M Mewtwo-EX (X) Variants // XY-on 2016

This thread is for discussing decks focused on M Mewtwo-EX BKT 63, more commonly referred to in the video games as Mega Mewtwo X. This deck, while not as popular as M Mewtwo-EX BKT 64 (Mega Mewtwo Y), is still powerful in its own respect, and has great potential for competitions. Below is my take on the more common variant, M Mewtwo-EX/Landorus, which I have found to work with great effect (decklist courtesy of Pokémon TCG Online, reorganized for efficiency and clarity of reading):


****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

Pokémon - 14

4 Landorus FFI 58
3 Mewtwo-EX BKT 158
3 M Mewtwo-EX BKT 159
2 Shaymin-EX ROS 106
1 Smeargle BKT 123
1 Hoopa-EX AOR 89

Trainer Cards - 34

3 Professor Sycamore XY 122
2 Professor Birch’s Observations PRC 159
2 Lysandre FLF 104
2 Korrina FFI 111
1 AZ PHF 117
1 Pokémon Center Lady FLF 105
1 Giovanni’s Scheme BKT 162

4 VS Seeker ROS 110
3 Ultra Ball PLF 122
3 Mewtwo Spirit Link BKT 144
3 Mega Turbo ROS 86
2 Professor’s Letter XY 123
1 Switch PRC 163
1 Startling Megaphone FLF 97
1 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear PHF 92

3 Shrine of Memories PRC 139
1 Dimension Valley PHF 93

Energy - 12
6 Energy
6 Energy

Total Cards - 60

Breakdown & Analysis:

4 Landorus: Landorus’s Shout of power only costs , and it can quickly charge energy to a Mewtwo on the bench. I run 4 Landorus and 3 Mewtwo-EX so that I increase my odds of starting with Landorus and safely shielding and setting up a Mewtwo in waiting.

3-3 Mewtwo-EX: M Mewtwo-EX is the center of mass of the entire deck. The entire deck focuses on smashing through the opponent with Vanishing Strike, an attack not unlike G-Booster in that it hits for 200 damage and ignores all effects such as Safeguard and Renegade Pulse. The Mewtwo-EX of choice is the one from the Japanese Red Flash expansion with Shatter Shot. Because this deck relies on using only basic and energy, Shatter Shot and Damage Change are the preferred attacks due to utility and synergy. Three is a good number for each member of the evolution line so that you are less likely to start with it but still have a great chance of obtaining it on your first turn.

2 Shaymin-EX: Shaymin-EX is a card that always goes up in both versatility and market price. Playing it in this deck as a means of refreshing the hand without having to use a supporter is phenomenal and should be well enough known so as not to have to be mentioned. Two Shaymin is optimal so as not to clog up bench and deck space while simultaneously increasing the probability that there is at least one Shaymin that is not prized.

1 Smeargle: With two different types of basic energy being played in this deck, Smeargle is a great card for manipulating the energy on Mewtwo-EX. This is not always necessary, but it proves useful in situations where you need to change the energy requirements of one attack to another.

1 Hoopa-EX: This is an on-the-fence decision, but Hoopa is effective at bringing out both the Mewtwo that you failed to draw and the Shaymin that will draw more cards for you. This is the best use for the Ultra Ball if you don’t want to choose between one or the other, but bench space can prove to be cluttered at times.

3 Professor Sycamore: Professor Sycamore is still the great hand refresher it has been since its introduction as Professor Juniper of Unova. I choose to only run three due to being able to grab more of him, and the fact that there is so much deck space that needs to be filled by essential cards.

2 Professor Birch’s Observations: Birch is the best shuffle-draw supporter in the Standard format at the moment due to its expected draw value. I only run two of him for the same reasons as before.

2 Korrina: With Landorus being present in the deck, Korrina is efficient at drawing both a missed Landorus and a needed item. This is helpful in getting any missing energy through Professor’s Letter, or pulling a Spirit Link to help facilitate Mega Evolution. Due to not needing to pull out so many Landorus, I find 2 to be plenty.

2 Lysandre: Lysandre is great at pulling out Pokémon desperately wanting to be knocked out for easy prizes, like Shaymin-EX or Hoopa-EX. Two is standard.

1 AZ: AZ is not always optimal to use, considering many of your Pokémon either stay on the bench or have plenty of cards attached to them that would go to waste. It does, however, have merit in being able to pull out and replay Shaymin-EX for more draw if necessary.

1 Pokémon Center Lady: Nurse Joy helps with healing off small damage your Pokémon may accrue, which is helpful in prolonging the lifespan of some Pokémon. Not always necessary, but it is helpful in certain situations.

1 Giovanni’s Scheme: For matchups against 210 and 220 HP Mega Evolutions, being able to deal an extra 20 damage with Vanishing Strike is crucial in achieving many desired OHKOs. If not faced with such high HP adversaries, the option to draw 5 cards is not bad either.

4 VS Seeker: Four VS Seeker.

3 Ultra Ball: I have never been a fan of four Ultra Ball. I don’t know why; I just usually see myself only ever needing one or two per game, and I often find myself discarding more cards than I need. I think three is plenty here.

3 Mega Turbo: Mega Turbo is a great way to conserve momentum by recycling lost energy onto your main attacker. Three is usually enough per game, given Landorus does almost the same thing through an attack.

2 Professor’s Letter: Searchable with Korrina, Professor’s Letter is good for getting energy needed to power up Shout of Power (no pun intended), or complete Vanishing Strike’s attack cost. I’ve only ever used one, but having two is good insurance against prizing it.

1 Switch: Switch helps out when Mewtwo needs to go back to the bench but doesn’t want to lose energy. It doesn’t happen too often, but enough to warrant one of these.

1 Startling Megaphone: If I had one US Dollar every time my strategy was messed up because of a Pokémon Tool, I would be getting multiple phone calls from Forbes per week. This is very handy in removing stray Muscle Band, Float Stone, or Focus Sash (I’m looking at you, Mienshao). It also works wonders if the opponent has four Spirit Links out but no Mega Evolutions; expect much bliss in this scenario.

1 Battle Compressor: Battle Compressor’s marginal benefit is small, but it can be handy when used in tandem with VS Seeker or when you need energy in the discard pile to attach later that turn.

3 Shrine of Memories: Shrine of Memories is what sets this list apart from many others. While many lists utilize many Dimension Valley to be able to use Vanishing Strike as quickly as possible, I play Shrine of Memories so that the entire array of Mewtwo attacks can be used. I already play use plenty of Mega Turbo and Shout of Power to accelerate energy onto Mega Mewtwo, so Dimension Valley isn’t as critical of a stadium to use. Shrine of Memories, however, allows Mega Mewtwo X to gain access to Damage Change. If you can rack up enough damage counters on Mega Mewtwo X, which is quite possible given its massive 230 HP, you can move it all to your opponent’s active Pokémon and score both full healing (or almost full depending on how damaged the opposing Pokémon is) and one or two prizes with it. Shatter Shot is also a great attack to use when Mega Evolved to deal with pesky -weak Pokémon. With the high utility I see in both of these attacks, I consider Shrine of Memories to be more worthwhile than Dimension Valley.

1 Dimension Valley: Despite all the aforementioned points, there are times when you’d want to use Vanishing Strike for only three energy, so I include one copy of it for those scenarios.

I split my energy evenly between and due to Mewtwo requiring equal amounts of both in order to fulfill the criteria of both Vanishing Strike and Damage Change. Landorus does require only to work, but Shatter Shot works best with plenty of , so those two cancel out as well.

So, this, in a nutshell is my M Mewtwo-EX BKT 63 deck, but it is not the only way to play this. You can play it with higher counts of Dimension Valley, or you can even take the Bats route to pile damage on the high HP Pokémon. Take this with a grain of sodium chloride; this is merely what I consider to be most effective in using Mega Mewtwo X to its fullest potential. However, as long as the focus is on the Genetic Pokémon’s form after it interacts with the Mewtwonite X, feel free to discuss whatever you wish!

As an aside, I may use the term “µ2” in my comments on this thread or anywhere else in the SixPrizes Forums. For those who do not know, that first symbol is the Greek letter mu, used commonly in physics, so µ2 should be pronounced “Mewtwo.” I hope this clears up any future confusion.


I got to watch a friend win a Cities with a similar deck this weekend. I’m not sharing counts because I don’t know them; he did not disclose his full list to me. But, based on variances from the OP, he used Scorched Earth far more often than Shrine of Memories (pretty nice draw support) and there were an Energy Switch in there as well. He also splashed in a thin line of M Mewtwo-Y to complement M Mewtwo-X, which was useful depending on the matchup.

He admitted today that he regretted not having a Muscle Band, so I’m pretty sure the Giovanni’s Scheme didn’t make his list – so many Mega Manectrics that were just out of OHKO reach.

Mega Mewtwo X doesn’t rely on any counters in its decklist, JUST DO YOU MEWTWO! haha

I like your decklist Cobalt314 and you hit the energy max on point. Wouldn’t rely on drawing into Landorus as much as I would like to draw into an ultra ball so I would -1 Landorus and +1 Ultra Ball. The Smeargle is really great at times when you dont have the right energy, but DO have the energy to attach in the discard pile. Too bad it doesn’t manipulate energy from ANY pokemon whether active or benched (shame). I would find some space for another Smeargle and not just one.

Anyways, here’s my list:

Pokemon: 13

2x Shaymin EX AOR
2x Smeargle BKT
3x Landorus FFI
2x Mewtwo EX (Y) red
1x Mewtwo EX (X) blue
3x M Mewtwo EX (X)

Trainers: 35

1x Battle Compressor
1x Escape Rope
3x Mega Turbo
2x Proff. Letter
1x Switch
4x Ultra Ball
4x VS Seeker
1x AZ
1x Judge
2x Korrina
2x Lysandre
4x Sycamore
2x Proff. Birch
3x Dimension Valley
1x Scorched Earth
3x Mewtwo Spirit Link

Energy: 12

8x Fighting
4x Psychic

Tested deck in PTCGO only, even though it’s really buggy. I will say that I don’t have only just 1 copy of this deck, instead I have variants with deoxys/Hoopa EX and muscle band/luck helmet. Each deck works well in it’s own respect. Awesome deck though, love it.

EDIT: Here is my current list

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