M Sceptile-EX Variants // XY-on 2016


By watching the stream that I linked and studying it carefully, you will have a full understanding.


Trevenant ex isn’t required for that deck, you airados -2 trevenant + a 1-1 line of airados and -1 shaymin +1 hoopa


May I suggest repeat ball


Virizion goes for 2 but it only works when you’re behind in the prize trade


Team Cake has released their video with Adam Hawkins’ List. They also mention theirs.


In the video picture, what are the cards directly above the spirit links?


Super Scoop Up.


Won a league challenge with Sceptile a few days ago but Houndoom EX being playable has me worried. Has anyone found a way to not autoloss against Houndoom EX?


Don’t worry. Just because it’s playable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. I haven’t been hearing a lot of hype for it, so unless you do, you should be good.


headringer? 20202020


that does nothing if they run blacksmith, which having to discard all their energy to one shot you, I’m sure they will run it.
don’t be worried about houndoom though. it doesn’t deal enough damage. worry about camerupt for standard


I am not worried about houndoom decks. i was thinking more about it and, if you could find space, run weakness policy AND head ringer. then theywould have to have startling megaphone and blacksmith. Even then, megaphone at max is a one of card, so after that they wouldn’t be able to attack you.


Sceptile Spirit Link is good for mega evolving and for not getting head ringered, have u ever heard of it?? Weakness policy is not needed in here.


he meant to head ringer them


yes, i have heard of sceptile spirit link. have you ever heard of tool retriever?


yeah, have u ever heard of plume and toad???
which happens to be the semi-meta


I play hex maniac, so vileplume isn’t a promlem. with toad, i would just rely on weakness.


Yes, because Houndoom/Seismtoad and Vileplume/Houndoom are clearly viable decks.


i don’t think he was talking about those being in a houndoom deck.


Exactly. Therefore there is no reason to even bother running weakness policy, so he’s saying that he’d be countering a tech that wouldn’t even exist in the first place.