M Manectric ex counter discussion

I’ve noticed in the texas marathon at least, that M manectric ex variants have taken the field by storm. I was wondering what decks are good against it? Any good techs?

Donphan is good against it. Yveltal can tech Shadow Circle.

Also a surprise Lucario/Landrous could work

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Most people play a heavy line of kyurem to deal withdonphan, and frozen city for a counter stadium

Not any M Manectric lists I’ve seen.

Pure Theorymon on my part, but I would assume that unless the decks running M Manectric-EX are themselves prepared to deal with the Weakness effectively, any deck that is partially or mostly Fighting-Type should be an issue for M Manectric-EX.

For TecH, a lot of it will depend on what else the deck offers and again, what else goes into an M Manectric-EX deck. If you already have a source of [F] Energy and Muscle Band in deck, Terrakion with Retaliate seems like a decent answer. This is better if you also have a means of getting Energy quickly onto Terrakion. Yes, that is pretty specific altogether, but for example an Fairy Transfer deck could use this approach, or anything that runs Basic Energy + Energy Switch. A slightly complex combo but it OHKOs M Manectric-EX and throws a HP Basic up front.

Decks running Garbodor (Garbotoxin version of course) and Rainbow Energy should really consider a clutch Hawlucha. Not perfect (for one thing its gonna get OHKOed back so easily), but with its Ability turned off it does a quick 120 to M Manectric-EX. Of course Landorus-EX is still Landorus-EX.

If the deck really needs to attach from the discard, maybe Lysandre’s Trump Card? Giving up your own draw, especially as your opponent probably can set things back up pretty easily makes this a low recommendation, but I already tend to run LTC so sometimes it does help. M Manectric-EX failing to prep the next attacker and all.

Best of luck!