Machamp-EX, Ariados AOR // XY-on 2016

I’m genuinely surprised by the lack of this thread so far, so I figured that I might as well try and make a Machamp-EX list. Here’s mine…

Pokemon - 15
3x Machamp-EX
2x Spinarak AOR
2x Ariados AOR
3x Landorus FFI
1x Hawlucha FFI
1x Ancient Bunnelby
2x Shaymin-EX
1x Hoopa-EX

Trainer - 33 (13/17/3)
4x Professor Sycamore
4x Shauna
3x Korrina
1x Lysandre
1x Hex Maniac

3x Ultra Ball
4x VS Seeker
2x Switch
1x Professor’s Letter
1x Eco Arm
1x Battle Compressor
3x Muscle Band
2x Focus Sash

3x Fighting Stadium

Energy - 12
8x Fighting Energy
4x Strong Energy

Machamp-EX isn’t too complicated to use. As long as he is affected by a Special Condition, his Crazy Hammer attack can do 160, so the attack is a natural pair with Ariados from that same set. The Fighting Type is also very helpful because it allows use of Fighting Modifiers like Strong Energy and Focus Sash.

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Sorry for nitpicking, but the Furious Fists abbreviation is FFI, not FUF. Again, sorry for nitpicking, just a petty pet peeve of mine :stuck_out_tongue:


Edited the page with FFI.

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Hey there everyone, Im new to the forum and I want help from you guys to review my decklist. I’ve been trying to run a Macham EX deck and so far it has performed not so well, here is the list and I’d love to hear from you:

Pokemon x 18

Larvesta x3
Volcarona x3
Spinarak x3
Ariados x3
Machamp EX x2
Registeel x2
Skarmory EX x1
Aegislash EX x1

Trainers x30
Steel Shelter x3
Vs seeker x1
Level Ball x2
Ultra Ball x3
Acro Bike x1
Professors Letter x2
Energy Retrieval x2
Trainer’s Mail x4
Muscle Band x2
Lucky Helmet x2
Energy Reclycer x1
Shauna x2
Lysandre x1
Steven x1
Ace Trainer x1
Wally x2

Energy x12
Steel Energy x6
Fighting Energy x5
Strong Energy x1

Anyone that can help me please?

Pokemon: 12
3 Spinarak
3 Ariados
3 Machamp EX
3 Hawlucha FFI

Trainers: 36 (11 + 19 + 3 + 3)
3 Sycamore
3 Shauna
3 Korrina
1 Ace Trainer
1 Lysandre

4 VS seeker
4 Trainer’s Mail
3 Ultra Ball
3 Professor’s Letter
2 Level Ball
1 Sacred Ash
1 Energy Recycler
1 Eco Arm

3 Muscle Band

3 Magnetic Storm

Energy x12
8 Fighting Energy
4 Strong Energy
@Jonathan7, how’s this?

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I would like to say focus sash is useless in this deck

Pokemon x 14

Spinarak x 3
Ariados x 2
Machamp EX x 3
Shaymin EX x 2
Landorus FFI x 2
Hawlucha FFI x 2

Trainers x 34

Professor Sycamore x 4
Korrina x 4
Professor Birch x 1
Lysandre x 2

VS Seeker x 4
Battle Compressor x 1
Professor’s Letter x 1
Ultra Ball x 2
Level Ball x 3
Switch x 2
Escape Rope x 1
Muscle Band x 3
Trainers Mail x 3
Fighting Stadium x 3

Energy x 12

Fighting energy x 8
Strong energy x 4

-1 Battle Compressor
-1 Spinarak
-1 Escape Rope
-1 Level Ball

+1 Shaymin ex
+1 Hawlucha
+1 Ultra Ball
+1 Focus Sash

I’ve modified my list here it is … what do you guys think?

16 x Pokemon

3 x spinarak
3 x ariados
3 x larvesta
3 x volcarona
4 x machamp EX

32 x Trainers

3 x Wally
3 x Sycamore
3 x Shauna
1 x Lysandre
4 x Muscle band
2 x Level Ball
3 x Ultra Ball
4 x Trainers Mail
2 x VS Seeker
4 x Fighting Stadium
1 x Prof. Letter
1 x Energy Retrieval
1 x Switch

12 x Energy
8 x Fighting Energy
4 x Strong Energy

-3-3 Volcarona line
+3 Landorus FFI
+1 Sycamore
+1 Ultra Ball
+1 Shaymin ex

3 Machamp EX
1 Lucario EX
2 Bronzor PHF
2 Bronzong PHF
2 Spinirak AOR
2 Ariados AOR
2 Smeargle BKT
2 Shaymin EX
1 Registeel AOR

4 Sycamore
2 Birch
1 Judge
1 AZ
1 Lysandre

4 Acro Bike
4 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
2 Battle Compressor
2 Switch
1 Super Rod

3 Focus Sash
2 Float Stone

2 Skyfield

4 Strong Energy
3 Fighting Energy
3 Metal Energy

Strategy is pretty straightforward.
Machamp/Ariados pummel opponent
Bronzong/Smeargle accelerate energy
Lucario is a backup attacker (Might not be necessary)/ Potential early game draw power/pressure
Registeel is a easy KO on Regice, plus a good back up VS an EX, plus a good 7th prize

Any suggestions?

How is Acro Bike working for you? I have not played this deck, so I really don’t know if Trainer’s Mail would be better. The deck looks good; there’s nothing I would change about it.

-4 Acro
-1 registeel aor
-1 Judge/PBO (your preference)
-2 switch

+1 Bronzor
+2 level ball
+1 parallel city
+1 muscle band
+1 Hawlucha
+1 Hoopa EX

I personally like the addition of Registeel AOR, but then again Heatran is also available. But then definitely add the Hoopa-EX as @Dweinhardt has already said, that needs to be in here, also, you are either going to have to up the count of spinarak/bronzor or going to have to play like 2-3 level ball. The Parallel city is interesting, although I have only ever thrown it in decks to be able to discard my own shaymins, or lock my opponent’s bench. It also works nicely against Toad.

I’ve been playing this deck for the past two weeks or so, and that’s the list I’ve ended up with. Parallel city is great to bounce your own shaymins and can be huge if well placed against night March.

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I don’t think that vespiquen is a huge enough threat to warrant Heatran over Registeel, and Registeel costs less energy, plus is a good 7th prize vs EX decks as it has guaranteed disruption. (Discard DCE)

Well, I’m off to North York Cities to test out my creation…
Let’s hope that I can put this deck onto the scoreboard! XD

Did you say you don’t think Vespiquen is a big enough threat? Hold up. Vespiquen is the meta, in both standard and expanded. No matter what, you have to be prepared to beat Vespiquen. If you take a deck with a bad bees matchup, you will not do well.

Not in my meta. Mine is 50% Manectric, plus whatever else people happen to be playing.

Anyways, 6th place. Dead drew vs Manectric in round 4, so I was screwed after that. Way to go, Bronzor + hand of energy :stuck_out_tongue:

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