M Tyranitar-EX Variants // XY-on 2016

So, the hype is on, and where to begin? This card seems very powerful, and rightly so. With it’s sky-high HP, HUGE attack, and lots of support in each format I can say for sure that this card will be a force, at least for a while.
So, where to begin? With scans, aheh.

The Big guy himself

The little big guy

Translation: Your turn does not end if the Pokemon this card is attached to Becomes M-Tyranitar EX

Now, onto a list, for you netdeckers (fam).

3-2 M-Tyranitar EX
3 Yveltal XY
4-3 Golbat PHF
2 Shaymin EX ROS
Pokemon= 18

4 (in any mix of) Profesor Birch’s Observations/Shauna
3 Ultra Ball
1 Level Ball
3 Mega Turbo
1 Battle compressor
3 Professor Sycamore
3 VS Seeker
1 Professor’s Letter
2 Lysandre
1 Teammates
1 Hex Maniac
3 Switch
3 Tyranitar Spirit Link
2 Hard charm
Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums= 34

7 Dark
Energy= 10

Free Spaces= 2

I firmly believe that this card has huge potential and only need the right boost to make it BDIF.

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Lets include some toad in here for stall, early damage, and so no one places head ringers down.

So use them as the 2 free spots…

I’m thinking of this for the pokemon line:
3 Ttar
3 M TTar
3 Zubat
3 Golbat
4 Yveltal XY
Shaymins vary

Centering around starting Yveltal with an equivalent strategy of Landerus FFI/P Groudon

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In my list that I’m currently forming I run 2 baby yveltal to help with acceleration. I’ve done a little testing (very little) and one thing I really like about this deck is that that you don’t need the D king. Yveltal ex is still a good attacker. Then when you do get Dking in he 1hko easier than any other Mega or Ex I’ve seen so far. I’m considering moving the line of bats to 4-4-2 just to add that extra damage.

Why not replace bats with 3-4 Absol ROS to save space? Plus you get the consistency boost from playing a basic over an evolution. Yveltal XY should be getting some damage down for Absol to play with while setting up your Mega Tyranitar anyways.


Try out Team Magma’s Secret Base.

20 damage on anything benched that isn’t Team Magma.

20 + 110 + (60 x 2) = 250, which is a OHKO on anything without a Hard Charm.


I’ve been thinking about using Forretress from FLF. Pineco FLF is Grass-type, so in theory you could evolve Pineco the turn you play it with Forest of Giant Plants in play. You could then try your luck at Super Scoop Ups or AZ, rinse and repeat.

I’ll be testing this out as soon as my singles come in. I’ll report back if I can!

It’s not as effective as Team Magma’s Secret Base as you would need more cards (evolution line for Pineco) than just a stadium.


I would definitely play Golbat (or maybe even Crobat) over Forretress. Golbat has free retreat and can (for 1 energy) emulate Forretress’ Ability.

One thing to note about the Forretress VS Golbat discussion is that every other Pokemon outside Megas goes down from a single damage counter so in a fair number of games you only need to get out one to sweep. Also, Zubat does not get free retreat either, so the risk of having to commit an Energy on starting with them still exists for both until Golbat comes into play.

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Pineco has a retreat cost of 2, Forretress has a retreat cost of 3.

Zubat has a retreat cost of 1, and Golbat/Crobat have retreat costs of zero.

If you start Zubat, you can either attach a [D] and pay to retreat (which puts a [D] in the discard for Mega Turbo/Yveltal), or sacrifice it. If it doesn’t get KOed, you can evolve it into Golbat and retreat for free.

If you start Pineco, you have to use a DCE to retreat or play a switching card(which works with Zubat too). evolving into Forretress makes this even harder.

If you play Forretress, your opponent can stall you by Lysandre-ing it active and making you find a switching card or pay the retreat cost.

Any 170 HP+ EX with a Hard Charm will prevent the one damage from Forretress from being enough. The only things that can survive a Sneaky Bite/Destroyer King combo are a 240 HP Mega with a Hard Charm or Wailord EX with a Hard Charm. (Which is why this deck should also play a couple of Crobat)

I will also point out that the current top decks are either playing Megas or non EXs that M-Tyranitar can KO without help. Toad is the only exception.

Against Toad, having your Forretress Lysandre-ed active would be a death sentence, as you would HAVE to draw into an AZ before Toad draws into hammers.

EDIT: After trying to build a decently consistent deck for a while, I think the best route is to go with Team Magma’s Secret Base and Absol. Bats (and Forretress) take up way too much space.

It’s kinda sad… I was hoping for a reliable method to dish out damage counters where you need them.

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I’ve been trying to play this deck on PTCGO today, and mine looks pretty similar to yours. I’m having a lot of problems with getting energy out fast enough and generally setting up quickly. Also, a bunch of those pesky pokemon with the abilities to not be able to be attacked by EX’s. Any ideas? I havent won a game yet… (am I that bad?)

You should play baby yveltal. It solves both problems you mentioned.

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Hex Maniac will stop the abilities for a turn.

I just did 950 damage…

What happened was I used Destroyer King last turn, then they attacked me while I had a dangerous energy, then I evolved into Foretress FLF.

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My roommate and I got pretty frustrated with the “standard” Mega Tyranitar partners and decided to try some less obvious partners. The most sucessfull list so far has used Manectric EX to provide early pressure and set up KOs for Tyranitar later in the game. Here is the current List.

Pokemon (9)
3 Manectric EX
3 Tyranitar EX
3 Mega Tyranitar EX

Trainers (28)
2 Battle Compressor
2 Enhanced Hammer
4 Mega Turbo
2 Switch
4 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
3 Tyranitar Spirit Link
2 Weakness Policy
2 Head Ringer
3 Team Magma’s Secret Base

2 Shauna
2 Professor Birtch
4 Professor Sycamore
1 Lysandre

4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Basic Lightning
7 Basic Darkness

Here’s me using this deck. This also brings up an interesting Rules conundrum at the end.

It would have gone to sudden death as each player achieved an equal amount of win conditions simultaneously.

Shouldn’t it B the attacking player would win because the additional effect happens after base damage?