M-Mewtwo (Y) EX Expanded


So it recently dawned upon me that despite him being my all-time favorite Pokémon, I have yet to make a current deck utilizing Mewtwo-EX. To specify a bit more, I’m putting together a M-Mewtwo (Y) EX deck. I have always had an affinity for energy acceleration decks, and Psychic Infinity fits that bill in an ungodly way. Discard acceleration with Battle Compressor + Metal Links/Dynamotor is fun and in the late BW days I was very fond of Dyna-Two, but I’m looking to try a different approach than I am used to and as such have chosen Fairy as my typing for this build. A very good friend of mine runs a beastly M-Gardevior EX deck that has always been fun to play against, and he gave me a little bit of insight into my build but I am hoping to gain further knowledge and opinions here to hopefully improve upon the deck even more. Here it is:

Pokémon - 16
3x M-Mewtwo (Y) EX BKT
3x Mewtwo EX NXD
1x Hoopa EX
1x Shaymin EX
3x Xerneas XY
2x Aromatisse XY
2x Spritzee XY
1x Jirachi XY67

Trainer - 32
2x Professor Juniper
1x N
1x Professor Birch’s Observations
1x Lysandre
1x AZ

3x Mewtwo Spirit Link
3x Trainers’ Mail
4x Ultra Ball
2x Mega Turbo
1x Energy Recycler
2x Max Potion
4x VS Seeker
4x Puzzle of Time

3x Fairy Garden

2x Double Colorless Energy
10x Basic Fairy Energy

The point behind the build is simple: start with a Xerneas and hopefully search for Hoopa EX, and start powering up a Mewtwo until he’s ready to wreak havoc on the opponent’s Pokémon forever. Fairy Transfer is there to move my energy around as the situation calls for so as to never have more energy than necessary on my Active Mewtwo and pairs quite nicely with Max Potion when a bit of healing in required. Jirachi’s purpose is self-explanatory and removing an opponent’s unrecoverable Special Energy, barring Puzzle of Time, is always nice. Speaking of PoT, I am running a full count of the wonderful recovery card in order to retrieve my own DCE and other resources in a pinch. The Supporter cards should be self-explanatory and the low counts are there so that the build is not clogged up by cards that I don’t need for a given situation and can therefore simply VS Seeker whichever one that I need.

A quick aside on the supporters: I would really like to fit in a Hex Maniac here, as this deck otherwise struggles against Toad and Vileplume Item-Lock.

Back to the build…

I’m a M-Rayquaza-EX player and am of the mind set that you never need more Spirit Links than you have Megas, and carry that philosophy over from Ray to this deck. 3 Trainers’ Mail has shown itself to be more than sufficient for me and see no reason to add a fourth. Full counts of Ultra Ball and VS Seeker are obvious and I can’t honestly think of any deck that runs them at anything less.

Any viable suggestions are greatly appreciated!


If this is an expanded build, why is there Birch instead of N in there?


There is one copy of N in the build as it stands. Birch’s Observations is there for when it’s more beneficial for me in the later game when I’m up on the Prize trade. I’ve found myself far too many times wanting to dig through my deck in the late game but only netting 2 cards off an N.


That’s when you play a Sycamore/Juniper. Or a Colress. Speaking of which, where’s the Colress?


I thought about utilizing Colress, but opted not to. Through the constant use of Geomancy the deck is cut down rather quickly as is and I don’t see him being as effective as in say an Expanded Ray deck. I may still try him out in testing, but as it stands I don’t have in here intentionally.

This deck isn’t as wanting for deck burn-through as Mega Ray, so I have so far seen the combination of Ultra Balls, Geomancy, and Trainers’ Mail to be more than sufficient, however as I test against more decks I may find that to change.