M Sceptile-EX Variants // XY-on 2016


I don’t know. . . I really like surprising techs.


No one should ever worry about Houndoom anytime soon. Its like Toxicroak EX, people see good in it, but it not, and its never played.
Don’t tech for it.


I know that houndoom won’t get played, i was just responding on the thread and giving a solution that i think works.


Can we cut out the snarky ‘have you heard?’ remarks please.

We’re all too old for that.


Sorry for these remarks @baby_mario


you are right, sorry @baby_mario .@bkeldeo sorry also.


anybody here of this deck being played lately ? I think I want to build it, but how does it fare against toad, bees, march, and some of the other meta ?


Those matchups are fine. It also beats bats. It sucks against Yveltal though.


any thoughts on techs ? that deck is still everywhere lol


Really? I played it for two cities. Went 3-2 at both. (Not a word @Darksripe2). Also, you can’t really put techs I this deck. It just doesn’t work.


what were your losses if I could ask ?


Day one
M Manny and Yveltal Gallade
Day two
ToadTina (dead drew) and Yveltal/Regiroxk


And the deck is really inconsistent. Please don’t play it, Aaron didn’t win for a reason.
@Mgarcia20 I thought you were mark garcia for a second…


Mega Sceptile/Lugia/Victreebel Deck

Pokemons (19)

3 Sceptile Ex
3 Mega Sceptile Ex
2 Lugia Ex
2 Shaymin Ex
1 Hoopa Ex
2 Victreebel
3 Weepinbell
3 Bellsprout

Trainer (28)
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Sacred Ash
2 Switch
2 Trainer Mail
4 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seekers
1 Fisherman
1 Lysander
1 Professor Birch’s Observations
2 Professor Sycamore
2 Shauna
3 Forest Of Giant Plants
3 Sceptile Spirit Link

Energy (13)
3 Double Colorless Energy
10 Grass Energys


You, sir, made my day.


Sceptile/Lugia/Poison Deck deckthis deck is rely on speed , you can sycamore or ultra ball away things and get your pokemon back with sacred ash , and trainer mail will give you a lot of options , fisherman and energy retrieval will help you heal , you got 1 AZ and 1 Switch just incase for lysandre . shauna and sycamore and birch is there to help you with your hand and draw so you wont be decking out , mostly every draw , you’ll get an energy , and you’ll get the cards you’ll need for every turn . but the annoying thing about this deck is , you will see a lot of healing and healing , your opponent might rage quit . i mean you can change things in here but i prefer it this way cus i been playing a lot of mega sceptile , i have a lot of different decks from it , and from experience , i think you might want to go the way im telling you to go with this deck and i also beat adam hawkins deck but not him but in a online game , someone else was using his deck and i beat it , yes i have run into it a couple times and still beat it with other different players , havent show case this deck yet , but i want too , and it really fun , you guys should try it out

(Stage 2 Sceptile Barrier trait))
can’t be lysandre , team flare grunts or xerosic , so you can attach a muscle band or a hard charm it dce . any trainers wont work on him cus of the barrier trait ability , so trainer cards are useless against him , just try and get him out asap too and keep him on your bench for regice or any other pokemons that keeps blocking your ex’s attack, you can charge him up quick with mega sceptile jagged saber ,

(Shaymin Ability Set Up) for draw support , you dont really need to set him up unless it an emergency or you need to speed to set up quick for advantage .

(Lugia) - for mewtwo ex , glalie ex , houndoom ex , tryanitar or megas that are OP that can be a threat to mega sceptile , just start filling up lugia with more energy and DCE to have your opponent think twice before he even attack

(Hoopa) for more pokemon on the bench if you feel like you have the need to have more pokemon on the bench , have the right cards in place to mega evolve

(Sceptile & Mega Sceptile) you only need to set up 2 Mega Sceptile for Healing and Retreat , tbh , when you go against a night march or raticate deck , make sure you dont take out lugia or shaymin in those type of match , you can just ultra ball them away so it wont distract your draws with shauna and birch or else he gonna get lysandre , make sure you only take 2 - 3 mega sceptile out and search for that forest of giant plants , mega sceptile are so good aginast them night marchers and raticate cus repeatedly all you do is heal and retreat . the good thing about mega sceptile not even goodnight babies or bats or any other ability wont effect him cus of his effect ability , anything with ability wont effect him .

3 Sceptile Ex (AO)
3 Mega Sceptile Ex (AO)
2 Lugia Ex (AO)
2 Shaymin Ex (RS)
1 Hoopa Ex (AO
2 Sceptile (Stage 2) Power Poison
3 Grovyle (Stage 1)
3 Treecko (Basic)

Trainer (29)
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Sacred Ash
1 Switch
1 AZ
4 Trainer Mail
4 Ultra Ball
3 VS Seekers
1 Fisherman
1 Lysander
1 Professor Birch’s Observations
2 Professor Sycamore
2 Shauna
3 Forest Of Giant Plants
3 Sceptile Spirit Link

Energy (13)
3 Double Colorless Energy
10 Grass Energys

thank you for your day , have nice day , train on !


if you guys want other sceptile decks , tips or anything of sceptile ex itself or mega sceptile , please let me know , i’ll be here to help , it the only deck i like from all pokemon ,
i had combine it with very different type of pokemons in my own way creation , the way it works , i mean im here for anyone for a quick and speed sceptile decks to set up quickly . i love Sceptile cus i think it can win in the tops 3 or 5 maybe even in 1st in Nationals cus it kinda the same as (Virizion and Genesect combine) but healing all damage

if you want , you could remove couple things like
2 mega Turbo’s for turn 1 mega sceptile ,
1 ace trainer for shotgun metagross deck ,
1 Hex for giratina ability but i hardly run into them and so giratina dont scare me cus i got lugia ,
4 scoop ups but they only a %60-%90 chance ,
1-2 battle compressor to thin out your deck a lil bit or throw cards away so they wont interrupt

but remember , fisherman , energy retrievals , energy recycle and superior energy are Mega Sceptile Favorite
9-13 energys are the max for mega sceptile

1-2 energy retrievals and 1 fisherman should be ok with every mega sceptile deck

Sceptile Ex it self can be really good with an 2-3 Ether or 2-3 Max Elixir to be load up . and 3 switch

best combination with Mega Sceptile is
Lugia ex (AO)
Victrebeel (Ability)
Malamar ex
Venusaur ex
Trevenant ex
Stage 2 Sceptile (Poison Power)
Stage 2 Sceptile (Nurture and Heal)
Smeargle and Regice (AO)
Beautifly (Miraculous Scale Ability)
Ariados (AO)
Venomoth (Noxious Scales attack)
Shiftry Leaf Draw Ability
Miltank (Powerful Friends)
Dustox (Twilight Posion)
Chesnaught (Spikey Shield Ability)
Vileplume (AO) with just 2-3 fisherman instead of those energy retrievals

if you guys want , you guys can add Hoopa Ex in almost every of his decks

if you guys gonna play those 3 line evolution with Mega sceptile , you can also replace those lugia ex for just 2-3 Miltank


you guys should try this deck i made up , since it celebi month

3x Sceptile Ex
3x Mega Sceptile Ex
2x Celebi ex
2x Shaymin ex
2x Spinarak
2x Ariados
1x Virizion
1x Hoopa ex

1x Professor letter
2x Mega Turbo
1x Sacred Ash
4x Super Scoop Up
4x Trainer Mail
4x Ultra Ball
3x Seekers
1x AZ
1x Fisherman
1x Hex
1x Lysandre
2x N
1x Birch
2x Sycamore
3x Giant Of Forest Plant
3x Sceptile Spirit Link

10 Grass Energy

*Draw Power Is Good
*Guaranteed You’ll Start Of Good
*Been Tested On Every Deck (beats almost any deck) except for fire
*Speed Of This Deck Sets Up So Well (it’s Insane)
*This Deck Has Everything You Need :slight_smile:

*The main thing you wanna get out is only 2 Mega Sceptile (asap) , 1 Celebi and 1 Ariados and sometimes virizion for back up attacker .

*Once you have complete that , remove hoopa and shaymin out of your bench with super scoop up or az so they wont be a target .

*Gotta keep On using ariados (posionous nest) and after attack with mega sceptile Heal the other sceptile and retreating with both Mega Sceptile

*Celebi ex could be a backup attacker as well (if you want) but he sitting there on the bench for the ability and mega sceptile can use his previous attack which is “Unseen claw” all thanks to Celebi ex

well this is it , hope you guys love it , this is my originally deck idea :slight_smile:
add me on ptcgo JesusLowkz is the username :slight_smile:


From my understanding, Celebi EX is illegal in Standard.


Like what decks and why did you win? I’ve seen better mega sceptile lists.