M Manectric-EX Variants // BLW-on 2016

Hey everyone! I didn’t see a thread for this, and M Manectric EX is an amazing and versatile card, so let’s talk about the many ways it can be paired and the merits of each type!

Sample list: [Water]
Pokémon: 17
4 Manectric EX PHF
3 M Manectric EX PHF
2 Empoleon DEX
3 Regice AOR
2 Keldeo EX
2 Shaymin EX ROS
1 Kyurem EX AOR [yes, I’m still pushing for it]

3 Manectric Spirit Link
2 Float Stone
3 Battle Compressor
4 Trainer’s Mail
3 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
1 Computer Search
3 Juniper
1 Archie’s Ace In The Hole
1 AZ
3 N
3 Rough Seas

Energy: 12
6 Lightning Energy
6 Water Energy

I’ll be posting lists of M Manectric with varying types once I work them out. Enjoy, everyone!

I simply can’t see MManectric doing so well…one of the main reasons to play it for the longest time was that it gave you a near auto-win against Yveltal-EX, and you could spend the rest of your deck trying to kill other stuff (MManectric/Zapdos for Donphan, MManectric/Water for Landorus). The problem is that now Yveltal is now about a 50/50, as most Yveltal decks run Archeops/Faded Town (outside of the weird old Yveltal/Seis/Garb/Darkrai/Keldeo/Stuff we saw at the Arena Cup) because it beats MManectric and other stuff. For instance, today I was able to kill a MTyranitar-EX on the bench w/ a Faded Town and a Faded Town only. This stuff really does help out Yveltal’s damage potential, and I see it being the new Yveltal, just as the strategy of using Y Cyclone, SSUs and Max Potions were the old new Yveltals.

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For me, the appeal of Mega Manectric is how well you can work it to fit your metagame. Archeops? Run Wobbufett/Garbodor. One to try and lock them for a bit until you can get the other online. And since neither of those are likely to be attacking, you can STILL pick the type that’s super-effective against a large chunk of the metagame. Groudon? Run Genesect with Grass and Plasma energy. Landobats? M Manectric/Garbodor/Empoleon. This deck can potentially answer anything, and that’s why I love it.

Two points I would like to make.

  1. The only [yveltal] lists that play faded town are the Archeops variants, which is still a great matchup, because you absolutely destroy yveltal, even with mega manectric.
  2. If M Manectric was truly mainly good due to the presence of yveltal, how come it had such a strong showing at nationals this year?

MegaRay was the expected meta, that’s why.

@thegrovylekid, you should really only have ten energy max in a Mega Manny deck. Also you need 4 Juniper and N does not work well I Archies is in the deck. It messes up the Archies because of too many supporters.

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I’m aware of that lol. I was showing him the flaws in his logic.

MManectric was good due to the presence of Yveltal, and then the meta shifted, and it still was good as it was good against MRay decks. However, although a multitude of decks were good against MRay, MManectric was very popular as it was already built well and spread throughout the general populace generally because of Yveltal.

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What about its good matchups against toad and VG? Those cant be understated, and are/were arguably more relevant

Toad can be beaten with M Manectric Genesect, and VG can be beaten by playing Entei AOR/Charizard EX. The viability of any given M Manectric deck depends on what decks make up the meta.

Also, M Manectric has a positive matchup vs. Toad anyways.

I think he was talking about the fact that manectric itself has a good matchup against those. You don’t need genesect for toad.


No VG in top 8 of Arena Cup, and I don’t really see why it should be a huge metagame presence since neither Toad nor Trevenant/Accelgor are THAT popular.

I referred to them as good matchups for M Manectric. M manny doesn’t need techs to beat VG.

@tototavros I’m talking about what M Manectric had good matchups against as it first rose to fame/at nationals.

Yes, I know, and they are some of the mains reasons for why it isn’t that good…if VG and Toad get good, then all of a sudden Yveltal and Manectric get better, and I’ve now realized that even though it’s more of a match, Manectric loves to play against Yveltal.

Groudon, surprisingly, isn’t too much of a problem. Neither is Landorus, if you play Regice or Empoleon. Mega Manectric’s biggest problem is Vespiquen.

Both of them are, surprisingly, pretty horrible matchups. I sat next to many people using Mega Manny facing Fighting. They did not do well.

I haven’t had too much trouble with it, really. That might be because I kept pulling T1 Empoleon, but Landorus has been fairly easy for me. Groudon is also just too slow and has no way around Regice.

I have absolutely no clue as to why that is true for you. Usually, even with Empoleon, you have a rough time against Landybats. And PG should have enough Lysandre…

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Manectric/Regice most definitely beats PG. all you have to do is use Mega Manny to power up Regice and after they kill mega manny, don’t bench anything else and you win.


Basically everything found in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c6TJUEv5f8 , except hopefully you don’t prize your two Regice.

Okay, first things first, this is a thread about Expanded. My man/bats deck is pretty polished for Standard - how many/any Head Ringers would you say are worth using? Team Magma’s base + bats + Manectric? Instead of Rough Seas in Standard?

Also, here’s my current Expanded list (criticism appreciated):

Pokémon - 10

2 (Tech Basic Pokemon, currently using Entei AOR)
3 Manectric-EX PHF 23
2 M Manectric-EX PHF 24
1 Hoopa-EX AOR 89
2 Seismitoad-EX FFI 20

Trainer Cards - 39

2 Max Potion EPO 94
3 Rough Seas PRC 137
1 Professor’s Letter XY 123
2 Lysandre FLF 90
2 Acro Bike PRC 122
4 N DEX 96
3 Manectric Spirit Link PHF 100
1 Blacksmith FLF 88 (for Entei - consider this an open spot)
2 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear PHF 92
2 Switch ROS 91
1 AZ PHF 91
4 Professor Birch’s Observations PRC 134
2 Enhanced Hammer PHF 94
3 Ultra Ball ROS 93
2 Muscle Band XY 121
1 Professor Sycamore PHF 101
4 VS Seeker PHF 109

Energy - 11

2 Double Colorless Energy XY 130
5 Lightning Energy
4 (Energy type for tech pokemon - currently Fire for Entei)

Thoughts? It’s working extremely well. Entei has been very clutch against Vespiquen and/or Sceptile. I’m still noticing trouble with Safeguard (Regice) and I’m actually thinking of just using Regice instead of Entei, because M-man beats Vespiquen, yeah?