M Mewtwo-EX (Y) Variants // XY-on 2016


You should have at least 4 vs seeker, you could drop the energy retrieval (since you already have super rod) and a Shauna for the extra 2 (or the enhanced hammer)


Well the thing is that I don;t have enough Vs. Seeker to have 4 in 2 decks. I only have 5 Vs. Seeker. But 2 actually works fine for the deck.


Could you not, I don’t know, switch the cards from each deck when you want to use it?


I would rather not just because to me it’s a chore. But, I actually like it more with 2 Vs. Seekers.


Why not just proxy the other VS Seekers and whatever else you need?


Because I am using this deck in tourneys. Plus, the deck is fine with just 2 Vs. Seekers. Why do so many people have a problem with the Vs. Seekers?


Because 4 is a near necessity in any deck.


I meant to say that during testing you would proxy the VS Seekers.


99% of tournament-winning decks within the past 8-9 months had 4 vs seeker. It’s such a good card.


Then take out the vs seeker from your other deck. You can only use one deck in a tournament at a time anyways.


That is not true at all, it IS a 4-of necessity in nearly most every deck.


That is very true 4 VS Seeker is a must unless its Vileplume


While all of that is true, I feel that 2 actually works well for me. Plus if I use Mega Mewtwo Y and the Vs. Seekers are in my Night March deck then I can’t enter because it was a standard tourney and my Night March deck is expanded. Now, I can’t play! also, there is just not enough space in the deck for for 2 more Vs. Seekers.


There is always space for more VS Seeker


you couldn’t take them out of you Night March deck for one tournament?


"I would rather not just because to me it’s a chore. But, I actually like it more with 2 Vs. Seekers. "

M Mewtwo Y doesn’t always hit for OHKO to the right time. 4 seeker is a must because you NEED to have access to Giovanni and Lysandre at key times in games. Without 4, I am not sure how you could win late game against some decks.


Think of all the other players in the world who have this chore. I’m sure most of them care enough to build a good list and switch their vs seekers (or other staples) from one deck to another. I only have 2 playsets, but switch them between 4-5 different decks.
I see you really like your deck with 2 VS seeker. Well if you have 4, you will like it even more. I promise, it pays off.


@10foulz, not trying to offend you, but I think you just quoted exactly what I quoted an why he/she can still switch out the cards. But, you have done a much better job. :smile::smile:


Look, I am fine with putting in at least 3 Vs. Seekers, but that’s the most I can put in because I don’t have any more space for a fourth. I could take out the energy retrieval, but I use it for when I am low on energies, don’t have a mega turbo, and can still attach an energy for the turn. I know that 4 Vs. Seekers is the best option for any deck, but I prefer 3 because I can add in one more card that might be beneficial for a deck. I know I obviously messed up on the Vs. Seeker count, but I like the deck as it is. I can add in only one more Vs. Seeker and that’s it.


if it works for you then that’s what matters. We won’t try to convert you to the 4 VS seeker club, but keep in mind 4 is better than 3 for consistency.