can be done fairly well with under 20 bucks. But I’m wondering if it would be better to use rainbow energy instead of the 2 electric some people are using. So the energy line is something more like
6 fire
4 dce
2 rainbow

If my understanding of the rules is correct blacksmith can still bring back rainbow from the discard and without adding damage. Or would the situational usage be too uncommon of a need?