M Rayquaza-EX, Shaymin-EX ROS Variants // BLW-on 2016

Hey Guys, I have had 3 Mega Rayquaza EXs and 1 Rayquaza EX FA sitting in my room for a while. (My binder is currently broken; getting new Ultra Pro one soon). I wanted to try and make a deck similar to Zander Bennett’s List from AZ regionals. I like it alot and from what I heard and watched, it rolls pretty consistently, AND quickly. Here is the interview that Josh “Squeaky” Marking had with Zander in his Youtube channel:

As you can tell from the video, Zander does not want to give away his list and I totally understand!! He is going to a few more regionals so lets hope he gets a couple more Top 4s, or Take it all!! So, without further ado, here is the list I have:

4 Rayquaza EX
3 M Rayquaza EX
4 Shaymin EX
2 Hoopa EX
1 Keldeo EX
1 Virizion EX
1 Exeggcute PLF

1 Colress
1 N
1 Lysandre
2 Hex Maniac
1 Ghetsis
4 Ultra Ball
3 Mega Turbo
3 Rayquaza Spirit Link
2 Float Stone
3 Trainers’ Mail
3 Roller Skates
4 VS Seeker
3 Battle Compressor
4 Sky Field
2 Acro Bike

4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Grass Energy

I originally had 3 Float Stone cause i wanted access to it against things that take them away such as Xerosic, scrapper, megaphone, etc. I also had 4 Skyfields but always seem to have 1-2 in hand lategame unused. I had 3 VS seekers because they clog and are absolutely terrible early game w/out compressor in hand. Also had higher counts of Acro Bike, and Trainers’ mail but realized skates was good too even with flip. No Juniper cause we deck out with it, plus, i normally either want to seeker and colress for 9+ or N for lower more conservative numbers; and it is also helpful for all-game disruption. ghetsis is for decks like Yveltal, Blastoise, Night march, and Toad, and the mirror.

This is a good list if you want to maybe try M ray in expanded. Credit due to Zander Bennett for having the idea of the deck and for making T4 with his list. THIS IS NOT HIS LIST; I BASED THIS LIST OFF HIS IDEA.

Advice is welcome.

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Why would you play Ghetsis in a deck that doesn’t play Toad?

Why wouldn’t you? It totally shuts down Blastoise and Night March, and slows the rest of the meta down a lot, while drawing you cards.


4 Ray is unnecessary, so is 2 Keldeo.

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Adieu I “goodbye” in French. You mean “ado”.

More related topic, @Ziggmiceter, Ghetsis can be amazing against Toad, Archies, Night March, etc. It’s disruption and draw in one card.

I don’t really see how Ghetsis is good in this deck. You’ll almost never get it out T1, and you don’t run the compressor engine (to allow for vs seeker), or Toad (to allow for a big Ghetsis the turn you stop using quaking punch). Ghetsis has never been universally good, what changes now? Don’t let you hype from Sosa’s winning list blind you, Ghetsis had a specific purpose in that deck.

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This deck is completely focused on blasting your opponent in the face for T1 or T2 180 damage. Zander cut most supporters likely because he found them clunky and tend to clog your hand when you could be using Shaymin for more.

The only decks that ran Ghetsis this past weekend included Toad because the purpose of Toad is to slow your opponent down. Decks like Yveltal can’t keep up sometimes and Ghetsis is a protection for the hyper-agressive decks like Night March, Ray, and Blastoise to allow the Yveltal player to set up. Rayquaza decks, especially this build, don’t need that.

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Adieu is French, not German.

(Adieu for ado is pretty annoying, I agree).

Oh, my bad.
Thank god for edit buttons and mods who know their stuff.

Well, there is Blastoise, which you basically win if you get the Ghetsis turn one, there is Night March, which is basically the same as Blastoise, there’s the mirror, which almost gives you the win if your opponent is playing the turbo version, there’s Yveltal variants, which won’t win you the match, but it will slow them down a lot, and there’s Toad stuff, which won’t win you the game, but will slow the deck down, similar to Yveltal (read: the card is really good right now). I would play it.

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What’s changed is that, now we have Shaymin, Trainer’s Mail, Acro Bike, we aren’t desperate for big Supporter draw every turn.

You can afford to just draw 2 or 3 off of Ghetsis these days, especially if it means denying an opponent Ultra Ball, Compressor, VS Seeker etc.


I wouldn’t rely on it without battle compressor, as there’s no way to get it out when you want it. If you can’t draw into it when you need it, it’s kind of just a win more card. I can see the usefulness in yveltal and toad decks, but I’m a little more skeptical in this deck. That’s something testing reveals I suppose.

But, you wouldn’t be playing this deck without Battle Compressor.

So sorry, Yah, whenever i went back and read that i thought i had put it wrong, oh well, @Slowbro, Zander did cut the other supporters cause they clog but he said he wanted Ghetsis to replace his Xerosic. If i was going to cut Ghetsis i would put in another Lysandre cause Xerosic is just too slow, and it really only helps against Giratina Toad and SableGarb. But i am testing more about ghetsis, and i do run the compressors, and almost always get one T1 with the max count of shaymins. Also, his list has been posted on The official Pokemon Website.

I changed my list. I tweeked it to look more like a normal Ray deck,
-1 keldeo
-1 exeggcute
+1 sky field
+1 battle compressor

Keep the egg, drop a ray

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-1 Rayquaza EX
+1 Exeggcute
-1 Rayquaza EX
+1 Xerosic

Good point. I suppose with trainer’s mail and shaymin, it’s not unreasonable to assume you can get it out T1, which is when you need it a lot of the time. I guess I’m just skeptical, but not having tested it extensively, I can certainly be proven wrong here.

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I understand your scepticism.

When Ghetsis was released, I was one of those people who thought it would have a huge impact (see this old thread for details). I imagined its impact would be like that of Absol SW - cutting off a player’s opportunity to ever set up before they even get a turn, and that it would cause big problems as a result.

That was actually pretty dumb of me. The format into which Ghetsis was released absolutely relied on playing good draw Supporters, especially during the early game. Without Juniper, or an N to 6, or a nice big Colress, decks just stagnated and struggled to set up.

Now things have changed. Juniper is no longer an auto 4 of in every deck. You might consider a single copy of N or Colress, but no more. The Compressor/Trainer’s Mail/VS Seeker/Ultra Ball/Shaymin engine means that the key Supporters are now Lysandre and Hex Maniac (maybe even AZ and Xerosic in some decks/situations).

So now Ghetsis can start doing the things I wrongly thought it would do years ago. People are playing a whole lot more Items, and they are relying on them to make their deck work. You are now likely to net more cards from Ghetsis, but much more importantly, you deny your opponent pretty much everything they need to set up.


That’s very true. The turbo decks in the format are extremely susceptible to Ghetsis atm, you’re absolutely right.

On a side note, I was reading through those threads, and does anyone know why Team Rocket’s Admin was universally praised as a well-designed card when it was out, while N has been a hated card?