M Latios-EX, Crobat PHF Variants // XY-on 2016

Hi guys I need help with my M Latios EX / Crobat deck, here is the list, any ideas on how to improve it?

Thanks for your help!!

Pokemon x 17

4 x Zubat
3 x Golbat
3 x Crobat
3 x Latios EX
3 x M Latios EX
1 x Hoopa Ex

Trainer x 33

2 x Ultra Ball
2 x Level Ball
1 x Repeat Ball
4 x Trainers Mail
4 x Super Scoop Up
1 x Sacred Ash
1 x Energy Retrieval
3 x VS Seeker
3 x Mega Turbo
2 x Shrine of Memories
3 x Latios Spirit Link
2 x Target Whistle
3 x Professor Sycamor
1 x Pokemon Fan Club
1 x AZ

Energy x 10

4 x Double Dragon Energy
5 x Psychic Energy
1 x Water Energy

I would try to add at least one shaymin, if not two. Also, I wouldn’t play less than three ultra balls.

Thanks for the ideas! :smiley: , Unfortunately I dont have nor can afford any Shaymin but Ill try to add another ultraball, any thoughts on what I should take out?

Maybe a trainer’s mail and/or a mega turbo? Also, I don’t think you have enough draw supporters. 3 Sycamore probably isn’t enough. Sorry, I haven’t tested this deck much, so I don’t really know much about how it runs.

maybe swap pokemon fan club for a second level ball

I was thinking of doing the following
-1 AZ
-1 Pokemon fan club
-1 psychic energy
-1 crobat
-1 mega turbo

+3 shauna/prof. birch
+1 level ball
+1 ultra ball

And relying on super scoop ups for crobat retrieval what do you guys think?