M Mewtwo-EX (Y) Variants // XY-on 2016


States is coming up and I’m not sure if this deck will be viable. This is just a rough draft of the deck I would appreciate suggestions.
Mega Mewtwo EX- 4
Mewtwo EX(Damage Change)-4
Hoopa Ex-1
Shaymin EX-2
Items and Stadiums-30
Ultra Ball-4
Vs Seaker-4
Mega Turbo-4
Trainers Mail-4
Mewtwo Spirit Link-4
Puzzle of Time-4
Shrine of Memories-3
Battle Compressor-2
Float Stone-1
Professor Sycamore-4
Ace Trainer-1
Psychic Energy-6
Double Colorless-4
This is Just A rough Draft What do you think?


I built a version with Max Elixer and Mega Turbo that won a LC this Sunday. If you need any info on it I can PM You.


I’ve been liking this deck a lot with a garbodor line! May not be too necessary to have garbodor in the standard format since mewtwo can pack a hard punch fast but turns bats into an auto win and doesn’t seem to hurt or clunk up mewtwo at all!


Garbador is interesting. If I play walley a t1 garb could win agaisnt night March.


No, it really wouldn’t.
Once agan, be mindful of your spelling and grammar as I have no idea what walley is.


This deck even with garbodor has a real tough time against night March. It’s not impossible but definitely not a favorable matchup. If your that worried about night March and still want to run mewtwo maybe run wobbuffet instead of garbodor with a hope of starting with wob to stop shaymins. What do you guys think?!


What does everyone think of the new Meowstic for energy acceleration?


I’d contend that the matchup is actually closer to 50/50 with a solid Mewtwo list and intelligent/conservative play. In one particular City Championship this year I was able to go 5-1 in individual games against Night March with a list that ran 3 Yveltal XY, 2 Zoroark BKT, and Super Rod. By exclusively benching Yveltals and Zoroarks and recycling them with Super Rod, I was able to consistently trade evenly, and eventually won most games by using Hex Maniax to lock my opponent out of digging for energy to attack. Also something to keep in mind is to avoid discarding Shaymin and regular Mewtwos if possible, to prevent Target Whistle + Lysandre plays that could ruin the prize trade.

Early PRC-on Discussion

PM me too please I am also playing M mewtwo with damage change.


I have been really wanting to put together a M-Mewtwo Y deck and I would love if you have some tested insight!