M Rayquaza-EX (Dragon) // BCR-on

Let’s start things off with a deck list.

Pokemon (13)
3 M Rayquaza EX (RSK 61/108)
3 Rayquaza EX (RSK 60/108)
4 Reshiram (RSK 63/108)
2 Shaymin EX (RSK 77/108)
1 Hydreigon EX (RSK 62/108)

Trainers (35)
4 Sycamore
4 N
1 Lysandre
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card
1 AZ

-Items (20)
4 VS Seeker
4 Mega Turbo (RSK 86/108)
4 Ultra Ball
3 Rayquaza Spirit Link (RSK 87/108)
3 Switch
1 Escape Rope
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Computer Search ACE SPEC

-Stadiums (3)
3 Scorched Earth

Energy (12)
4 Double Dragon Energy (RSK 97/108)
8 [R]


The objective of this deck is to get a M Rayquaza EX powered up and hitting for 300, taking OHKOs as often as possible.

M Rayquaza EX has a massive 230 HP and a beneficial Delta Trait “Wild”. Delta Wild reduces all damage from Grass, Fire, Water, and Lightning types by 20, effectively giving it a resistance to all of those types. Its attack, Dragon Ascent, deals 300 damage for a painful [R][R][R][L][C], with the added negative effect of discarding 2 Energy. Usually, an attack this expensive would be a death sentence, but in this case we have some help.

Our first method of energy acceleration we have is Double Dragon Energy (DDE). DDE is a Double Rainbow energy with no downsides except being restricted to Dragon Types. We will be running the Dragon type Rayquaza EX for this reason. In case we can’t quite get our Mega out, we can still attach DDE to our basic.

Our next method of energy acceleration is Mega Turbo. Mega Turbo allows us to attach one basic energy to one of our Mega Pokemon from the discard. Cards like Sycamore, Ultra Ball, and Computer Search can be used to dump [R] into the discard to accelerate to M Rayquaza EX. Scorched Earth is a counter stadium that also grants us a method to discard [R] and gain some additional draw power. One copy of Professor’s Letter is included to give us more [R] in hand to discard.

Our final method of energy acceleration is Reshiram. With Turbo Blaze, so long as Reshiram is active, we can attach one [R] from our hand to one of our Dragon Pokemon. Normally, this would only yield one additional attachment per turn, but with 4 switching cards and Hydriegon EX with Scorched Earth giving us free retreat, we can potentially get multiple attachments per turn. Reshiram can also serve as a counter to Safeguard Pokemon in a pinch.

For draw support, we run the traditional 4 Juniper/Sycamore and 4 N. Additionally, we play 2 Shaymin EX. Shaymin EX’s ability allows us to draw until we have 6 when we bench it from our hand. One copy of AZ allows us to pick up a Shaymin EX and use it again. Scorched Earth, as previously mentioned, also nets us some extra draw power.

Lysandre is here to pull up a benched EX for an easy 2 prizes and Lysandre’s Trump Card is useful if and when energy starts to run low.

We should try to start with Reshiram and get a Rayquaza EX benched ASAP. Try to get two attachments turn 1 (Via Turbo Blaze and a manual attachment.)

Next turn, try to get your partially powered Rayquaza EX Mega Evolved and attach the remaining energy necessary. Either play a switch or use Hydeigon’s Dragon Road to retreat into M Rayquaza EX and take the first KO.

On subsequent tuns, try to use Mega Turbo and manual attachments to keep M Rayquaza EX going. If you have any additional ways to attach energy, start powering up a second Rayquaza.

Hopefully you will run out of Prizes before the deck runs out of steam.

Good luck everyone, and most importantly, have fun.

New Cards:

M Rayquaza EX (RSK 61/108)

Rayquaza EX (RSK 60/108)

Reshiram (RSK 63/108)

Hydreigon EX (RSK 62/108)

Shaymin EX (RSK 77/108)

Mega Turbo (RSK 86/108)

Rayquaza Spirit Link (RSK 87/108)

Double Dragon Energy (RSK 97/108)

All pictures are from Pokebeach.com

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I really like the Dragon type Rayquaza and think it has a lot of potential.
I would consider running a single copy of Virizion maybe. Just one. Double dragon energy provides every type all at once, so a single Virizion on the bench would eliminate the possibility of staying asleep/taking poison damage. Because you can use Mega Turbo, and reshiram, and you only have to discard 2 energy, there should be enough bench space for 1 Virizion


A couple of modifications to the first list.

  1. Swap out a [R] for a [L]. Without a basic [L], the only way to attack Ageislash EX is to attack with Shaymin EX. DDE is also susceptible to Enhanced Hammer. The [L] can help by forcing your opponent to flip heads on a crushing hammer or play Team Flare Grunt.

  2. Swap out AZ for Lysandre. It is very important that your OHKOs hit something that counts.

I think that swapping out a Shaymin EX for Virizion EX might be a good idea. I hate starting with Shaymin EX and it happens too much for my liking as it is. Shaymin EX can be quite a liability and it clogs up bench space.

Edit: Instead of running a [L], since the deck already runs [R], just play a fire type tech for any Aegislash EX that might happen. Maybe swap out a Turboblaze Reshiram for a Outrage Reshiram.





Thanks for posting the vids!


I have now played a couple dozen games on tcg one. This deck is pretty awesome.

My current list is the same as the OP, except I swapped out a Shaymin EX for a Hydreigon EX. I didn’t like starting with Shaymin and it tended to clog up bench space. Furthermore, Hydreigon is VERY useful. Especially against Toad.

I have only played against Toad twice, but I won both times. Delta Wild seems to keep Toad from doing significant damage to M Rayquaza EX. Quaking Punches for 10 or 30 don’t bring down M Ray fast enough even with energy disruption.

I have played a ton against Raymin. I have only lost one game against it due to a horrid start that just wouldn’t give me any breaks. (It happens/It was the game I decided to swap out the extra Shaymin) Once you blow up a fully powered M-Rayquaza (Colorless) they seem to struggle in getting a second one out and powered up.

I lost once against Night March. Bad start coupled with a PERFECT start by my opponent and I didn’t stand a chance.

I also lost to a quad Ageislash EX deck, though I managed 4 prizes using Hydriegon’s Shred.

I would say that 1/2-3/4 of the time, the deck set’s up by turn 2. Once you get a Rayquaza up and running, it is pretty easy to keep it going. Occasionally, you will go a turn or 2 without being able to Dragon Ascent.

Overall, I’d say I’m impressed. I wouldn’t feel disadvantaged with this deck in an official tournament (assuming I had the cards and a way to get to one).

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I’ve found that I really like Shaymin-EX/Skyfield in the deck as the supplementary draw engine, much more so than Scorched Earth, and thanks to the extra attaches from Reshi, energy doesn’t nearly clog up the hand as much.

You should try Shrine of Memories instead of Scorched Earth. It’s so annoying when they throw crap pokemons at you not worth Dragon Ascenting so you don’t have to discard energies to kill them.

Hi Everyone!

I made a deck that has been able to T2 hit for ascent frequently; now, I haven’t played against every deck and I know Toad and Silent lab could put a wrinkle in this, otherwise I have been really happy with my results. Please provide feedback! Also, I play for fun and don’t own any of these cards, so feel free to take the deck list and do as you wish with it.

Since speed is the name of the game, I decided to not play Hydreigon EX because I don’t want to look for him or have him hurt my consistency with pokemon I want to show up. I added a few switch and float so I can take advantage of doing multiple Reshiram/Turboblaze each turn.

Set #
4 Shaymin EX RS 77
3 Mega Rayquaza EX RS 61
4 Reshiram RS 63
3 Rayquaza EX RS 104
14 cards

Set #
3 Rayquaza Spirit Link RS 87
3 VS Seeker RS 110
2 N NV 101
3 Professor Sycamore PF 101
1 Lysandre FF 104
4 Ultra Ball RS 93
2 Energy Retrieval PC 126
1 Scramble Switch PS 129
2 Switch BW 104
3 Float Stone PF 99
3 Scorched Earth PC 138
3 Mega Turbo RS 86
1 AZ PF 117
2 Trainers’ Mail RS 92
33 cards

Set #
9 Fire Energy XY 133
4 Double Dragon Energy RS 97

Supporter counts seem low. Just 3 Sycamore and 2 N?

The beauty of Hydreigon EX is that you don’t need to run so many switching cards, he works under Item lock, and he can hit Safeguard Pokemon and Ageislash EX.

If you want to run Shaymin EX, I highly recommend Skyfield, as your bench will get clogged up REALLY fast if you don’t.

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I took out 1 float for Hydreigon EX to try out as I don’t want to use ultra balls to have to switch him out and it is good to have one for back up plans like Toad and the occassional safe guarders.

I generally don’t need more than 2 shaymin on the bench and use the other 4 spots for reshiram and RayQ’.

So far, the Shaymin + 5 draw supporters has been consistent and enough; I do need to play more games to prove it out. This isn’t the type of deck IMO where thinning it all out at in one turn is advantageous like some others…

@thflame. Fine. I admit DragonQuaza is not as bad as I thought. In a video [It’ll be up soon] I got a T2 Dragon Ascent. Heck, I may even choose this deck for next format if Vileplume isn’t going well. I’ll upload my video shortly, but you’re right. DragonQuaza is very good. [We can still have that battle, though.]

Definitely. I look forward to it.

Me Wrecking RayMin!


With LTC banned, I recommend playing Bunnelby (PRC 121/160).

What would be the reason for playing this card in a dragon mega rayquaza deck? I could only see it being used for getting double dragon energy back, if that. Plus it can’t benefit from the lessening retreat cost that Hydriegon EX provides.

We don’t have Lysandre’s Trump card anymore. We need a way to get back DDE. If you know of a better alternative, please enlighten us.

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I guess it is just going to force players to learn how to manage their resources better (which might lean the game towards more skillful play hopefully). I see where you are coming from and I definitely agree! DDE is too much of a valuable resource to throw around all willy nilly so I would assume knowing when to play it as well as when to discard it for attacking could be something to practice. I know I will be doing so as I really enjoy playing the deck! :slight_smile:

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I don’t run LTC in my Dragon Ray deck and have never once run out of energy. Dragon Ascent clears out EXs/Megas, Mega Turbo get you some energy back, and if they throw little things up there to try to stall take them out with Hydreigon/Reshiram/Rayquaza. You shouldn’t try to Dragon Ascent through a Robo Sub or anything like that, and barring that this deck doesn’t have resource issues.

I’ve actually been completely shocked to read just how many players seem to rely on LTC in decks that aren’t Toad locks. Am I missing something?


Yeah, LTC was kinda a 1-of like Lysandre. You put it in the deck just in case. You might use it, you might not, but you want it available as an option if you need it.

Yeah it is surprising on how many people relied upon LTC so much as a crutch in case they needed the reset or to not have to learn about resource management. Again it comes down to skillful play(or skill less play for that matter) in the game.
I believe with the amount of energy the dragon deck runs, there really shouldn’t be much of a problem without LTC.