M-Kangaskhan-EX, Lopunny FLF, Reuniclus DRX // NXD-on


Here is a scan of Lopunny FF

I posted it so you don’t have to do a Google image search. That would be a bad idea. You have been warned.

The idea of the deck is to tank with M Kangaskhan and sponge off any damage by using Reuniclus’s Damage Swap to move it on to Lopunny. You then use Lopunny’s Big Jump to return it into your hand and make the damage disappear.

This is almost certainly not a viable deck, mainly due to how horrible Reuniclus and its pre-evos are with their pathetic HP. If only the new Dusknoir worked in the same way.

Anyhoo, here is a list . . .


2 Kangaskhan EX
2 M Kangaskhan EX
3 Buneary FF
2 Lopunny FF
3 Solosis PLB
2 Reuniclus DRX
1 Mr Mime PLB
1 Druddigon FF
1 Darkrai EX
1 Jirachi EX
= 18


3 Juniper
4 N
2 Colress
4 Skyla
1 Lysandre
2 Pokemon Fan Club
3 Ultra Ball
2 Level Ball
3 Rare Candy
1 Switch
2 Super Rod
2 Megaphone
1 Dowsing MCHN
2 Tropical Beach
= 32


6 Dark
= 10

I wanted a 3rd Khan, a Mewtwo, and a couple of Muscle Band in there but, oh, well . . . you can’t have everything.


I would say kill the druddigon and an ultra ball (you are running 2 fan club) and add in two muscle band. Or you could trade something for fliptini.


Druddigon is my only way of dealing with Quaza . . . one of the few things that can OHKO M Khan.

Ultra Ball gets my evos out, which I need in good time.

I could lose a Level Ball for a Mewtwo to deal with stacked Yveltal. That would be the first thing I would do. Survival is a much higher priority than increased damage output (with Band or Fliptini) in a deck like this.


So good. Pity we don’t have BTS. Once you get set up with a couple of Lopunny this would be great.

Need to try Crustle, haha.


What about flf dusknoir?


What about it?

Dusknoir FLF can only move damage counters to itself. You could make a similar-ish deck using Max Potions, but there would be no place for Lopunny, and I wanted to make a deck with Lopunny, just because.