M Manectric-EX Variants // XY-on 2016

Solid point. I’m not even sure 13 energy is necessary. Like I said, I’m really thinking the number of hammers needs to go up. Might go up to 4 crushing hammers, 2 enhanced.

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Mega Manny/Regice:
4-3 Mega Manectric ex
2 Regice
2 Shaymin ex
1 Hoopa ex
1 Articuno

4 Professor Sycamore
2 Shauna
2 Lysandre
2 AZ

4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
4 Manectric Spirit Link
1 Sacred Ash
2 Switch
3 Battle Compressor
2 Head Ringer
1 Muscle Band
3 Trainers’ Mail

3 Rough Seas

6 Lightning Energy
4 Water Energy

What I want to add:
As many Trainers’ Mail as possible
2 Switch

What I feel may not be necessary:
Head Ringer
1-2 Battle Compressor

Other than that this deck has been running fairly well, although for some reason I can’t seem to draw any spirit links, which is why I want the Trainers’ Mail.

Any suggestions?

Updated with -1 Battle Compressor, +1 Switch

How about this?
-2 head ringer
-1 Birch
+3 Mail
If you really want the spirit link badly, you could add a third along with the 3 mails.

Regice is a good choice for immunity to ex’s, regiroc Is good in mega manectric mirror (weakness) but registeel isn’t vey useful

That was four months ago…


Any thoughts on M Manectric/Aegislash-EX? It’s been testing well for me. As long as I accelerate enough energy to Aegislash, it easily beats anything with special energies.

Do you have a positive matchup against Hex March?

They’d need 10 marchers and a muscle band to OHKO m-manectric. Forces them into using Lysandre or hex maniac every turn.
I really don’t like Raikou for those match ups because while you only need 3 energies to OHKO the night marchers, it’s hard to accelerate that back without megas/shaymin getting taken out after the revenge kill/Lysandre anyway.
I typically only get one mega and then one Raikou set up per game. Two megas if I’m lucky. Never two Raikou.

Also - and this is stupid, but maybe worth thinking about - Aegislash with Assault Vest takes 60 less damage from Pumpkaboo, and that requires 11 marchers and a muscle band, the max damage Night March can do.

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So after this weekend, I’ve now gone 3-2 with M Manectric 3 cities in a row. I played it with Regice/Articuno/Jirachi once, and with Aegislash twice. The Aegislash was very unexpected and threw off almost every opponent. Only downside is that it’s slow setting up. I’ve seen zero Seismitoads in standard, so I’m thinking about running speed M Manectric with Raikou and maybe one Pikachu-EX. I need some help with that list. Not sure how fast I can make it (4 Acro Bike, 4 Trainer’s Mail, etc).
Also off-topic, but almost my entire local meta is Tyrantrum/Tina and Yveltal/Gallade. So much so, that I’m almost thinking of testing M-Gardevoir/Aromatisse/x. Thoughts?

Would a version of Mega Manectric with Raikou BKT and Jolteon EX be good? I’m just not sure what a good list would look like. (not asking for a list)

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It’s a good deck, I currently run it with Garbodor as well. PM me if you have any questions.

I personally think Garb is too clunky.

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World renouned heretic has that on his channel


Would the biggest threats to M Manectric be a Gallade tech and Garchomp decks?

It really depends on what your secondary attacker is.

Not really. You can’t do much about those matchups even with second attackers. You just have to run Flash energy and hope they whiff xerosic.

I would suspect that Gallade is possible to be teched into anything that has the space for the 2-2 Maxie/Gallade combo. Garchomp being the singular attacker, maybe with Lucario. My point being is that I believe Espeon EX might fit into M Manectric well enough to eliminate the threat of Gallade & Garchomp pretty easily.