M Manectric-EX Variants // XY-on 2016

Espeon might help against evolution decks, but it does nothing to Maxie’s Gallade.

Does Gallade fall into the unevolved pokemon realm?

When a Pokemon is Archie’d or Maxie’d, it does not count as an evovled Pokemon even if it is an evolution card.

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Garchomp doesn’t see enough play to warrant a tech. Currently the best option to run against gallade is cough cresselia and muscle bands/ ffb to go wth megaman jolteon but it’s still a pain. Gallade is one of the best cards in te format right now, without xball it’s rough.

Most Maxie’s yzg lists I have seen skip xerosic. Flash energy is also very annoying though finding another alternative is smart

Mega Man/Ho-Oh has been cutting at events which could count as a Gallade counter because a Muscle Band and Ho-Oh one shots Gallade and it has resistance to Fighting.

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I wouldn’t use muscle band and if I did I would only play a one of for that reason. FFB and elemental feather make ho oh ex a tank.

I really think this is one of the best decks right now.]
Mega man that is, I play 1 Jolteon EX and 1 Raikou.
It’s only weak matchup/problem is Gallade.
There really is no easy way out of Gallade, I think you just have to play Flash energy.
I also found Xerosic helps marginally when they commit DCE, they have to commit 2 DCE.
I know this will still probably win them the game, but sometimes its a losing situation anyway.
Flash Energy + Xerosic and them whiffing a Xerosic.
It’s fingers crossed moment, If anyone has a better solution feel free to post it.

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Raikou with five energy?

Raikou isn’t gonna last with 5 energy most times.

I never said it was a good idea. Just that it could work.

I’m playing against Greninja Break tomorrow in top 8 at Cali states and I really want to win. Is there anything I can do? I’m playing Mega Man/Giratina/Cresselia.

You can go aggro mega man and make sure rough seas is in play, try your best to hex stream.

i know this is probably too late but id personally avoid rough seas, greninja has free retreat so your having an uphill battle. just have to be aggressive and hope for best, use az for healing. if you play hex, stream them, its important.


Giovanni’s is really important for that matchup

Use Cresselia wisely.

What does cresselia really help with?

Gallade. With a Fury Belt it one shots it and can’t be one shotted back.