M Tyranitar variants // BLW-on (2016)

3x Tyranitar EX
3x M Tyranitar EX
3x Yveltal
1x Yveltal EX
2x Darkrai EX
1x Keldeo EX
1x Hoopa EX
2x Shaymin EX
= 16

3x Tyranitar Spirit Link
1x Computer Search
4x Battle Compressor
4x Dark Patch
4x Ultra Ball
4x VS Seeker
4x Professor Juniper
1x Lysandre
1x N
1x Hex Maniac
3x Muscle Band
2x Assault Vest
= 32

4x Double Colourless Energy
8x Dark Energy
= 12

My first list, I think this would work in my head, thoughts?

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